My Prince Charming:Kwan, Win,Film, Pinky, Pai, Min, Om...etc Chapter 5 is up!!thanks

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sarNie Adult
Hey there again u all...well i know that i havent finish lip also know as Love is possible.but i promise i will go back and soo mad that all my works of MPC were in my sisters usb but her usb broke...IM SOO MADD :rant: BECAUSE I WROTE ABOUT 100 - 200 SOMETHING pages but then all in a minute its ALL gone! :cry1: !but its ok i decided to write and continue this ff. :spin: ..ive been writing for a long time and suddenly quit it?i dont think i should do taht ok so here is the intro of my fan prince charming starring win, Kwan, Film, Pai, and Pinky...Thanks for ur time! ^_^ :popcorn:


poster by me:)

poster by me too:p

Kwan Usamanee as Pakaramai Warattaya: She is an average nerdy girl who lives with her mother and sister (Min). She gets pushed around easily and don't have strength to fight back, but owns a flowershop called Rosy Flowers For You and Pakaramai likes to wear old fashioned clothes.

Win Tawin as Rek Sawat: He is a rich guy who goes and do whatever he wants. His girl friend is Rattika(Pinky). If he hates someone, he will hate them as long as he can.

Film Rattapoom as Thanop Wongsakorn: He is Rek's (Win) best friend and is a really friendly/ talkative guy. He likes Pakaramai when he met her.

Pinky Savika as Rattika Chaiyadech: She is Rek's (Win) girl friend. She gets really jealous of Rek is he just stares at any girl. She wants Rek all to herself.

Min Pechaya as Nong Sai Warattaya: She is Pakaramai's(kwan) sister and likes to go out alot. She doesnt like to help out in the house and doesnt like anyone trying to challenge her.She likes to be fashion.

Pai Patit as Wayu Danuwong: He is a nice guy and when he met Pakaramai, he fell in love with her. He later helped Pakaramai when she needed someone by her side. Note: Pai will come out later in the chapters:p

Om Akapan as Passakorn Nomart: He is a police officer and dont like any rude girls. Note: Om will come out later in the chapters too:p

Pakaramai's mother: She works in the bar for money and Kwan doesnt know until one day she got a phonecall from a man trying to abuse her mom.Her mom tries her best to earn money and help support her 2 daughters.

also a trailer from awesomedua..Thanks to her..I love this trailer..:)


sarNie Juvenile
i love it.
can't wait to read it.
update me please.
&&about the fanfic trailer.
it was awesome.
can you give me the title of the music you use for the trailer?.


sarNie Adult
i love it.
can't wait to read it.
update me please.
&&about the fanfic trailer.
it was awesome.
can you give me the title of the music you use for the trailer?.
hey thank you for the comments...and sorry idk wat song it is because i didnt make the video but i think the song is in the korean drama green rose yepp and i will update asap


sarNie Granny
LOVE the teaser :thumbsup: , can't wait to read the 1st ch. awh heck yeah Om as police man! gotta love his part, i can imagine his abs already! :woot: i'm having the feelin that i'm gonna hate Pinky really bad in this ff, the details about her already made her a b*tch. :coverlaf: btw, u gotta update me on this. I'm waiting for it! <3 Win & Kwan :highfive:


sarNie Adult
ok here is chapter 1 for My Prince Charming..Ima sorry for ima really excited..please enjoy this chapter...thanks for reading.. here is

At Pakaramai's flower shop:
Pakaramai waters her flowers when suddenly she felt someone walk into the shop. She smiled at the people who just entered.
Pakaramai: Welcome!
The people who entered were wearing all black and black masks all over their faces. Pakaramai felt a little bit scared.
Pakaramai: How..How can I help you guys??

