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Family Drama rating: 8/10
sliderb 13 May 2018
Going into this movie, I thought it was strictly a comedy about a brother who was overly protective of his sister. My expectations turned out to be incredibly wrong. It's really a family drama at heart and is relatable to pretty much anyone who has dealt with sibling rivalry. Older brother Chut finds himself constantly in the shadow of his smarter and more ordered younger sister, Jane. The rivalry between them began in their childhood and has continued to pollute their relationship as adults. Jane is beginning a successful career but is quite critical of her brother's disorderly lifestyle. While Chut is successful in his own right, family issues begin to surface when Chut and Jane end up having to work together. To top it all off, Chut doesn't approve of Jane's new boyfriend/colleague.

By this point in the movie, despite his flaws, I was rooting more for Chut and found Jane and her behavior quite grating. The more the movie went on, I felt Chut was completely justified in his behavior towards his sister. For this reason, I felt both characters were becoming completely unlikable. Jane was petty, continuing even to call her brother by a nickname from childhood that he hated and even getting his friends and coworkers to call him by the name. At the same time Chut spiraled downward more and more, further fueling his sister's annoyance. I almost felt like getting up and walking out because I couldn't find a reason to root for either of these characters. However, the movie completely turned itself around in the final act and provided a poignant message that every sibling who has ever dealt with rivalry should hear.

Overall, I don't feel this movie can completely be ruled a comedy or a drama, but the moments of comedy scattered throughout were really funny. If my expectation of what it type of movie it was from the beginning was different, I might have found my experience a bit different. This movie contains a great message, which might hit some viewers close to home, but it takes some patience to get there.



So I keep hearing Sunny has a disease or something and Yaya realized how much she loves him? Is that right? Like the climax of the movie?


sarNie Hatchling
That’s Crazy. I wish I could watch it over here not sure how I could watch it online. Period.


sarNie Adult

Brother Sister relationship is portrayed v well. I cried v badly when I watched till the end.
兄妹感情著實地描寫得十分到肉。看到結局,我也哭得很慘就是了 - 靈光

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Magnet Couple
A big congrats to everyone that worked hard to make Brother of the Year the success that it is :cheer::thumbup:And also, happy birthday to Nichkhun :cheer:


Yaya’s bday wish to cutie Nickhun. I never knew Nickhun could be sooooooooooooo cute!! Lol. He’s such a baby face too!!! I hope he and Ya gets to work together again some day. They would make such a cute onscreen couple!

Hbd Nickhun!!