movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by bayango, May 10, 2007.

  1. bayango

    bayango sarNie Egg

    Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? 1-3​

    Is there anyone looking for these movies? I have lots of copies and I'm working on converting them to DVD's. I was the little girl in the movie and we might possibly be making a part 4. The script is complete but give me your feedback on how you think the demand would be for this movie after this long.
  2. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    Really, you were the little girl in there? Were you Nkauj Hli and Tswv Yim's baby daughter or did you play the little Nkauj Hli? Anyways, I already have my own set... I really love this movie... It's a true classic... As for part 4, PLEASE do not make one.... It was good enough were it ended and like with any other Hmong movies, making an additionally part after so many years will only kill the true classic and uniqueness of the movie... I vote against a part 4 because it's been way too many years!!! On the other hand, a better idea is putting the parts 1-3 in the market again. I know a lot of people are interested in buying that movie again. It is one of the best Hmong made movies..... (If for some reason the producers want to make a part 4 I don't know what it would focus on because the story basically ended, and I'd only want to see the young Tswv Yim and Nkauj Hli only, not for the movie to focus on anything else-----it would be a disappointment if part 4 ruined the entire drama.....look at the Hmong movie Vaj Yim Leej, Vaj Yim Leej parts 2-3 were a bummer that ruined the classic story of the original Vaj Yim Leej)

    By the way, do you by chance have a handle on any other Hmong movies that were made in the 1990s. I'm looking for a specific one that starred that same girl Nkauj Hli, but it was only a one part movie? It's called something like Pauj Txoj Kev Chim or something like that...
  3. babeyelmo

    babeyelmo sarNie Hatchling

    is there a picture?
    cause im not really close to the names of movies
    hehe... =]
  4. SweeTie_Dan

    SweeTie_Dan sarNie Juvenile

    great..a part 4 would be super duper wonderful...
  5. jenjen

    jenjen sarNie Hatchling

    yes!!!! omg! that will be so0o great! dang i would like the movie parts if u have lots of copies...please i would like so how old are u now??? ehehe...
  6. oil_yui

    oil_yui sarNie Adult

    I also looking for that movie too. it's called 'hlub pauj kev chim' if anyone has it would you please upload it? it's been ages since i've last seen that movie. i can only remember few little parts of the movie.
  7. bayango

    bayango sarNie Egg

    Yes, really, i was the little girl. I was little Nkauj Hli. Tswv Yim had a little boy (if i remember correctly) because we used Atary's little boy Micheal for that. It's definatly been a while.
    Thanks for your input on part 4 cuz we've been getting lots of positive feedback for the making of the 4th but it's nice to hear from both sides. I, too, agreed that we should just get it back on the market. Like i said, i'm trying to get it converted to DVD's because the quality would be different and it'll just be a nice change....
    As for having many Hmong movies...i'm not sure if you're familar with P&P Productions but my dad is one of the owners of the company. My father, Pao, alongside of my uncle, Pao (hence the name P&P) did P&P and it's main focus was movie dubbing...On the other hand, my aunt and Atary had Star Pictures and that's where Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg was formed.
    I'm not sure about Pauj Txoj Kev Chim but i'll look into it and see what i can do.
    Thanks again, i'll keep you informed. This sarNworld thing is new to me so i'm trying...haha... maybe you can help me out on this aspect.
  8. bayango

    bayango sarNie Egg

    Well, let's start here...i'm 21 now...i know! it's been forever and now i'm all old. I remember when the movie was made and i was around 8 or 9...Back when money and time didn't matter to such a little girl, i spent all my time with my aunt filming this movie...she paid me with a Hmong outfit, which i still have.
    As for the movies, I'll be more than happy to send them to you...Like i said, i'm working on converting them to DVD's but if all else fails, i can just send you the VHS of all three...i'll keep you posted.
  9. Mae

    Mae sarNie Adult

    I'm so curious now...but are all those Xiong guys related...such as Atary T Xiong (the producer), Akira T Xiong (Tswv Yim) and Pao T Xiong(Vaj Yim Leej)? Anyways, I'm sure they all have children around our age now...but Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg was a great movie...and I truly enjoyed all movies that were produced by Star Pictures in the 90s...they were the ultimate best ones ever created...even the ones made today don't compare to those in the 90s.... Star Pictures has a great collection of well-made movies...