In Rek's car:
Rek is talking on the phone with Rattika.
Rek: I have a surprise for you
Rattika: OMG! Really! You better P'Rek!
Rek: Ok, dont worry babe
Rattika: well i'm going to get up and go wash my face
Rek: It's already 11 and you're not awake??
Rattika: Mai! I was tired watching movie all night
Rek: Ok well I'm going to that new flower shop that just opened not long ago
Rattika: I love you, I'll talk to you later
Rek hangs up and got to "Rosy Flowers For You" flower shop. He enters inside and sees some flower pots in pieces on the ground.
Rek thinking to himself: This place needs to be more clean
He saw the guys dressed in black.
Rek: uhh, excuse me but who's the owner of this shop?
one of the guys pulled out a gun and pointed it at Rek. Rek puts his hands up.
Rek: W..Wait! I..I'm here to buy flowers
guy with the gun: Leave or you DIE!
Rek looks around and sees Pakaramai crying and looking afraid at a corner sitting down with hands on her knees. Her glasses was on the ground.
Pakaramai: Please leave, I don't have any more money that's all I have for today
guy with gun: Be quiet!
Pakaramai looks down and hide herself in her lap.
Rek thinking in his mind: Stupid girl! why don't you call the police?Now it will be hard since you gave them money!
The guy with the gun is looking at Rek still pointing the gun at him.
guy with gun: Get out or I'll shoot!
Rek puts his hands up again. He slowly walk outs forward to the entrance door as the guy follows him. He looks back and kick the gun from the guy's hand and made the gun fell to the floor. The guy grabbed one of Pakaramai's flowerpot and hit Rek on the head with it. Rek fell to the floor and was bleeding. The other 2 guys come and tries to kick Rek but Rek tripped them and he grabbed for the gun before the other guy.
Rek with the gun in his hand: Leave the money and get out!
The guys don't move.
Rek: Didn't you hear me?!
The guys quickly take a bunch of money out of their pockets and throw it on the counter. Suddenly, outside of the shop there were polices surrounding it.
The guys try to run but the polices chased after and arrested them. One of the police officer talked to Rek about what happened and Rek explained to the officer about him helping Pakaramai.
Rek: How did you know I was in trouble?
Police: a lady came and saw you with the guys and you guys had guns so we had to come check. It's a good thing you're ok. I'll let you deal with the victim because you're the one that saved her
Rek: But...
Rek: Nothing you can leave now, thanks for the help
police: ok
The polices leave and soon the crowd people was gone. It was only Rek, Pakaramai, and the shop. He sighs and goes back into the shop. He walked to Pakaramai who was still at the corner paranoid about what happened. He leaned into her and touch her hand.
Pakaramai: Ahhh!Please leave!I'm scared!!
Rek: Nee kun!They already left, so if you're the owner of this small shop get up and sell me flowers!I'm late!
Pakaramai looked up and hit Rek's head.
Rek: Oww! NEE! Be careful where you're going! so Clumsy!
Pakaramai: Sorry
She crawls on her knees. Rek gets up.
Rek: Look! I don't have anymore time being here!So are you or are you not going to sell it to me huh??
Pakaramai: I am but I'm looking for my glasses
Rek: Your what?
Pakaramai: Glasses
Rek: Oh my GOSH! urgh! I'll help you look for it
He walks around and sees a pair of glasses underneath the chair. He gets it and goes to Pakaramai. He grabs her hands and put the glasses in her hands.
Rek: Ok here are your glasses
Pakaramai puts on her glasses.
Pakaramai: Koop kun ka
Rek: Are you going to help me now or no?!
Pakaramai: sure, thank you for helping me
Rek: Yeah whatever, I want flowers that represent love
Pakaramai: Ok, I'd give you red roses representing the love and the passion
Rek: Give me whatever, how much??
Pakaramai: $8
Rek: ok
Rek pays Pakaramai and gets into his car. Pakaramai: Wait! Here is white roses for you as a Thank you from me for helping me! Thank you!
Rek: Do I have to pay for that too!?
Pakaramai:, it's free for you
Rek grabs it and leaves. Pakaramai goes back into the flower shop. She locks the door and gets the money from the counter. Pakaramai grabs a dust pan and a broom and start sweeping the flower pot dirt and the broken pot. After she cleans, she leaves to go home.

To be continue Chapter 2...

will post up the preview later..sorry but hopefully u guys liked it..thanks!love u all!!


