Need Help!!


sarNie Egg
i need help finding these two old chinese movie that i watched as a child. you can find me a link or a name or both.

here's the summary of the first one:
it's about this one girl wanting to marry to the main guy but could because the son dont want to marry her or the mom just don't like her. the so did marry to the servant girl and she got pregnant with his kid. he was going somewhere and he told her to take care of herself. mom make the servant girl work and work even though her belly was getting bigger. the girl who like the main guy came to help the servant girl. mom had this plan to get rid of the servant girl. something happen, she got burn in the face. an old man save her who live near by the river. she had a son?? idk. when people see her, they think she is a monster. i don't know what happen in the rest. hope you know what i'm talking about

the second one:
this was a kungfu like movie. at the beginning it shows these tree guys rescuing little boys and i think main guy was one of the guy rescuing the little boy. there was the main guy, this other guy who was a bit older then him and this almost mid age man. plus i think they were wearing black. the reason for this was because the bad guy burn down this tiny village and they came to the rescue. couple years later, i dont think that much year past pass. the three guy was living by the river with the boys they save. there was this other rich old man living across-ish the river, living with his wife and many daughters. one of the daughter fell in love with the second guy. they were singing and he someone mess up the song. they main guy and the kids were making fun of them. the main guy quiet act like a kid. then, the tom-boy sister came and took her sister back. things happen. while the older man and the second went somewhere, the main guy and the kid went to lift the curtain and see some buffaloes picture. there was a buffaloes that didn't have a certain amount of legs and there were some that had a lot of legs. the old man came back, go yell at. one of the boy asks that a buffalo doesnt have that man legs. things happen, the sister ran with second guy because she was force to marry to the bad guy. the main guy and his "family" and the sister ran and hide in the cave. only the tomboy sister knows where they are. things happen. at the end the second guy married to the sister and the older guy married to the oldest sister, at the end you see his pants rip, because somewhere at the beginning they were playing with the older man pants and it ripped. that was the end, but i think the tom boy sister end up with main guy.

yes this is it and long. hope you know the title of these movie and have a link of the movie for me. thanks for helping out.


sarNie Adult
LOL... the second movie is: Kids From Shaolin, starring Jet Li. I have the hmong dubbed one somewhere- the title is Soj Lim & Vum Doos (Shaolin & Wudong). You can find it NaasEj's youtube channel:

Sorry, first one doesn't sound familiar to me though. Sounds kind of interesting.