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    This movie had my attention from start to finish & *ahem Jason as Aquaman also had my undivided attention too of course:risas3:. I'm glad Aquaman has dark hair lol...I do think dark hair superheroes are good looking :D.

    The Asian scientist guy is right, there are Atlanteans amongst humans lol. Vulko & his dialogues with Aquaman is entertaining lol. The trailer is awesome with the background sound/music & Everything I Need song is so soothing to my ears. I find lots of things connecting to number 3 from this movie. And Aquababy, Aquatoddler & Aquakid are all too cute :love:.


    Everything I Need song

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    Next to Thor is Aquaman -- super heart these two (Chris & Jason) <3
  3. NY2018

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    Hi! What would you rate the movie & what was your favourite scene? :):icon12:@Ms.Zoe
  4. Ms.Zoe

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    Hi, I rate it 4.5 out of 5 :). The .5 off is because of the over used CGI making the Atlantean people too robotic lol.

    Favorite scene is when Aquaman retrieved the trident. The creature that guards the trident let him retrieve it because of his answer. Before this Aquaman was having doubts of his destiny - he is indeed both a king & hero but luckily he has his mother & Mera to encourage him. In my opinions a king can rule with ruthlessness or kindness but a hero can only have kindness in order to sacrifice himself to help others.

    The song Everything I Need makes this movie even gooder, it sums up the whole movie :D.
  5. NY2018

    NY2018 Always be thankful & grateful. ☘︎✌︎☕︎❅

    Oh cool. I agree 'Everything I Need' was such a good song to end the whole movie.

    I definitely think that this movie was produced really well. The story line and the music worked well in terms of delivering it to the audience. James Wan movies are usually really good and I had high expectations on this movie. I'm happy that they delivered. I'm excited for the second Aquaman. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Black Manta and new villains Aquaman will have to battle lol. I also liked the pairing of Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard. :icon12:

    Definitely agree with you on this one. :)
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