- Marina ♥
Oh, Kwan with glasses? ;) I can sorta imagine that.
Rek ... so dreaaamyyy... Aha, now you got me daydreaming about him.
He's such a rescuer, aha.
Love the FF, can't wait for more !


sarNie Adult
omgg!!thanks everyone for the comments..i dont wanna lagg so forget the is chapter 2..My Prince Charming!! :cheer:


At Rattika's House:
Rattika sat down in the living room waiting for Rek impatiently.
Rattika: Rek, where are you?Why take so long huh??
Suddenly a car door closed and Rek walks to Rattika hiding something at his back.
Rattika: Rek! I'm mad at you! You came late and you lied to me!
Rek: Sorry Rattika, I had a little problem at the flower shop
Rattika was going to run upstairs.
Rek: This is for you
He pulls out the roses from his back and shows it to Rattika.
Rattika: Ahh!P'Rek!!You're soo sweet! It's pretty!
Rattika kisses Rek's cheek, but she notices some dirt on his head.
Rek: Oh I had a problem at the flowershop, I already told you
Rattika: What happened??
Rek: Well I helped the owner of the flowershop because she was attacked
Rattika: You could've just ignore her Rek
Rek: I know, but she is a girl
Rattika: Who cares if she is a girl huh?!
Rattika's servant comes
servant: Khun Rattika, the food is ready
Rek hugs Rattika
Rek: Rattika, I only love you ok?!
Rattika: I don't want to hear it Rek!
Rek: Sorry Rattika!
Rattika: You know I love you right Rek?! You won't leave me?!
Rek: Rattika, I won't ever leave you babe
Rattika: Ok Rek, I believe you. Let's go eat
Rek: Ok babe
They both leave to go eat.

At Pakaramai's Home:
Pakarmai was washing the dishes thinking about what happened at her flowershop.
Pakaramai: He is such a nice guy
Nong Sai slowly tiptoed and scared Pakaramai.
Nong Sai: BOO!
Pakaramai: Sai! Why do you scare me!?
Nong Sai: I saw you day dream, tell me. What were you daydreaming about huh?
Pakaramai: No, I....I didn't Sai!
Nong Sai: Don't lie to me P'Pak!
Pakaramai: I'm not
Nong Sai: Oh yeah, what happened at your flowershop??I heard there were polices?
Pakaramai:...It's nothing Sai
Nong Sai: Liar! Are you ok??
Pakakaramai: I....WHERE IS MOM NONG SAI!?
Nong Sai: Mai roo! Maybe mom went back to the club
Pakaramai: I told you to not let mom go Sai!
Nong Sai: I...I couldn't do anything, she wanted to go herself Pak, sorry
Pakaramai:Nong Sai! You know that the older guys will abuse mom! How dare you let her go!?
Nong Sai: I told you I couldn't do anything!
Pakaramai: Nong Sai!
The phone rang
Pakaramai: That must be mom!
Pakaramai ran to the phone and answered it.
Pakaramai: Hello mom!?
It was their mom but she sounded scared.
Pakaramai: Mom, where are you??
Pakaramai's mom: ..............
Pakaramai: mom, you there??
Someone answered the phone, it was a man around the age 70
old man: Are you Jamikorn's daughter?
Pakaramai: ....Ka, who are you??
old man: I am Aht...Your mom stole some of my money, she will need to pay it back
Pakaramai: WHat!? That's not true!
old man: You either bring me $50,000 or your mom will become my 11th wife!
In the background:
Jamikorn:Don't come Pak!!
Pak: mom! Hello?!
The old man hung up. Pakaramai hungs up the phone.
Nong Sai: What did mom say P'Pak?
Pakaramai: I don't know Sai, that man says mom has stolen his money and wants me to give him $50,000 to pay back
Nong Sai: Ebah lo! We don't have that much money!
Pakaramai: I know I saved up to only $1,000 Sai
Nong Sai: Pak, how will we help mom??
Pakaramai: I don't know Sai, but I'm going to go to the club and get mom back
Nong Sai: I want to go too!
Pak: No Sai!You stay home
Pakaramai puts on her glasses and walks out.

