[Movie] Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

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  1. Ms.Zoe

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    I can't wait for this movie!

    Synopsis: A lavish train ride unfolds into a stylish & suspenseful mystery. From the novel by Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express tells of thirteen stranded strangers & one man's race to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again.


    Cr to 20th Century Fox for trailers & imdb for synopsis
  2. maimyang

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    Just finished this today

    By the end of the movie, I could sort of guess everyone was involved in the murder because somehow they were tied to the Armstrong family.

    I know - the ending and what the detective chose to tell the police (that someone had broken into the train and killed) was a character development thing, but for me, murder is murder! Just because Ratchett killed Daisy does not make it right for the others to get together and plan and then kill him too. And another thing is, if I was one of the passengers that was involved with killing Ratchett, I’d feel guilty and turn myself in.. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself anymore. Just because someone did me or someone I love wrong, doesn’t mean I do the same thing back. That’s just me though ^_^

    There is the side to it “an eye for an eye.” The passengers wanted justice for what was wrongfully done. But the way I see it, Ghandi said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

    How did Ratchett escape justice the time he was in court?

    One more thing, I didn’t know the detective is the same guy (one of the instructors) in Harry Potter!! He was quite funny in HP lol.

    Please share your thoughts and what YOU would’ve chosen to do if you were Poirot??? :rolleyes:
  3. Ms.Zoe

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    I am tempted to click the spoiler tab & read but I have to resist. I even resist reading the short summary of the novel & reviews of the movie, that is how serious I want to watch this movie & solve the puzzle LOL :D.

  4. maimyang

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    Accidentally came across this:


  5. Ms.Zoe

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    I'm so tempted to read your spoilers @maimyang but I have to resist lol. I haven't been able to watch it yet.
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  6. maimyang

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  7. Ms.Zoe

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    I got to watch it today, finally :)!

    My thoughts: It is not an easy clear cut decision for me but if I was Poirot, I would do what he did. What I did take out from the movie which influence my decision to go along with Poirot's decision are that when it comes to humans sometimes there is no absolute white or black but there is grey. I also determine which side (Ratchett's side or the 12 people's side) weighs more. The grey matter is that what the 12 people did to Ratchett isn't completely white or black. Their actions are both good & bad, (with twelve stab wounds who knows which person gave him the stab that ended his life) they did out of love & hatred. They love the ones that were killed by Ratchett directly (Daisy) or indirectly (Daisy's parents, baby sibling & nanny) so they want to seek justice for them and they hate Ratchett for not serving his sentences. The murder of Daisy by Ratchett did get 4 other people to die too as I have mentioned before, if it was only Daisy's murder I don't think Ratchett will get stabbed by 12 people and if he was to repent & stay in jail he wouldn't get murdered. He did have a short life of luxury I think from the ransom he got from the Armstrongs when he has blood on his hands. I do think this situation is like killing one evil person to save a lot of innocent people kind of scenario.

    I'm not done yet. I will be back to comment ;).

    Reason for edit: to correct spoiler tab
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  8. maimyang

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    @Ms.Zoe I like what you said about the indirect killing of people besides the direct killing of Daisy!! Never really thought of that. :confused12:

    But what I also think too is... what if the 12 people, knowing that they got away with killing the first time, kill again because they think they’ll get away again? I think that would be dangerous and would cause deaths added to the prior one. But then again, like what you said, the “situation is like killing one evil person to save a lot of innocent people kind of scenario”, I understand too!!! Because what if Ratchett was never killed and he strikes again, killing both directly and indirectly!!! I guess, what I’m trying to say is.. stop killing!! :BangHead: It can lead to death after death after death and won’t stop. I don’t know if I make sense but yeah :p
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  9. Ms.Zoe

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    I don't think any of the 12 people will want to kill anyone because they understand the pain of losing someone they love, they wouldn't want to give anyone that pain. Each of them can finally live their life without hatred and guilt so I don't think they will be crazy to not enjoy their life lol. It was a deja vu for me because I watched a Korean movie Sympathy for Lady Vengeance a week before I watched Murder on the Orient Express and it has one same scenario like MotOE, what a coincidence lol.
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  10. maimyang

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    Woah abt the coincidence!!:eek:

  11. Ms.Zoe

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    You happened to read about the movie Sympathy for Lady Vengeance? Pretty much like MotOE on that one scenario huh ;).
  12. maimyang

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    @Ms.Zoe No I didn’t read it! Sounds like an interesting movie tho!^_^
  13. Ms.Zoe

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    @maimyang do you want the spoilers about the same scenario? ;)

    I'm excited for Death on the Nile coming out in 2019, a continuation of MotOE. I only read the plot. I'm not going to read more into it and spoil it for me, I am waiting to watch it & be a detective like Poirot :D.
  14. maimyang

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    lol why not? :D give me the spoiler, please?

    Oh man, I didn’t know about Death on the Nile.. I’ve gotta see it!
  15. Ms.Zoe

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    Here are the spoilers :)
    The evil person he got killed by family members of his many victims
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