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Translated by Me. Credits teenee for the article. It’s not completely accurate but it’s close enough.

Having girls swoon all over him in the role of Akkanee in Duangjai Akkanee, we wonder if Nadech’s personality is anything like Akkanee. Going on the show Mango Bango, Nadech opens up about his life and experience in the entertainment industry.

Right now, you have fans all over the country going crazy over Akkanee from 4 Huajai Hang Koon Kao.

“First of all, I want to thank my fans, my mom and dad, along with my other relatives for giving me support and giving me the opportunity to be here as well as other actors and actresses that’s barely coming in. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show off our talent. Thank you so much. My fans, they’re always giving me support along with the viewers at home.�

Is your personality short-tempered, impetuous like Akkanee from the lakorn?

“I’m more calm. We’re totally opposites. But what Fai has that I have is being cheeky and dorky. I talk back but getting mad and being impetuous isn’t me.�

In here you get with Yaya Urassaya. A lot of people are into your couple and made you two the new perfect pairing [koo kwan]

“Nong Yaya is a talented person. She does her homework well. She’s adored by everyone on set. When getting into scene, we have Pa’Jaew, who is the director help us. At first we were both tense towards each other. We would forget our lines but after we got comfortable around each other, working got easier. There were no tension but with love scenes, we would always apologize to each other first before doing the actual scene. There’s a lot of love scenes but most of them are camera angles. When I have to kiss her, I would apologize first and after I’m done, I apologize to her again. But the more we do it, the more shy I get. She‘s even shyer than me.�

There’s rumors of you two having an off-screen romance. What’s the truth behind it?

“Truth is I’m pleased to be a brother to her. She’s a cute and adorable person. She’s talented and has a nice personality, kind-hearted and hard working. I like that she does her homework well, she remembers her lines but I’m always forgetting mines [smiles].�

Do you feel pressure to be the next new actor on becoming channel 3’s hope?

“I’m not the hope for channel 3. Truth is everyone is beloved by the channel. Nong Boy, p’Mak, nong Kimberly, everyone wants to do their best so the elders could be kind to us and give us more work.�

You’ve done 2 lakorn so far, are you starting to like it?

“My first lakorn, I didn’t feel anything towards it. I was stiff like a tree but with my second one, I try to get advice from the acting coach. I keep reading the script over and over and trying to make myself be that character so it’ll look interesting. I want to show something more than what the other see. With acting, I forget things fast especially with my lines. I have to do a lot of takes. [What’s the most takes you’ve done?] About 20. They said my face expression was good but it lacked emotion. I wanted to cry at that time and it was the last scene for that day. Everyone waited up on me. Ever since that day, I pushed myself to work harder and be more active. Before I never watched any lakorn and now I have to. I read the script over and over.�

How is your life different now than when you weren’t in the industry?

“It’s different. I don’t have any privacy now. Sometimes I can’t do things like go out to the movies. It’ll be once in awhile now. I love going to the movies but I hardly have time now. I want to go learn photography and boxing and I don’t even have time for that. I don’t even have time to go out and eat with my parents.�

How is school now that you’re in the industry?

“School’s okay. Sometimes I don’t even go or sometimes I go to class late. I just have to study harder and the professor saw that I was trying so my grades didn’t go down. It actually went up [smiles]. I have my friends to help me. Whenever there’s an assignment, they would call me. It’s good and I thank them for that.�

What plans have you set already for this industry?

“Right now I just want to do the best that I can. I don’t want to think what will I do in the future, I just want to focus on what’s happening right now. Don’t focus on the future or the past, just right now.�

How do you prepare yourself for scandalous rumors?

“I don’t know when it’s gonna be about me but reporters come and ask me when they don’t know. Sometimes some rumors just come out of nowhere and I get confuse. But I still have to answer them but if it’s something you didn’t do, then just deny it. Just tell them the truth because if you lie to them, you’re going to feel bad about it later on.�

Nadech, we hear you’re half Thai/Japanese. Can you say something in Japanese?

“How do I say it?เว้าจังได๋ล่ะนี่ (Right here, he’s speaking E-Sarn) It’s kind of like an inside joke to me when I talk. I’m happy that I’m mix and I’m even happier that I’m Thai.�

Who are you more close to, your mom or dad?

“I usually talk to my dad about things but sometimes I talk to my mom about it. I would talk to my dad about guys things. He’s a very punctilious person. Whether it has to do with timing or how to dress or financially. He knows it best and he likes to plan ahead into the future. He’s my idol, my Superman and as for my mom, she’s my Wonder Girl. We’ll talk about cooking and foods. We talk about mannerism, how to be humble, and be aware of things. Whenever I have a talk with my mom, it’s usually about girls or school. How to pursue a girl, I usually talk to my dad about it. My mom doesn’t say anything though when it comes to girl. Whoever I like, she’ll like too.�

What is your heart status right now?

“It’s available. I’m completely single.�

Who’s more cuter, a Japanese girl or a Thai girl?

“Japanese girls are cute, but Thai girls are more cuter [smiles]. She just have to have a nice personality, knows how to cook and just be a housewife is enough for me. Looks is important too but I’m a sincere guy. But all guys have that player behavior in them and so does girls, like they’ll get with this guy then dump him to be with another guy.�

Are you ready to be with someone?

“I think I was ready since grade school. But love is a good thing. It makes the world seem fresher. It makes people happy and have moral support. But if you don’t know how to love someone then there will be consequences. But if you do know how to love someone at the right time then you’ll live your life much happier.�

Will it be hard for girls to get pass your mom?

“No. If my mom has confidence in me then she’ll let me go. If she’s confident in my decision then she won’t have nay problems. But if there’s things that I do that are inappropriate then she’ll tell me. Whenever I like a girl, I’ll tell her that I really like this girl mom and she’ll say pursue her then. My mom will love anyone I love.�


He is just adorable. Been ready since grade school? Gosh he is charming...and cute...and funny...and gorgeous...etc,...good combination.


i enjoyed reading his interview!
Sooo cute :)
I loved his answers especially about just focus about now..not the past or worry about the future :)


sarNie Hatchling
Barry is only 19teen. I love that he talk about showing love is the best part of us, it make life happier.