Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)


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i think all ATEAM fans are waiting to hear REAL confirmation too -- as of now, it's still rumor but the hope is high LOl .. MEDIA just want to tease us -- again, thanks P'YING for translating :wub:


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I'm still not sure about the news yet because from the news, Aff has not confirmed by herself yet. I wait for confirmation from Aff herself.

For Songkran, he used to say in "Tee Tai Krua" TV show that he admired Aff. And there's also the rumor that he was the one who broke Aff and Aor's relationship. I'm confused about the news now if it's true or not. He broke Aum and Pinky's relationship and now, Aff and her boyfriend too? This guy is so dangerous. :rolleyes:

hahaha, MAYB, songkran wants aff and aum to be together so he broke aum and pinky off and now he is breaking aff and her boyfren off. kinda interesting now...i wanna see the outcome of this!


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It would be sublime in real life Aum & Aff end Really together.
Because there's full of supposition and more with Affwhich has broken with her boyfriend and Aum with Pinky.
Then the fact that they are so close.
It casts doubt and also the fans are happy if they are really together.
Finally I hope because they deserve both.
And the more they are super well together.
Aum & Aff <3


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I don't want her to get marry ~~ NO! Is im the only one who want her to be single for life ? No AFF , baby don't date any more!


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damn ive been so busy i havent caught up here or on da lakorn yet but omg... >_<.. wat is this break up i read? wahhhh finally.. ATEAM.. I WISH...


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Songkran announces: He’s seeing Aff

Leading actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech loses face as Socialite Songkran Taechanarong announces he’s seeing sweet face actress “Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon!

Songkran confirms he’s not a third hand or the reason behide the break up between Aff and boyfriend “Officer Oor” Yuthawun Rathanaporn.

Apparently you’re a 3rd hand in the relationship between Aff and “Officer Oor”, is that true?

“I’m definitely not a 3rd hand. I heard they haven’t spoken to each other for some time now. They have broken up and I am definitely not the 3rd hand”

Are you courting her?

“Let’s call it as I’m trying to prove myself to her, not to the point of courting yet. Because it depends on the timing and it takes time”

So you are talking to Aff?

“Yes I am, but I haven’t spoken to her for long”

You’ve been talking to her ever since the recording of TV Show “Tee Tai Krua”?

“Oh, no it happened after that”

How did you know her?

“My sister’s boyfriend sister is close to Aff so she introuced us. Before that I meet her often but didn’t talk to her. But now we talk to each other”

What do you like about Aff?

“Umm…I’m not the only one who likes her. The whole country likes her, she has a cute personality”

So in the past, Pinky and everybody else were all fakes and Aff is the real deal?

“That’s for the future to decide”

Do you communicate well with Aff?

“We can talk to each other about everything. We ask each other for advice”

Aff is the only girl you’re seeing right now?


Since Aff is single now, are you planning to pursue her right away?

“It’s more if I’m successful at proving myself to her, it’s up to her whether or not she’s okay with me and she hasn’t asked me to prove anything”

How do you feel about been dogged as third hand?

“Not good, I confirm I’m not a 3rd hand. I respect the female party and Officer Oor as well. They haven’t spoken to each other, they stopped talking already”

So you know they broke up with each other


You asked her that?

“Yes I did, I asked her”

Someone saw you and Aff at Hua Lumpong Temple

“No, but if we did go there, we went there with a group”

Have you started going out with each other?

“Not yet, we mainly go out with a group of people”

Did you go to Bonanza with her?

“That day I went to a concert for Honda and Aff went as well because my sister’s boyfriend sister opened up a booth there. There were 30,000 people so they were selling stuff and Aff was helping them out”

Have your family met Aff?

“Yes during the recording of “Tee Tai Krua” we all met each other”

What did they say about this?

“They didn’t say anything. They don’t interfere with this kind of thing”

It seems like you’re more open with Aff

“I don’t know (laughs)

How’s your relationship with Pinky?

“As I’ve said before, we’re friends”


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all i have to say about this is, songkran must still be in his dream! lol. i feel like he's just talking a lot like he's putting more words to it then it really is...i SOOOOOOOOO wanna know what aff says. WOW, i feel like namtan mai's love affair has come true in real life. i HONESTLY think something is up with aum and aff.


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Good side of the news is it was confirmed that AFF has broken up with her BF a while ago. Bad side is that this Sangkran guy has stepped in, not AUM. I hope what Sankran said is true about current status between AFF and himself, which meant AUM might be the reason that AFF broke up with her BF. Things are getting more and more dramatic. Really want to know what AFF says now.


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The same guy on AUG1,09:
Songkran Says He’s Close To Pinky!

Pinky Sawika Chaiyadech denies that she kissed Songkran Taechanarong in the middle of a pub, but admits that they go places together a lot and that it’s just nonsense rumors. Shakes her head and says that she does not know about the rumors that Songkran has a girlfriend overseas. Songkran opens up for the very first time and admits that he’s very close to Pinky. He also admits that he has already taken her to meet his parents. He also denies that he’s the 3rd hand of the broken relationship between Aum Artichart and Pinky and that he’s hiding a child and wife overseas!

At a function for “Balance Lucky Number Season 2″ Siam Dara caught up with Songkran to ask him about the matters and his take on it as to oppose to Pinky for she has been the only one talking this whole time.

