[Movie] The Descent (2005)


Will u still love me, tomorrow?
I rewatched this movie a couple months ago. I don’t like many horror films but this one is good. It’s moving, especially when the main lady gets revenge on her “friend” who betrayed their other friend while in the cave, sees the “Love Each Day” necklace. If she knows Juno also had an affair with her husband, I’m not sure. After we finished the movie, my bf said that Juno is a character of guilt. I agree but I still don’t trust Juno. She seems malicious somehow and maybe even jealous. If you were Sarah, would you have done the same thing to Juno towards the end? I like how this movie teaches you, you know a person better when they’re in a position to own up to their actions and decisions, or run. Of course in Juno’s case, there were the monsters and that’s why she ran after stabbing her friend in the throat, but I’d have so much remorse! This is one reason I say yes Juno does feel guilt from hurting people in the past, but she’s not mature enough to take full responsibility. I wouldn’t consider her a friend too if I were Sarah!