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We were chatting about Greek myths at -- I believe due to hanjieun30's ff title -- and there was a request for a myth fanfic.
So here it is. I hope it is okay. ><
Hades and Persephone was never told in a romantic angle, at least not that I know of, but don&rsquo;t you think the whole kidnap sets up a perfect lakorn? Lol I suppose I&rsquo;m a fan of Yadech AND Hades and Persephone.

The most unsuspecting love story of the king of hell, and the daughter of earth.

Nadech as Hades
Yaya as Persephone

Hades rarely ventured outside of his dark realm of Hell, unless for important meetings with the family on Mount Olympus, or from time to time killing his boredom by finding a consort.

But by chance one day, on his way back to Hell from the Great Mountain of the gods, his eyes glimpsed a maiden who was lying on the flowering fields. She was Persephone. Her name became synonymous with beauty to him from that moment on.

She was napping, soaking in the sky&rsquo;s warmth with the sunlight glistening upon her golden complexion. Zephyrus must have just passed by, for her breeze swept past Persephone so that the maiden&rsquo;s sweet scent floated up to tempt the god of the underworld. Without another thought, other than &lsquo;She must be mine,&rsquo; Hades steered his midnight steeds towards the field. When the wheels of his chariot touched the earth, the ground split up, making a dark path towards the unsuspecting Persephone.

Persephone was stretching her soft limbs from slumber. She had no time to feel the earth open up underneath her, so that she was falling before she was fully awake. Her eyes opened wide, when just as she was about to be surprised by her sudden predicament, her breath was knocked away by seeing the god holding her in his arms&mdash;and they descended together to the Underworld.

&ldquo;Let me out! If you don&rsquo;t, you&rsquo;ll feel the full wrath of my father and mother!&rdquo;

Hades admired her fiery eyes and her cheeks that were flushed in anger, lighting up the whole cavern that made up his dark palace.

Persephone could see he was amused by her threat and that made her even more outraged. He had sat so calmly upon his blood-red throne the entire time she tried escaping and yelling, never once taking his eyes off her. She had heard of him before&mdash;who didn&rsquo;t know the almighty ruler of Hell&mdash;and she knew he didn&rsquo;t socialize often. Well, it was clear why. Who would want to associate with such a callous and impudent being! Only those who feared him worshipped him.

He was beautiful, of course, as all gods are; perfect physique underneath his black silk robes that were loosened across his bare chest, dark hair that hung across a brooding brow, everything about him was like a shadow. But not like those soft shadows of trees in the sunset or of gentle birds in flight overhead like she loved&mdash;Hades was more like the shadows of menacing predators&hellip;and it was clear she was his trapped prey. But even if he was a god, who did he think he was, abducting the daughter of Zeus?! He was outright ignoring her demands to be freed, much to her dissatisfaction. And because her powers were useless against the god of the underworld, she resorted to firsthand combat.

Nothing could have surprised Hades more than when Persephone threw herself at him. But he was a god, and his reflexes recovered before a second passed, so that the fists aiming to hurt him were subdued.

Something in the way he looked at her stilled her for a moment. It was not that of malice, but like a strong and deep yearning. In this cold world underneath all that was life, Persephone was stunned to feel such heat from Hades&rsquo; eyes. A different kind of blush blossomed upon her cheeks, as she became aware of what desire was for the first time. But when his cold lips touched her neck, she pushed at him.

&ldquo;Let go of me!&rdquo; It became clear she was wasting her energy.

He smirked, &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t you know? Nobody commands a god in his own kingdom.&rdquo;

Every time she moved, her body brushed against his, and the skin contact was enough to make him lose his mind. Pinning her arms against his chest, Hades wrapped his arms around her waist.

&ldquo;What are you&mdash;&ldquo; Persephone wasn&rsquo;t allowed to finish before he had transported them onto the bed in his sleeping chambers. Her head laid upon a soft pillow as his body covered hers with unexpected warmth.

She gasped, realizing he&rsquo;d dissolved their clothes off.

His fingers combed through the long length of her hair and up until he could caress her scalp and then hold her still for the proceeding kiss.

Lips, skin, touches, pleasure&mdash;none of it was new to Hades. Yet never before had he been so fulfilled and at the same time so hungry for anyone the way he was for Persephone. His lips pressed hot kisses on her face, and traveled down her neck. She let out a small whimper, arching up. Already, her nails dug into his back, she was amazed at both the sensation of his kiss and at the passion that blazed inside her in response.

She managed to roll on top of him, letting her lips trail from his chin, over his collarbone to his chest; a hand ran down his hard abdomen, slowly exploring. He lifted her face up so he could repossess her mouth, before sliding his hands down to cup her bottom. Persephone felt him part her legs and she gasped, pushing herself up. She did not expect him to sit up with her, so that she was straddling his lap and not any closer to getting away from him. His shallow breathing tickled her face and she looked away shyly. Glancing back, she noticed a crooked smile on his face and thought he was teasing her, so she tried to move away. But he was having none of that and held her tighter. In reality, he was admiring her beauty, and admiring her unconscious power to make him forget everything but her. Hades leaned in for a kiss but she braced her hands against his chest.