At The Club:
Thanop is sitting down talking to some girls smiling and drinking. Pakaramai enters inside the club. The time was 6:00 p.m. She sees a door and opens it and the door leads to another door. On the door,it has a plaque with the name Aht.
Pakaramai: It must be here
she knocks on the door and someone opened the door for her, it was Aht's guards.
Pakaramai: Where is my mom??
Aht: Oh! The mother is beautiful and so is the daughter, but maybe you should move those glasses
Aht touches Pakaramai's face
Aht: Such a soft face
Pakaramai was scared that she closes her eyes. She looks around and saw many guards.
Pakaramai: Why are there so many guards??
Aht: They are here to make sure you bring the money
Pakaramai: ...How am I suppose to give you the money when there are so many guards and I don't know if my mom is really here or not
Aht: Smart girl! I like! Bring out the mother!
The guards goes to a closet and pulls put her mom. Her mother was beaten and some of her clothing was ripped.
Jamikorn: Pakaramai!
Pakaramai: Mom!!
She runs and hug her mom.
Jamikorn: Please let us go Aht!
Aht moves his head looking at the guards
Aht: Go wait out there! I'll call you guys when I need you!
The guards nod their head and left.
Aht: Now that we're all alone, we can do whatever
Pakaramai: I have the money here
Aht: All $50,000?
Pakaramai: ....only $1,000
Aht: must be kidding me...sorry but it's not enough!
Pakaramai: I promise you I'll pay you back soon when I get the money, please let my mom go!
Jamikorn: Aht, I'll pay you back, let us go
Aht: You can go, but your daughter has to be my 11th wife!
Aht pulls Pakaramai.
Pakaramai: Ahh! Please don't do anything to me!
Jamikorn: Let go of my daughter Aht!!
Jamikorn tries to pull Aht away from Pakaramai, but Aht pushes her and she hit the wall
Pakaramai: Mom!
Aht starts to rip Pakaramai's clothes
Pakaramai: Help me!!Ahh! Somebody help!!
Pakaramai didn't know what to do.She bit Aht and pushed him and helped her mom up, then Aht got up. Jamikorn saw a heavy book shelf and she pushed it and it hit Aht. Books and cds covered Aht.Jamikorn and Pakaramai ran out. Aht quickly got up and called his guards with his walkie talkie to stop Pakaramai and Jamikorn. Thanop was dancing until he felt his phone vibrating, he answered it.
Thanop: Hello? What is it Rek??
Rek: Thanop, how are you dude?
Thanop: Sorry, I can't hear you. I'm in the club and it's too loud
Thanop started walking out of the club. He was almost at the entrance when someone bumped into him hard. His phone dropped to the ground and so did he.
Thanop: Owww!
Pakaramai: I'm really sorry! Are you ok??

To be continuee chapter 3!! hope u all enjoy!!thanks for the comments!!Ilyy all!!I hope it is long lol okies :thanks: :thumbsup:


sarNie Adult
My Prince Charming Chapter 3!
Thanop stares at Pakaramai. Her glasses fell to the ground.
Thanop: …..It’s ok, I’m fine. Are you ok?
Jamikorn: Let’s go Pak!
Pakaramai: Wait mom, I need to find my…….
Aht runs almost catching up
Aht: Get them!!Hurry!
Jamikorn pulls Pakaramai and they both ran. Thanop got up and saw a pair of glasses on the floor.
Thanop: Is this hers?
Thanop puts the glasses in his shirt pocket and he picks up his phone. Rek was still on the line.
Thanop: What is it? Sorry Rek, I bumped into someone
Rek: Dude! I thought something happened to you!
Thanop: Don’t be silly, what did you want?
Aht and his guards got to the entrance door
Aht: Damn you all! They got away!
1 guard: But you wanted us to go out…..
Aht: WHAT?! You dare argue? I say to go out and wait at the door idiot! Hmph nevermind, I know she will be back for sure!!
The guards whispered to each other.
Guard: he told us to go outside
Another guard: I know but just be quiet or you will be fired by the boss
Guard: ok
Thanop: I got to go Rek, I’ll call you later
Thanop closes his phone and walks out pretending not knowing anything and walked out

At Pakaramai’s house:
Jamikorn and Pakaramai got home all tired and out of breath.
Nong Sai: mom! You are home!
Nong Sai runs and go hug her mom.
Jamikorn: Nong Sai!
Nong Sai: P’Pak are you ok??
Pakaramai: I’m ok Sai
Nong Sai: P’Pak you still didn’t tell me why there were polices at your shop?
Jamikorn: What?!
Pakaramai: NONG SAI!
Nong Sai: chai ka khun mae, there were polices at Pak’s shop
Jamikorn: Is it true Pak?
Pakaramai looks away
Pakaramai: …………..ka
Jamikorn: Pak, why? What happened?!
Pakaramai: …..I …. Don’t know, I was watering the flowers and suddenly some guys all dressed in black with masks came to me and threatened me with guns telling me to give them money
Jamikorn: and did you give them money?
Pakaramai: Yes I did but they still wouldn’t leave and then a customer came into buy flowers. He got threatened too but helped me and soon polices arrived
Jamikorn: I’m happy you are ok Pak, why don’t we close your shop for a month?
Pakaramai: No mom, I was scared and we can’t close the shop if we do I will lose many customers
Pakaramai cries and hug her mom.
Jamikorn: Don’t be afraid, ok we won’t close it then but if something like this happens again I will close it ok?
Pakaramai: ok mom, I promise nothing like this will happen again
Nong Sai walks to them and they all hug.

