Mos Patiparn's Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Thai' started by .diane., Jun 28, 2006.

  1. .diane.

    .diane. Media Fanatic

    well P'Mos won't be tying the knot within 2 years since next year he'll go "buat" where he'll be at the temple as a monk. I found a picture of "Nong Gem" finally.


    if only i could play matchmaker i'd put these two together


    but all in all if p'Mos is happy :wavecry:
  2. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    aww good for him!!..wonder how long will he "buat" thats his gf? no comment..but yeh alot of daras are taken :(
  3. .diane.

    .diane. Media Fanatic

    i heard he'll buat for a year jaa. yep that's the lucky Nong Gem :mellow: "no comment either"
  4. tinah

    tinah sarNie Coma

    aww a year without mos..but oh well..but thats good for him though!.. :D but yeh if mos is happy with her then im happy for him.. :D
  5. kry*star

    kry*star sarNie Adult

    well that's good new! thanks for sharing! lucky girl! now this will clear it up to people who keeps wondering if he's gay or not- LOLz!
  6. Meme

    Meme sarNie Egg

    thats good for mos...very happy for him!
  7. Mara Phang

    Mara Phang sarNie Adult

    WOW!! She's very fortunate. As long as Mos is happy with his relationship then his friends is thrilled.
  8. iluvnumandoil

    iluvnumandoil sarNie OldFart

    i so agree with u but like u said if he's happy then it's all good :D
  9. sl33py

    sl33py sarNie Hatchling

    well i do have a comment about his girl and i won't hold back my thought.. she's not that good looking... what is wrong with him :huh: ??? but glad that he's happy... yet.. he can do better....
  10. tye-niranh

    tye-niranh sarNie Adult

    i can't believe it?!?!?! yeah, she's not that cute whatever floats his boat.
  11. Kayla

    Kayla sarNie Adult


    Nong Ane, pee jep jai jing jing. :wavecry:

    I mean I'm happy for Mos that he has someone to call his own. But you know, I've been dreaming of Aom and Mos hooking up and it doesn't that it's going that way. :wacko:
  12. anjos

    anjos Guest

    gosh..... I dont know what to said Mos......... I'm happy and glad that you found someone but.......well.... there's always a but..... I guess you dont look for beauty but of what is inside...... but stilll...... :blink:
  13. akanin

    akanin sarNie Elites

    :lmao: I don't really see anything wrong with his gf... "no comments...just as long as he is is in the inside" :loool: you gals really think his gf looks that baaaddd? She looks NORMAL... just like all of us who aren't DARAS lol...
  14. mizzm

    mizzm sarNie Egg

    RIGHT ON! We need to look at ourselves in the mirror first before we judge how others look!
  15. zhanzhao

    zhanzhao sarNie Egg

    Wow, for the longest time I actually thought he was gay. Nevermind i guess.
  16. Saifah

    Saifah bite me x___

    wow... his gf looks alright.
  17. apple

    apple sarNie Egg

    Finally! Now my friends can stop teasing me about him being gay. :lmao:
    Thanks for sharing. She looks ok...she must be a really great girl though if Mos chooses her as his g/f.
    He's not married yet, so there is still hope for me. :loool:
  18. alyssia

    alyssia sarNie Hatchling

    ok... finally we can see how Nong Gem look like... she has long hair as he does like... happy for them too... :D
    right, this girl is really lucky....i would hope i would be that girl. :eek: :wavecry: . k i'll stop dreaming :rolleyes: ..hehe i'm too young for him hahaha!!! :p

    good luck to him n gem.... will they marry soon? mos is getting old, huh? :D
  19. SaoSophab

    SaoSophab sarNie Hatchling

    DAm! Does anyone know how long they've been together?? My heart is now officially broken! :wavecry: LOL!! Man, how come I am the last to know about this stuff. Who is this chick? Is she famous or she just a normal person like all of us? Someone give us more info!!

    I hope MOS is happy though! :) :wub: I'll always be his #1 fan.

    Oh yea, im glad the rumours of him being GAY is blown to smitherines!! :loool:
  20. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    Aw man...I was hoping he'd be gay so no other women can have him...LOL

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