My HP Paillion dv9000 laptop


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It might be your audio card. Can you hear music?

Other things .. it might be your audio programs that connect to the audio card. Some setting might of got change. You might need to UPDATE IT

here the sites to help you with it ...

I don't know what brand of laptop u have but choose the one that best fit the list. Than choose your Operating System (guessing its Vista) .. you can make sure by going clicking START .. than ACCESSORIES ... SYSTEM TOOLS .... than SYSTEM INFORMATION ... than just look for ... OS NAME and VERSION ... than go to that website and choose your OS ... you want to download these two things: DRIVER - AUDIO .. and ... DRIVER - MULTIMEDIA

Try that and see if it helps.

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well if ur talking about the touchpad not working, well its a common problem nowadays for most laptops and most of the time its out of our ability to fix it. There isn't much you can do with it besides reinstalling or updating the touchpad driver. If that doesn't work, your last bet is to call hp support and hope your warranty is still valid. Other than that its best to just use a usb mouse for your computer controlling.


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well it was working just fine the other day.
The laptop has "touchpads" for the volume etc.

like this:

But fer some reason it doesn't work anymore?
I didn't change the settings or anything at all.

So I'm not sure what

if it's still under the 1 year warranty or you bought extended warranty take it to the store you got it from.
i work for the geek squad at best buy and repair computers for a living. what i would recommend doing is checking to see if some settings are off. go into control panel and choose the uninstall programs. look for the "quick launch button" program. if it's not there, and all the other touchpad such as the "dvd, quickplay, play, stop, rewind, fast foward" button doesn't work either, you might need to restore the operating system. but before you restore the os, try to update the audio driver in device management. if that doesn't work, save all files, pics, music, etc and restore the computer to factory settings. hope that helps.