At Thanop’s House:
It was dark and Thanop is sitting down in his chair looking at some paperwork for his mom’s company. He put it aside and took out the glasses from his shirt pocket and looks at it.
Thanop: Will I have the luck to meet you again?
He gets his phone and dials Rek’s number.
Rek: Hello Thanop
Thanop: Sorry for earlier Rek
Rek: Oh it’s ok so what are you doing this week?
Thanop: Nothing much, why?
Rek: I was wondering if you want to go to the movies with me and Rattika?
Thanop: no sorry I cant tomorrow because were having a party for my boss
Rek: When did you become gay? Buying flowers for your boss?
Thanop: What GAY?! My boss is a lady and I’m not gay like you think, she is retiring
Rek: OH! I thought for a moment your boss is a guy, sorry
Thanop: Think before you say something next time and whats wrong buying guys flowers?? I don’t see anything wrong
Rek: I don’t know, its just not right well that sucks then
Thanop: But, Id be happy if you give me a ride to buy flowers and then drop me off at my workplace
Rek: Fine, which flowershop do you want to go?
Thanop: I don’t know, how about that one new flower shop that just opened not long ago?
Rek: Which one? There are so many shops that just opened
Thanop: No it has a certain name called Rosy..??
Rek: ……Don’t tell me its Rosy Flowers For YOU!??
Thanop: That’s right! Its that one! How did you know?
Rek: Don’t go to that one, the flowershop is so small and the place is dangerous! I almost got killed by bad people!
Thanop: really? Well you didn’t because if you did you wouldn’t be talking with me like this
Rek: I’m not lying, I was lucky enough for polices to get there in time and take the bad people away. The owner of the shop is so stupid! She doesn’t have any brain!! If I wasn’t there, maybe she could’ve got killed already!
Thanop: Oh….really? I still want to go there….Even if you wont take me, I’ll take myself there…Wait but where is it?
Rek: I’m forreals, I don’t want you to go there
Thanop: And I am forreals, I want to meet this girl
Rek: What has gotten into you? Look she is not going to be your type
Thanop: How do you know if she is not?
Rek: Because she is a ugly girl, no I should say no beauty in her at all…clothes back in the 90’s and very old fashion and ugly!
Thanop: I don’t care Rek, I’m going to go there. Be my ride or no?
Rek: …..Ok I’ll come pick you up tomorrow
Thanop: Ok see you tomorrow
Rek: I have to tell Rattika
Thanop: Always have to, ok then bye
Rek hungs up and then calls Rattika.
Rek: Rattika, I’m going to pick up Thanop tomorrow to go get some flowers and then drop him off at his workplace because they’re having a retirement party for his boss
Rattika: Ok, just pick me up before you go get Thanop
Rek: Ok babe, you know I tell you everything
Rattika: Ok well I need my beauty sleep
Rek: It’s only 8
Rattika: I know but I’m tired
Rek: Ok then, good night and go sleep
Rattika: Ok
They both hung up. The next morning Rek gets up to go get Thanop. Thanop was outside waiting.
Thanop: You’re late!!
Rek: Hey, it’s only 8:00 a.m.
Thanop: You’re supposed to be here at 7:00
Rek: I’m super early
Thanop: Let’s just go
Rek: be glad I’m your ride….DAMN! I forgot to go get Rattika first
Thanop: You can always go get her it’s not too late
Rek: I know but she’s going to be mad at me
Thanop: Why would she?
Rek: Nevermind, I’m just going to go get her now
Rek drives and get to Rattika’s house.
Rattika: P’Rek, you are here!
Rek: Yeah
Rattika goes to Rek’s car
Rattika looks back at Rek.
Rattika: P’Rek! Did you go get Thanop first?
Rek: Yes….Rattika….I…….I’m sorry
She looks at Rek angrily and then smiles.
Rattika: It’s ok Rek, get in the car and let’s go
As Rek gets into the driver seat Rattika rolled her eyes at him. She went to sit in the passenger seat and Rek left to Rosy Flowers For You Flowershop. Soon they arrive and entered inside.
Pakaramai: welcome, may I help you?
Rek rolls his eyes at her, Pakaramai looks away and quiets down. Thanop walks to her.