&ldquo;Please. Why are you doing this?&rdquo; It wasn&rsquo;t a question of her consent; she wanted him just as much. But what was taking place was more than lust, and neither of them understood it.

Hades was not used to being overwhelmed with emotions. If he didn&rsquo;t know any better, he&rsquo;d say he&rsquo;d fallen in love at first sight with this innocent goddess. She was the sunlight that his palace lacked; she was intoxicating beyond ambrosia. Everything about her was soft and new and full of life. His desire was so strong right now, and he needed to make one sure thing clear.

&ldquo;Because you belong to me. And I&rsquo;m going to make sure everyone knows it.&rdquo; Hades drew her closer, looking into her dark-lashed eyes, &ldquo;Starting with you.&rdquo;

Claiming her lips, he lifted her and then set her slowly down so that he penetrated her. A husky moan escaped his throat. Hands clinging to his shoulders, Persephone turned her face into the crook of his neck, biting back her own sounds of pleasure.

He acted on his word well, and before long, all of Hell was aware of the goddess that Hades kept at his side always, while ruling his land with an iron fist. And every night, they shared a bed. Their appetite for one another was unceasing even with the days passing by.

But Hades could see she was restless for the world above. One evening, while Persephone sat watching Cerberus&mdash;who happened to be quite a loyal companion&mdash;guarding the gates, she sighed and it reached the ears of Hades who had appeared after a session of sentencing the condemned to their punishments.

&ldquo;What are you doing here?&rdquo;

Persephone looked up and found Hades lifting a lock of her hair to the tip of his nose. The sight of his gentle eyes tingled her to the core. But she had to tell him about her anxiety.

&ldquo;I miss the earth. Won&rsquo;t you allow me to go back up?&rdquo;

His face tensed up. &ldquo;You want to leave?&rdquo;

She nodded. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s hard to stay here for so long when I&rsquo;m used to the land above. Besides, there&rsquo;s someone who will be worrying about me.&rdquo;

Hades&rsquo; eyes glinted in fury. &ldquo;So you have someone you want to go back to? Well you can forget about it!&rdquo; He turned his back to her.

&ldquo;Wait! I really do need to go see them. I can&rsquo;t let someone I love worry about me&mdash;&ldquo;

&ldquo;Someone you love?&rdquo; In his anger, he had whipped around and pulled her to his chest. The energy from that anger creeped out to the deepest dungeons in hell and the dead trembled with fear. &ldquo;You&rsquo;re going to leave to go see them? I refuse.&rdquo;

&ldquo;But&hellip;&rdquo; she was taken aback by his cold fury, &ldquo;It&rsquo;s someone important&mdash;&ldquo;

&ldquo;And what about me?&rdquo;

&ldquo;--it&rsquo;s my mother.&rdquo;

They were both stunned to silence. She couldn&rsquo;t deny Hades had cared for her well, but this was the first time he&rsquo;d voiced his feelings.
&ldquo;What do you mean?&rdquo;


And Hades for his part realized he&rsquo;d been too hasty in his jealousy. Of course, she must miss her mother.

But with that realization came another&mdash;that he couldn&rsquo;t bear to be parted from her. What if she went back up and didn&rsquo;t want to return to him? Such an insecurity was completely new to him. &ldquo;I forbid you from leaving my realm.&rdquo;

Shocked that he was really going to hold her prisoner, Persephone retorted, &ldquo;You can&rsquo;t hold me here against my will!&rdquo;

Hades drew her closer still, so that he could already taste her lips, even without touching them. &ldquo;You&rsquo;ll never see the sky again.&rdquo; And then he possessively kissed her.

In an instant, they fell upon his bed. Persephone struggled against him but her strength was no match for his. Wrists held above her head, she bit his lip in frustration. He broke the kiss and glared at her, though rather than anger, there was actually approval for her actions in his look.

She seethed at him as he purposely continued to keep her locked in place. Steering clear of any opportunity for her to bite him again, Hades trailed his breath over her skin. &ldquo;Do you know that no one gets away with hurting Hades without being punished?&rdquo;

She hissed when he nipped her breast through her gown. Even though she didn&rsquo;t intend to let him off for his earlier behavior, she couldn&rsquo;t resist a small moan, because he knew how to make her respond to his touch. Forcing herself to remain unmoved, she replied, &ldquo;I didn&rsquo;t realize something so small could hurt the almighty Hades.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Remember what I said on your first night here?&rdquo; His hands roaming freely over her curves.

Persephone closed her eyes as he dropped a kiss on her lashes.

