Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)

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There is news of Aum and Pinky on the verge of breaking up. :lol:

I saw this piece of news posted by Grace in ThaiCraze. Hope to share with everyone.

Actually, Aum had been acting strangely in recent activities with Pinky such as the Lolane Aroma Color Cream and and The Centro Sukhumvit. He wasn’t happy. He was like looking everywhere and totally avoided eye contact with Pinky and looked rather impatient. He didn’t even want to have bodily contact with her. I spotted his disgusted look in the centro sukhumvit and he seemed very fustrated. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are on the verge of breaking up. A man is rather easy to understand and by his body language, we can tell whether if he loves a woman or not. I believed that they had already silently break up and just did not want to make things ugly. Aum had finally realised the vast differences between them or maybe she had been Aff’s subsittute all the while. He just wanted to end the whole deception of how rosy their relationships were. Who can blame him? If he realised that he had fallen for the wrong person, it is not too late to make a decision for a clear cut now. Please do not cling on a fruitless relationship.

This is a piece of good news. Hopefully, there are more dramatic news coming such as Aff breaking up with her boyfriend of 10 years to commence a new relationship with Aum.


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I don't know if this is good news or not because Aff is still with her long-time boyfriend. But I think the cameras just caught Aum at a bad moments, I like Pinky and Aum together after Ateam (since Ateam aren't together). There could be a lot of reasons, maybe they are just stressed because they are working a lot.


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“She’s going to go to work in a good place and she hasn’t asked me for advice or anything, there’s been no progress in our relationship”
from dirtilaundry

hm...when i read that sentence...i think he is referring to pinky's work in bollywood. He states that she is going to work in a good place but i bet he doesn't mean it like that. I think he doesn't want a long distance relationship. then he talks about buying a home close to his parents and sister...i think he prefers having his loved ones close by and not far away like how pinky is moving on to star in bollywood flicks. hmm...i do smell a potential break-up but i really hope they both are happy in the end because no matter what its as long as they are happy.


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omg.... i want more news...... i want to no if its true
cuz he is acting strange around her... but around aff its
different... more happy wit aff....


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hmmm iono if i should be happy if aum n pinky break up lol..
good thing cause he can be with aff.. AND ATEAM WILL BE FOR REALS!!!
but sad too.. cause aff is still with hre bf.. >_<..
hmmm... but i still hope aum n pinky are doing well..

thanks for the clip ceci..

haha.. omg.. i swear aff said aum's name so much.. hehehe orn xp..


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can you just translated that clip for us Ceci. please...please
I also want to know what aff said.
Can anyone translated this clip ?


I hope Aum can make the right decision about the relationship with Pinky.
Go Go go , Aum.



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omg when i looked at it again.. it is true....... they are so cute together..... RR, those are really hot pictures of Aum... thanks...

I definitely agree to what you're pointing out. I kind of suspected that there is something going on with these two. Thank you for pointing this out to us ka! I think they would make a great couple than with Pinky. They both have great chemistry on screen and off screen. Their body languages said alot. They both seem to have great respect toward one another, especially when they both talking and looking at one another. The way Aum looks at Aff, make me think that he has a thing for her. When a guy likes a girl, he tends to find ways to touch her and tease her in an appropriate way,of course , like a little boy has a crush on a girl


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you girls cracked me up with aum and aff :loool: . well, i'll be happy too if aum and aff are together. i don't like pinky and prefer her with aof or win than with aum


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Let's see AumAff MV by Thaifan while we waiting for their lakorn (NamtanMai) on air on july (Not confirm yet ^^)

Thai Song Name: ฝันหวานอายจูบ (Fun-wan-eye-joob)
English song name : Romance

Created MV by MrsApraPaRis @ youtube :lol:
Eng.Translation by eddie pengthong (permalink)

I dream about you, someone who is far away.
It's such a sweet and warm inside my heart.
Buy I'm shy tell anyone about this.
So I kiss through the wind and let the wind carry it.

Because dream and reality have not meet each other.
Because it's too sweet, everyone would be shy and afraid.
Because they would be too shy to say that word.
Because your kiss is not yet to be my kiss

How will this love be this time? Do I have to be ready to let it go?
Will it be only just a dream?

How will this love be this time? Will it be like what I hope for, or will it just be a dream?
Do you know, that it depends on you.

Will my life change or be the same when I meet you?
Will it be just a dream.
It's the question I send it through the wind to you.

If the dream and the reality would accidentally meet one day
If inside our hearts can be sweeten at the same time
If be too shy, it will be lost in those sentences
And if your kiss is to be my kiss

.... It's the question I send it through the wind to you.
Sending everything, which I cannot say when I'm with you, through the wind to you
There might be someday that you will get them so you can know what I'm thinking


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AumAff MV

MV Created by Myrupert@youtube
Thai Song name: นางฟ้า (Nang-Fa)
English Song Name: angel

Talk about one guy...(just nomal guy) in love with the girl who other people admire her personality & an angel.
Although that nomal guy knows there are many rich guys wanna owned her, :dude: he still made decision & jump in to this Love competition.


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What does 'Orn' means? Anyone bother to explain to non-thai like me?
I'm so looking forward to further news on Aum and Pinky and Aum and Aff. But its ATeam chemistry forever for me :)
Thanks for the translations for the MV :)


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Thanks cecilia. You should see how close they are behaving towards each other.

At the timing 0:23, Khun Jim was delivering her speech. But, take a good look at the left corner, Aff and Aum were at the dinning table. Both were wearing green outfits while most people wore white. Aff was standing close to Aum while he was about to take a seat. As he was seating, Aff turned her head to talk to him. Then Aff was like having a conversation with someone across the table while Aum was touching his beard or face. After a while, he turned his head to ask Aff to take a seat. Aff couldn’t hear him so she placed her hand on his shoulder and lowered her head to listen to him. After listening, she moved to her seat beside Aum. Then, Aum turned his face toward Aff and lazily shoot out his hand to caress her bare upper arm.
Actually, if they behaved lovey-dovey in front of the camera, people would think that they did so to promote their drama. But behind the camera…..out of fan’s sight, without a doubt that they are very very close. I just can’t believe that they are just friends because they seemed too comfortable toward each other and whenever they were having a conversation, I saw Aum touched or caressed Aff and she was not rejecting him. Now they are wearing couple outfits. It seemed like any ceremony or activities that both are attending, they are bound to be together or sitting close with each other. Recently, Aum and Pinky were having an activity at The Centro Sukhumvit. He was giving Pinky cold shoulders and there was a scene captured when he looked at Pinky. It was a look of disgust which I am definite of. Maybe they are going to split soon. But when Aum looked at Aff, we can see his flashing smile with deep love and admiration. They just gave me a feeling that they are not just only friends but could be underground couple.
I saw what you mean by the video. I like Aum and Aff also. :D


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What does 'Orn' means? Anyone bother to explain to non-thai like me?
I'm so looking forward to further news on Aum and Pinky and Aum and Aff. But its ATeam chemistry forever for me :)
Thanks for the translations for the MV :)
b/c i have no thai context to refer to -- i'm just taking in what i heard since thai is not my native language
if i'm not mistaken, i think she meant he's a warm person in a way -- "คิด อุ่น" <-- assuming, it's this word.