TO be continue chapter 4!!thanks for readingg!!


sarNie Adult
My Prince Charming Chapter 4
Rek rolls his eyes at her, Pakaramai looks away and quiets down. Thanop walks to her.
Thanop: Yes, I’d like some flowers for my boss who is retiring. Please help me look
Pakaramai: Sure, come this way
Thanop followa Pakaramai. Rattika and Rek stands at the counters looking around.
Rattika: This place is so small!
Rek: Yeah, I know. I wonder why Thanop even wants to come here
Pakaramai leads Thanop to a garden full of flowers. Pakaramai cuts the snap dragons, statices, and the Holly flowers. She put them all together and then quickly wraps it into a beautiful bouquet with a ribbon wrapped around making it tight. Thanop stares at Pakaramai the whole time. Pakaramai hands it to him.
Pakaramai: The snap dragons represent good luck, statice represents success, and the holly flowers represent domestic happiness
Thanop: ………………….How did you know about all of this?
Pakaramai: I went to college and got my degree to open my own shop
Thanop: Really? You’re talented!!
Pakaramai: Thank you, is there anything else you want?
Thanop: ……..uhh
Rek interrupted
Rek: Are you done Thanop? Rattika wants to leave
Thanop ignores Rek
Thanop: May I know your name?
Pakaramai: My name is Pakaramai and how about you?
Thanop: That’s a beautiful name, my name is Thanop
He shakes hands with Pakaramai.
Pakaramai: Nice to know you Thanop
Rek: Are you done?? I want to leave and how come you nerd! You don’t have your glasses??!
Pakaramai moves her hands from Thanop.
Thanop: STOP IT REK!
Pakaramai: I accidentally dropped it at a club
Rek starts to laugh
Rek: Someone like you, knows how to go clubbing too?
Rek laughs louder and Rattika comes and hold Rek’s arms.
Rattika: Rek!! When are we leaving??
She stares at Pakaramai with disgust.
Rattika: Who is she??
Rek: She is the girl who I helped….
Pakaramai: you……you’re the one who helped me??
Rek: Of course, you forgot?!
Pakaramai: No…It’s just I don’t have my glasses. When I bumped into the guy at the club I dropped it
Thanop: What club was it?
Rek: Where else? Maybe the strip club
Thanop: REK!
Pakaramai: it’s called Nighters club
Thanop: were you with a lady and you guys were running from some bad guys??
Pakarmai: YES! It was my mom, wait how did you know?
Thanop: What if I told you that guy was me who you bumped into?
Pakaramai: …..You’re the guy??
Thanop: yes it’s me
Pakaramai: Do you by chance see….?
Thanop: see your glasses?
Thanop puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out Pakaramai’s glasses.
Pakaramai: My glasses!
Thanop gives it to her.
Pakaramai: Thank you!
Rek: You are really bad luck! I helped you earlier yesterday and then my friend had to help you?!
Pakaramai: ……..chan kor tot na
Thanop: No need to say sorry Pakaramai….. I wanted to see you again
Pakaramai: You wanted to see me again?
Thanop: yeah, to give you back the glasses
Pakaramai: Thank you again Nop, I mean……
Thanop: It’s ok, you can call me that. I like it
Pakaramai: Ok Nop
They both smile at each other
Rek: Can we go now?!
Thanop: Wait, I need to pay! How much is it Pakaramai?
Pakaramai: I give it to you for free
Thanop: tell me the original price and I’ll pay. Don’t give me a discount
Pakaramai: ……….please accept it as a thank you and for meeting each other
Rek: Just take it for free
Thanop: I don’t want to Rek
Rek: well she said its free! It’s free, who wouldn’t want free items?
Thanop: Just tell me the original price Pakaramai
Pakaramai: But I’m giving it to you for free Nop
Thanop: How about this? I’ll pay this time and if next time you don’t want me to pay I won’t ok?
Pakaramai: …ok then altogether it’d be $15
Thanop: Ok, here is $15
Pakaramai: Thank you Thanop, please wait here for a bit
She quickly goes and get the rose pot she has been watering for a long time. She gives the pot to Thanop.
Pakaramai: These white roses are for you, it’s a friendship between us Nop
Thanop smiles.
Thanop: Oh, Pakaramai you didn’t have to but thank you very much! I will take care of the roses. They are very pretty
Pakaramai: I hope that you will keep them alive and water them
Thanop: Don’t worry Pakaramai, I will water them everyday
Pakaramai: Thank you very much……
Rek: Now! Can we go?
Thanop: …….yes we can
Rattika: Thank you!
She storms out of the car all mad
Rek: we will wait for you out there!
He runs after Rattika
Pakaramai: I’m sorry if u wasted you and your friend’s time
Thanop: no! don’t say that Pakaramai. My friend and his girlfriend are like that
Pakaramai: Really sorry Thanop
Thanop: Please don’t be or I will not be happy. Thank you for the roses…………
Thanop was about to leave
Thanop: uhh…is it ok if I ask for your number?
Pakaramai: ………………………….ok sure
Thanop: Ok what is it?
Pakaramai: my number is 529-6302
Thanop: ok I’ll call you tonight
Pakaramai: ok just ask for me if my mom or sister answer
Thanop: ok then, I’ll see you again
Pakaramai: Ok Nop bye
Thanop leaves the shop
Thanop: Yes! I got her number
Pakaramai sits down and smiles
Pakaramai: Can he be my prince charming who I’ve always been dreaming of? He’s so cute and
so nice! My heart is beating!

