[Movie] Unsane (2018)

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  1. maimyang

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    Excited for this movie!

    I’ve been admitted into a psych ward before, I think reliving it all will be kind of torturous but I’m watching it because I want to know if she is hallucinating or not!

    Credit Bleecker Street YT

    Synopsis from IMDb:

    A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, where she is confronted by her greatest fear--but is it real or a product of her delusion?

    My guess is she is both ill and also not making things up and is being stalked! Her mother gets killed by the stalker? At the end, the stalker will get her and she will scream. Lol :sad6:

    Heard this movie was shot with an IPhone? Hmmmm.:confused12:
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  2. maimyang

    maimyang Cuckoo for Charlie. ♡

    -_- This movie wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it’d be. And it was sort of confusing for me, so after I watched the movie, I had to read some full summaries with spoilers to understand it.

    So she really wasn’t hallucinating. At the end at the restaurant when she was seeing and hearing her stalker, was that to let us know she’d never be free of her stalker and what he’d done to her?

    It was so funny when she was about to take her pills given by the stalker, and he showed her her mom’s address and she freaked out, like “Hell nahhh! He’s got my mom’s address!!!” Screaming at the staff and making a big scene but they wouldn’t believe her.. lol
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  3. Ms.Zoe

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    Oh I saw the trailer of it & wanted to watch it too. If I remember I will comment on it after I finished it...I like to comment :D. In the mean time, I am not going to spoil myself lol.
  4. xodxo

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    Lol this just reminds me the other day I watch The Cult of Chucky lmaooo on Netflix and it is about this mental patient who was admitted to a mental institute and she’s seeing herself as Chucky but not exactly while Chucky lurks around killing people in the institute. Lol! It was quite a good thriller!! Not bad for a Chucky related movie!! Lmbo!!
  5. Ms.Zoe

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    I didn't like the ending o_O.

    It gives out wrong messages to viewers as a whole & viewers who are going or had gone through what the main actress had gone & is going through, it would make sense if her imaginations stopped because clearly at the mental institution she wasn't crazy imagining her stalker. And why killed off the reporter guy she befriended with in the institution and her mom too. The ending favors the stalker, he won even though he is long dead; she kills him, one would think she overcomes her fears of him because she kills him but no she lost and who knows if she ever have a normal life again, terrible ending. I think she got the wrong help from that mental institution that only want $ from patients' health insurance, if she was to have help from a good psychiatrist/psychologist she might overcome her mental problems.
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