Mystery Man Jason Shows Love to Janie on Stage


sarNie OldFart
Translated article from Gossipstar

It's been a while since n'ek Janie Tienphosuwan is seen attending outings and events. Recently, she attended KA Cream's opening ceremony as the presenter. During the event, Janie's close guy friend from America, Jason, emerged to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers on stage. He was there to support her. The two closely hugged and sweetly exchanged gazes along with kisses on the cheeks. They did not seem afraid to display affection among the crowd and paparazzi. Are the two closer than friends? See pictures below to help you decide. 

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sarNie Granny
I think Jaine is COOL. Yes, she scandalous but she never seen to care what other or the media think and continue receiving work as if nothing had happen . She a very strong/confidence woman  and seen like nothing can break her soul , mind or heart . I wish  the best her for . Hopefully she found that special person that truly care for her . 


sarNie OldFart
Janie is one of those scandalous stars that I tend to shake my head to, but she seems genuinely happy here. I'm happy for her. She is definitely a strong gal. 


sarNie Juvenile
hehehe And I have a tendency to like "scandalous" people. LMAO! As long as they're happy, it's nobody's business what they do! Kudos Janie. Just play it right this time, lol, don't get trick again. PEACE!


sarNie OldFart
krisayaporn said:
Mystery Man ?? lol. She always promote him on her IG
Yeah, but I don't follow her on IG and most of us don't know who he is. Lol. He's a mystery to me.