In Rek’s car: Thanop smiles sitting at the back seat.
Rek: Thanop, why are you so happy?
Thanop: because I got her number
Rek: Really? I didn’t know that a nerd will give someone her number that easy. If I knew I
would’ve ask her number for you long time
Rattika stares at Rek. Rek looks away
Rattika: Maybe she is a prostitute and see that you’re rich, so she gave you her number. Many
girls these days are just gold diggers
Rek: Yes, Rattika is right. You don’t even know her and she gave you her number. She must be
a slut
Thanop: Can both of you stop it?! I’m annoyed; you both need to stop judging her! She doesn’t
not wear those revealing clothes at all
Rattika looks at herself. She was wearing a tank top and a low skirt to her thighs
Rattika: p’ Rek!
Thanop: I didn’t mean to talk or say anything about you, but it’s the truth. Pakaramai is not those
Rek: The girls that wear like Rattika are the pretty and sexy kind. They are the new generation. I
Didn’t know you have such an ugly taste
Thanop: Those kind maybe sexy but inside them, it might be very dangerous as a knife hidden
under the sofa ready to strike. You need to stop talking about Pakaramai like that
They arrived at Thanop’s workplace. Thanop opened the car door and closed it.
Thanop: I’ll get my own ride, thanks
He walked in the company

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My Prince Charming chapter 5

In Rek’s car:
Rattika: Where are we going to go P’Rek?
Rek: Are you hungry?
Rattika: very Rek! I’m so hungry, why don’t we go eat now?
Rek: ok lets go eat at your favorite restaurant?
Rattika: Ok

At Pakaramai’s home:
Nong Sai is in her room listening to music. Pakaramai is in her room thinking about Thanop.
Pakaramai: He’s the one I’ve been dreaming of. He’s so perfect, so nice, so handsome………
Nong Sai knocks on Pakaramai’s door.
Nong Sai: Pak!
Pakaramai was still on the bed not moving. Nong Sai goes and touch Pakaramai’s shoulder. Pakaramai twitched.
Nong Sai: Are you daydreaming?
Pakaramai: Yes…..wait! NO! I was just thinking…
Nong Sai laughs
Nong Sai: P’Pak! There is someone you like!? Tell me, I want to know! Is he cute? Tell me Pak!
Pakaramai: Mai na Sai…… There is no one
Nong SaiL Stop lying, you’re smiling! Tell me P’Pak! Who is it?
Pakaramai: So handsome Sai! He’s cute!
Nong Sai: What is his name?
Pakaramai: Thanop
Nong Sai: Thanop lo?....
Pakaramai: Nong Sai, why are you so nosy?
Nong Sai: I don’t know, I just want to know
Pakaramai: One day, I’ll show you how he looks like
Nong Sai: Oh…….
Jamikorn enters in the room.
Jamikorn: What are you both talking about? Laughing so loud?
Nong Sai: uhh….
Pakaramai interrupts.
Pakaramai: Nothing mom! Are you hungry? Come ill cook for us
Jamikorn: ok let’s go, wait how did you get your glasses?
Pakaramai: The guy who I bumped into the other day found it and gave it to me. He came to my flowershop and dropped it off
Jamikorn: oh………..well at least you got it back
Pakaramai: Ka khun mae