“We know each other and when we see each other we’ll greet each other. See she is a woman and she’s famous, someone from the entertainment business and I’m afraid that it might harm her so I didn’t want to say much about it.”

How do you know Pinky?

“Everyone in the industry knows each other. The Thai industry is very small and everyone knows everyone. I think she’s a cute person and a very hard working.”

A lot of people are looking at you like you’re the 3rd hand because you had your eyes on Pinky when she was with Aum Artichart still.

“That’s not true. I’m not a 3rd hand at all. We’ve known each other for a long time already, but only have gotten close to each other recently.”

After that reporters told him that Pinky said that she met his parents. Songkran was a bit confused.

“She told you that? It’s true that she’s met them.” Has your parents given the green light? “I’m not sure about this because I haven’t spoken to them and my family doesn’t really talk about these things. We’re grown, so we can think for ourselves.”

After this reporters asked him about the rumors of having a child and wife overseas.

“I used to have a girlfriend overseas, but we broke up long ago.”

He answered short and after that walked away from the ravaging reporters.


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hahaha, MAYB, songkran wants aff and aum to be together so he broke aum and pinky off and now he is breaking aff and her boyfren off. kinda interesting now...i wanna see the outcome of this!
You know, I thought I was the only one who's thinking that. I'm more of thinking Songkran may just be Umm and Aff's cupid lol. :lol: Don't really think he's Aff's type? Linked with too many girls.


i so wanted and even prefer to read news about if Aum and Aff got hooked up together. i prefer to Aum to be on that interview. XD


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hmm...I don't like this songkran kid...he needs to move out of the way and let Aum and Aff do their thing...I really wanna hear what Aff has to say because like neena said, he may be saying a bit too much more than what there really is...Aum needs to step up man...
I don't know much about Aff's ex and songkran but if Aff really did break off a 13 year relationship because of songkran...*shakes head sadly*


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still waiting for Aff here - but that Sangkran guy is really getting on my nerves!! Talk to much already - that's fine. Claim Aff if you will - I want to know from here. Aum - boy - where are you?


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wow that dude needs to shut up..... i dont like him already..... i hate him already.....
he is probably the cause of why aff and her bf broke up..... (but n the good side, aum, aff is single)

and yea, i think Aum might have something to do with this too..but its all good... :)


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If the news with this guy and Aff is true, then I would guess alot of fans would be disappointed and pissed off. This guys is a big flirt, come on here! First is Pinky and now Aff. I am very sure there were something going on between him and Pinky, no girls would be dumb enough to admit to the public about your relationship if it wasn't true. She is a celebrity. "When there is fire, there is smoke." But since to him, Aff would be a better girl for him, he is dissing Pinky to persue Aff. I feel bad for Pinky, she must be very upset and embarassed with this. Obviously, this guy is playing with her mind here. Although it seems he sincerely likes Aff more, cause he is admitting things to the public more than with Pinky, but I have a feeling that Aff will come out and say, they are just "friends". He will eventually lose his face just like what he did to Pinky. "What goes around comes around." Who cares if he is close with her best friend or relatives, he is using them to get close to her. I know Aum doesn't like this "ASxH*LE", cause he is been rumored with these two women he is very closed with. So far, Aum is the only male guy that Aff is very close with. So I think he is more of a suitable bachelor for her. They understand each other more through working together. Since Aff's excuse of breaking up with her boyfriend because of her workloads, so what makes this guy think Aff will have time for him? COme on here!??!!!They don't work in the same industry. Personally, I think Aff is a type of person who think carefully before she does anything, she might be slower than other, but she uses her brain. If she chose this guy, this I don't know what to say. After her break with her cop bf, of course alot of guys would be persuing her.And I am sure alot of guys are better than this guy. But she gotta be wise with these type of guys.


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I know right, I don't know what to say if she is actually seeing this Sangkran guy. You know, I think Aum knows about the break-up. NO wonder why they look like they were flirting at the "ratreesomsorn". At least from all the pictures I see. I wonder why Aum didn't make the move yet or if he did - he and Aff want it a secret affair?


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^i imagine it as they are having a SECRET romance atm. Songkran is not so bad looking either -- he looks okay -- i actually thought it was cute when ttk interview him and got all shy in front of her. that's why it was a bit odd when i read about Songkran and Pinky. I mentioned earlier that he's fond of Aff, reason why news with pinky came out b/c of how pinky and aff are alike. now with things going like this, he have a better chance at aff if AUM dont' step in. BUT REALLY, i'm hoping and praying that ATEAM seriously is hooking up -- PRIVATELY !!!

Tomorrow! let the heartache begin -- sadly, i can't stream and upload at the same time, have something to clear out at school tomorrow :( hopefully, you girls can spoil me when i jump online to see the caps before heading to work ^^


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I think AUM must have known AFF broke up with her BF a while ago. And I think AUM made the move way back when he broke up with Pinky. All the emotions in NM seems so real to me. It is very sensitive as to how and when AFF would make her breakup known to public. If AUM is involved in this, the damage to the popular screen couple would be huge and it could mean the end of their cooperation on screen. Fortunately this Sangkran guy stepped in and 'claimed' 3rd hand title. AUM and AFF are very close to each other and protective of each other. I am sure they will find good ways to handle this. I am really happy that AUM and AFF are both single now. With competition in the air, AUM will work even harder to win AFF. We will find out together..