[Movie] The Old Guard (2020)


. : Lady Yue : .
Another great movie I have watched recently. Andy is so badass! She makes you want to join her team lol. If my face would look good with Andy's hairstyle I would chop off my hair more :risas3:. It is one of those movies you would watch again & won't get bored because it is packed with action & isn't draggy besides that you get a few life lessons from it, I know I did lol. The ost songs are so good, each song is well played within the movie. It was funny when Andy said she was once being regarded as a God/Goddess lol. This movie is women power written all over it lol, from producer, director, main female lead & etc :clap:. I hope there will be part 2 :thumbup:...Quynh & Andy hopefully will become best friends again. It is so cool to see a few of my likes within this movie!

Credits: Netflix