&ldquo;Mine,&rdquo; he murmured, hooking her legs on either side of him and she instinctively wrapped them around his hips to bring him closer. &ldquo;Mine&hellip;&rdquo; In her concentration, she was unaware of him loosening her gold girdle and parting her robes until his hot moist mouth suckled on her breast. She couldn&rsquo;t help welcoming the pleasure that sizzled through her. Her now free hands cupped his head and urged him closer, then he lifted his head to kiss her deeply, her lips soothing where she&rsquo;d bit him.

&ldquo;&hellip;Mine.&rdquo; She felt his hard groin pressing between her legs and gave a small upward thrust.

But he didn&rsquo;t undress her further. Breathing hard, her fingers pulled his robes off his shoulder. He mercilessly thrust his tongue into her mouth, lifting the hem of her dress up. She writhed with the need for him.


Suddenly, he was gone. Rising on her elbows, Persephone saw him across the room, the tiniest of a devilish smirk on his lips that were red from her bites and kisses. Hades slipped his majestic robes back over his shoulder, then he disappeared.

Persephone crossly threw a pillow at where he had just stood, before falling back upon the bed. She begrudged him more than ever at leaving her so short of breath and just when she needed his touch most. This was indeed a harsh punishment.

She ignored him for three days, while resolutely searching for some exit. There had to be a way out of here. Yet, the thought of succeeding weighed on her heart.

She was confused. She yearned for light and for the surface of earth, but what was this tug in her heart that ached when she thought of Hades? Shaking her head, Persephone thought, she must be crazy. Lifting her head, she saw she had stopped to rest beneath a pomegranate tree.
She learned from the gardener that this was the single fruit tree in Hades&rsquo; land, a tribute to his mother Gaia. The bright fruits were so pretty, she couldn&rsquo;t help reaching up to pluck one from a branch. Her mother, Demeter, had not introduced her to this fruit before, and she wondered why. Breaking it open, she then placed a seed in her mouth, letting her tongue enjoy the tart juices, and continued until six little seeds had been consumed. As she let the juice linger, Persephone became aware that like the new fruit, her feelings for Hades were unfamiliar and sweet&hellip;and having tasted something so precious, she couldn&rsquo;t let it go.

&ldquo;Are you still looking for a way out?&rdquo;

She turned. Hades stood before her, stoic, a true solemn ruler of Hell.

&ldquo;I will let you go up. It was wrong of me to keep you from your family and the things you love.&rdquo;

He was a god, but here he was, humbling himself to apologize. She had been wrong. Almost everything about him was dark and mysterious, but the shadows had softened, and his eyes that sparkled unexpectedly with the warmth of a blazing fire, and that fire seemed to be lit up by her touch alone.

Persephone ambled up to him and raised her hand to caress his face. Her touch shook his heart. Then she tilted her head, her parted lips kissing him hard, letting him taste the same sweetness she had discovered. He swept her up in his arms, fiercely claiming her mouth, molding their bodies together.

Hades parted from her just enough to say, &ldquo;I love you.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I won&rsquo;t leave you.&rdquo;

Her words were a musical joy to him that even the Muses could not imitate. He kissed her again with the passion of all their previous kisses combined.

&ldquo;I love you&hellip;I love you&hellip;&rdquo; she repeated to his delight in between kisses. &ldquo;&hellip;I&rsquo;m yours.&rdquo;

She felt him smile into her neck, and gave a squeak of surprise as they landed on his bed, conveniently naked. [insert imagination]

I know this isn't the first time I've written love scenes but I tried going a bit further...and I don't think I succeeded lol. Lordy, it made me cringe just writing THAT much just because it's YADECH, but I gave it a try. Maybe I&rsquo;m overthinking, I don&rsquo;t know... This was for the ladies.



sarNie OldFart
I just love your oneshot :D if Hades really does look like Nadech then I'd let him kidnap me, bring me down to the underworld and live there forever with him LOL


sarNie Juvenile
I have read all your stories before but I am loving this. It was sooooooo intense and sexy Yet really romantic !!! :D
You definitely went further for me !!! Your writting is instantly recognisable , I have always loved your choice of words , but you have added a good amount of extra spices making this one shot story memorable !!!
Gosh !!! I am hoping for more of those short stories , they just feel like forbidden fruits lol !!!!


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Oh my jjinxxy, i'm speechless! Your writing is getting better everytime. Your love scenes are perfect, not overly too explicit and detailed but just enough to make it juicy. Thanks my dear! Can you pretty please post this in Yadech forum too? I want all your works to be stored there. (;


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So I am stalking you here too! 55555 Simply Superb for sure. Ooh the "bedroom" scenes are so well written. Giddy and fulfilled! I love this soo much too!


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Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us!! I really love your myth fanfic na ja!! It was intensely sexy and romantic!!
I just love your oneshot :D if Hades really does look like Nadech then I'd let him kidnap me, bring me down to the underworld and live there forever with him LOL

I second Donna! I'll let him kidnap me too.... might miss my mommy a bit but oh heck - if he is going to punish me like that, I might as well have to live in the underworld forever with him too.... lol

I should stalk you to write more one shots Jjinxxy .... SO HOT! :)