Nadech & Yaya (Dichan magazine issue 919 June 2015)


. : Lady Yue : .
Oh la la, NY yet again are on another magazine cover for June 2015, this time they grace the cover of Dichan magazine.  Love the concept of this cover photo, such a tease with photography on their lips :coverlaf:, I must say they have similar curvy lips! Do they look like a billionaire couple or N as a rich, successful & handsome business man & Y as his sexy beautiful assistant? Like the words "My Best Friend" & "My Companions" - they describe NY's relationship.

Does it remind you of this photo from Kullastree magazine? NY switch places with each other but same concept. Geee switching reminds me of their future lakorn together :dance2:. Which one was taken first? And the photo that was taken first inspired the later one? And I think Na has less facial hair on Dichan mag than on Kullastree mag.

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. : Lady Yue : .
Kissable lips, a closer look at NY's lips in black & white :coverlaf:. 2 become 1 (both of their lips could form a shape of 1 mouth). Love the concept. This is probably an inside photo or a treat for NYers from the photographer :lol:.

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sarNie Adult
The two picture are way too similar lol and aren't they both covers? 
Dang it though, They are such an eyecandy otp! 


. : Lady Yue : .
I think there is only 1 cover. Yea both lips photos are similar, but if look closely, they are quite different - different angle & how close/open NY's mouths are. Too gorgeous to handle these twos :lol:!


Mrs James Ma
Wow different magazine have same concept.


sarNie OldFart
These two are one of the most photogenic couple. They always compliment each in photos... Beautiful!