At the aahan Thai restaurant:
Rattika: Rek do you want to go travel around Paris with me?
Rek: Paris?....Let’s eat Rat, you must be hungry
Rattika: Hmph! When we talk about traveling, you always do this!
Rattika stands up and the people looks at her.
Rek: Sit down Rattika
Rattika: Rek, I don’t want to talk about it!
She walks out leaving Rek alone at the table.
Rek: Rattika!
He quickly waves at the waiter and the waiter comes walking to him. He throws the money on the table and runs out. He sees Rattika running and get into the taxi.
Rek: Rattika wait!
He runs and get into his car and follows the taxi.

At Thanop’s company:
Everyone is sitting down and they clapped as their boss speaks. Thanop was having a flash back about meeting Pakaramai that he didn’t hear the boss call his name. People were clapping. One of Thanop’s coworkers tapped on him
Thanop: …………….what is it?
coworker: the boss wants you up there
Thanop got up and walked up to his boss and people clapped again. His boss handed him a plaque with Thanop’s name on it.
Thanop: ………….What is this?
Boss: I give you a promotion and you deserve it before I retire
Thanop: really? Thank you, boss! Thank you!
Thanop walked up to the microphone
Thanop: Thank you everyone for the time, I’m so happy to get a promotion. I promise everyone I will do my best! Thank you and thanks to you, boss! We all will miss you! Hope you have a good life after this! Thanks again!
Boss: Thank you Thanop! You will do better in this position. Good luck to you
Thanop: Before we do anything else, I want to give you a gift first
Thanop walks and go get the flowers he got from Pakaramai’s shop from his seat.
Thanop: here is a gift for you for being such a great one! I wish you the best!
Boss: Thank you Thanop! I know you will do a good job
Thanop: You’re welcome
Everyone cheered and clapped for them.
Boss: I want to thank everyone for having the time to throw this party for me, I wish you all luck. And now lets eat and have some fun!
Everyone got up and started to serve themselves
Rek got to Rattika’s house. He knocked on the door. The servants open the door.
Rek: Rattika is inside right?
Servant: Sorry, but I can’t let you in khun Rek ka
Rek pushes the door and runs up to Rattika’s room
Rek: Rattika open the door! I want to talk and please let me explain
Rattika: Rek! Just go home!
Rek: ….I ……..I want to tell you that I was planning for us to go there too
Rattika opens the door.
Rattika: Really?
Rek: I’m not lying
He hungs Rattika
Rattika: Ok Rek!
She hugs him too.
Rattika: So when are we going to go?
Rek: Let me talk to my parents about it ok?
Rattika: ok Rek, I’ll be waiting
Rek: ok Rattika, I’ll talk to them as soon as possible
It was 5:00 p.m. and Thanop left his workplace. He was at home thinking if he should call Pakaramai. He pulled out his phone and the note Pakaramai wrote her number on. He quickly dialed her number and waited.

At Pakaramai’s house:
Nong Sai ran to go get it.
Nong Sai: Hello?
Thanop: Is Pakaramai there?
Nong Sai: Yes, who is this?
Thanop: this is Thanop
Nong Sai: ….Tha…..Thanop??
Thanop: Yes
Nong Sai runs to Pakaramai
Nong Sai: PAK! PAK!
Pakaramai: what is it Sai?! Why you scream so loud?
Nong Sai: Here!
Pakaramai gets the phone and puts it on her ear.

Preview for Chapter 6!:)
Thanop: Is it ok if I come and help you?
Pakaramai: Why are you here so early?
Lady: You’re a good boyfriend

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