Need Help with Lakorn and stars


sarNie Egg
Need help with an old lakorn. Childhood/Old Lakorn lovers help me with this lakorn.
It was probably released in the late 90s or early 2000s. I saw it like 7/8 years ago.

I only saw a little of part one this lakorn dubbed. I didn't remembered finishing the whole part 1 or the rest, I can't remembered the exact details. It did starred Tor Nantawat, the actor/singer.

I remembered it went something like this. Tor was like a car racer, and the main girl had an illness She had a heart problem, but I'm only 99.9% sure because of the lack of memory.

This scene is the only scene I can think of. It was when they saw each other at the hospital, but it wasn't there first time meeting each other.He had an accident probably after racing, and she went to the hospital for treatment.

If someone remembers this lakorn, please give me the title and link to watch this lakorn.
I really want to finished watching this lakorn.

Need help with actor and actress name.
What do they do now?
I only saw them in this lakorn.

Help with: Who is the girl that played as Oh's sister and the guy who played as his sister's BF/Gf's Ex Bf?

Lakorn:pROONG NEE MAI SAI (starring: Oh Anuchyd and Jakajun Akumsiri Suwannasuk)
Released: 2005 or 2006, Ch. 7