    Any news on where Nkauj Hli and Tswv Yim are now? I always liked them as a couple and wished they were a real one when I was smaller...but where have they gone off to?
  10. Fearless

    Fearless sarNie Adult

    Can you give us a little synopsis of what part 4 is going to be about?
  11. jenjen

    jenjen sarNie Hatchling

    o0o thanks so much..i think my brother inlaw is able to convert vhs into dvd...he did it for some of my mom's hmong thailand if u need any help ican ask him..but are u doing it in a professional way or not??? ehehe..thanks..
  12. ddawbb

    ddawbb sarNie Adult


    OMG! This is so awesome!! I haven't seen this movie in like, ages! I would definitely love to get a copy of the set too. :)
    I was too young back then to even own movies... lol.. Please do let us know if you are able to distribute copies..

    A 4th part would be so interesting too : ) It would be so nice to see how life 'has been' lol...
    looking forward to it.. Please keep us informed!
  13. bayango

    bayango sarNie Egg

    All those Xiong guys were related. I don't know Vaj Yim Leej cuz i was a little too young for that but i do know that they were all related to Atary. My dad just told me that Nkauj Hli got married not too long after the movies were made but we're not sure where either of them are.
  14. bayango

    bayango sarNie Egg

    Well this is exactly why i thought Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg should be put back on the market. I haven't seen many Hmong movies but i do own this set cuz my mom had one set away for me. I'm grateful that i'm able to watch them all over again now that i'm older....
    I am working on the DVD's just because with the change in times, it'll be a nice edition. I'm currently reading the script for part 4 but know that it won't be coming out any time soon...being out of the movie business for so long, coming back was merely a consideration.
  15. if-only

    if-only sarNie Hatchling

    oooo... i wanna copy! i remember watching this movie so long ago.... i think i'm related to the company because i think that lady that plays nkuaj hli's mom is our clan leader's wife or something like that. lol
  16. babe_girl

    babe_girl sarNie Adult

    oh i use to watch this movie everyday! but like Mae had say, it's better if there isn't a part 4 since the ending of part 3 was already great and having part 4 might just ruin the whole movie.
  17. kry*star

    kry*star sarNie Adult

    glad to hear this. if you do make part four then i'm looking forward to seeing it. anyways, please PLEASE make dvds of all your good movies in the past because it will truely sell... i've been bothering t&t or xoblaim (back then) to make dvds of their hmong movies as well.... i hope to see progress in the future... thanks.
  18. jenjen

    jenjen sarNie Hatchling

    my uncle was so into the movie that he named his kids nkauj hli and tswv dead serious...i think i should tell him about part 4...hehe....
  19. suesan

    suesan sarNie Egg

    Hi, would you mind to sent my those movies too. I love that movie so much that I watch them over and over again back then. Is Nkauj Hli's mom in that movie lived in Sheboygan Wisconsin right now? As far as I know, she got married to one of my aunt's brother-in-law down in Sheboygan. And that she owned a salon. Anyways, I always think that Tswv Yim is very handsome and Nkauj Hli is very pretty. I heard that Nkauj got married to a guy from St.Paul MN.
    It'll be really nice if I have those movies of my own....
  20. kaab nis

    kaab nis sarNie Hatchling

    Yea i use to always watch this movie...i agree that the movies in the 90's are way better than the ones now...i also have the movie pau tso kev kim...i thinks that's how u spell was a really good fighting movie u know thinking of the time they were in...i think that that movie is own by TNT entertainment because they were the ones who made it...anywayz if your thinking of making a part 4 i would like to know what the storyline and everything is about because it depends on what the movie is base on now...i mean is it still going to be about the two main characters or is it going to focusing on their son's life now? either way i think that if you guys decide to make a part 4 ill definately support you guys and i think that many other people will too.

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