Nadech & Yaya (Kullastree Magazine 45th Anniversary vol. 45 issue 1066 June 2015)


. : Lady Yue : .
I read that for the 45th Anniversary magazine issue of Kullastree, there will be 2 covers, the photo below will be divided into 2 covers. I don't like this concept, you could not separate NY hehe. I think it is better if they pick another photo of NY in this photo shoot for the second cover. This NY's Kullastree Magazine issue is in my list of favorites. I specifically like it a lot because of Nadech & his facial hair :woot: (first magazine photo shoot that he has facial hair, I think :scratchchin: ). I am happy that Kullastree Magazine chose NY for their 45th Anniversary magazine issue.

Models: Nadech Kugimiya & Urassaya Sperbund
Photographer: waroontuang IG
Fashion stylist: allybunnyruth IG
Makeup artist: mairatchada1 IG
Hair stylist: Ekkarin Wongakanit

P.s. Na's eyes are very hypnotic :faint:! :coverlaf:

More photos coming soon!

Cr - Kullastree Magazine


. : Lady Yue : .
Ya is in control, Na is submissive, he is under her spell - "I put a spell on you & now you're mine" :coverlaf:. Love :heart: the skinship.

Na does not resist Ya's control :lol:, He is all hers. Look at where both of Ya's hands are at :coverlaf:. A very unique pose of NY. At first I thought Ya's left arm & hand were Na's. While her other arm & hand goes through Na's jacket & onto his thigh :loool:. Cool looking clothes they have on.

Tropical rainforest clothing theme? :scratchhead2:.

Cr - Kullastree Magazine


Thanks MsZoe

next time I want sexier photos of yadech ..........nadech showing clearly his hairy abs six packs and yaya's to die for cleveage hehehe


. : Lady Yue : .
@ m9saeteurn1 - no problem ka, I love this whole photo shoot of NY too.

@ yaya kugimiya - no problem ka, if your wants do not happen, you could always imagine them in your ff ka :lol:. Did you see NY's recent Volume mag photo shoot? Na shows his bare chest with his 6 packs ab but we could only see it sideway, what a disappointment :coverlaf:. About Ya showing cleavage, I think she may have to ask her Mango pal for advices first :coverlaf:.