[Movie] Brother of the Year: Nong Pee Tee Rak (GDH 559)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Mins, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Hopefully the European dates are announced soon :cheer: Gotta support my SunYa :love: The mixed reviews do make me a bit sceptical though.

    @SandranoiTay This is the second time I've heard someone say that the subtitles weren't 100% correct lol.
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    Crossing fingers for you...YES...I was a bit annoyed how off it was :(
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    This is horrible, you have to pay extra for parking! That sucks. But oh well~ you saw the movie and gave us a review. Haha.

    Yaya seems really natural in here? Natural as in no make up or natural as in acting? Haha
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    Yup it sucked that we had to pay extra for the parking. I think we would only have to pay $8 with the validation from the theater but it was only for 5hr parking. We ended up staying more than 5hrs. It was funny bc we missed the 6:45 one so we slept in the parking lot and waited for the 9:45 show. My bf and I was so tired. I was just glad he wasn't moody or complained about the traffic. Still can't believe we went through all of this just to watch this movie. Oh yeah I meant Yaya's acting seemed more natural in here than in her lakorn. Her makeup is also more natural too. She still looks pretty. Even my bf thought she was pretty. He don't know who Yaya is and don't understand Thai but thought Yaya is pretty and resembles Jessica Alba. Sunny looks good too when he's all dressed up nicely. I'm still hoping Sunny and Yaya would get another movie together as a couple next time. As for Nichkhun, he was cute but thought they kinda dressed him dorky in some scenes.
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    Brother of the Year is no.1 so far for 2018 :cheer::clap: 66 million baht on its opening weekend:clap:
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    Has this movie been subbed in English yet?
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    Hi! After watching the film and without spoiling it as much. The movie made me laugh, cry and I enjoyed it. I like how each character brought different sides to the story. Certain scenes made me cry and I really like Yaya's acting since its different from her past lakorns. Nickhun as 'Moji' is also cute. Sunny as P 'Chut' and Yaya as Nong 'Jane' are characters that you can come to understand, relate and like as the movie progresses. However, even though at times they don't get along due to the brother and sister love-hate relationship. They still care and tries to understand each other. :cheer:

    Overall, the movie has a heartwarming touching story. I would recommend watching it and I would rate it an 8/10. :thumbup::icon12:
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    Finally had a chance to watch this. This movie depicts how dumb brothers are and honestly, how loving, giving, and mature sisters are. I really enjoyed the movie. I have brothers like Chut, so I totally can relate.

    Props to the cast and crew for such a simple yet touching movie.
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