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Discussion in 'Hmong' started by plauj88, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. plauj88

    plauj88 sarNie Egg

    So apparently, i've heard a few "hmong myths" about what moles on your body really say about u & ur so call future. the 2 main ones i've heard & kinda sort of believe is having a mole under ur eye (by ur cheeks/cheek bones), & having a mole on ur lower back.
    i've heard that the mole under ur eye means that u'll be shedding tears throughout ur life. & not just simple tears but in love, life etc...mainly in love, if a girl has it then their husbands is gonna be the main cause of their sad tears. almost as bad as the hmong saying "QUAJ NTSHAV MUAG LOS". i know it sounds silly but is that even possible or true as the hmong OG's would say? is that y they always say its not a good idea to keep a mole under ur eye (if u do have one)?

    & the mole on ur back means that u will have a hard time earning a living. just like when ur gardening, u have to work hard & ur always bending, so if u have a mole on ur lower back it means that ur always gonna be bending and working hard for money. like ur gonna have the hardest time earning money & making a living on ur own.

    i kinda of believe these 2 b/c my sister has a mole under her right eye (by her cheeks), & she has shed COUNTLESS tears for my bro-n-law. he abused & accused her sooo many times & their fights has gotten so bad that she left him once & came back to us all bruised & lips hella busted.
    & a friend has a mole on her back & she is struggling to find a job. she has the same qualities as one of our other friend but she still didnt end up getting hired.
    i kind of wanna believe it but is it even true? hmong people & their myths...
  2. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    About the cheek bones, I think it is real because my cousin has one and she is RICH!
  3. p. Zoua

    p. Zoua sarNie Oldmaid

    I heard that if you've got a mole on your hand , anywhere then you're going to be rich. XD

    Heck, I got 3 on my hand, but so far I'm not anywhere to that point of being rich. I just think it's all myth. Either way we all as people will have a hard time earning a living just to get to the point where we want in life; unless you're born rich then you probably won't have to do anything but besides that it's hard work; specially in this modern economy.

    But on the other hand I'm not saying it's all false either. It's either you believe it or you don't.
    I just think moles are marks of beauty that's all to it.
  4. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Interesting.. I haven't heard of anything like that and my family is really superstitious. I have a mole on my hand and I'm not even rich. Well, that's probably because I'm still a highschooler. -.-"
  5. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    i though its only if u have it in ur palm, and if you can grab it, then u'll be rich.. XD

    oh yeah and what if u have mole on ur shoulder?? or upper back? cuz a friend of mine have a big mole on her right shoulder but its not at the back its up towards her shoulder. [where she can see it]??? any idea?

    and yeah my sis n law told me that people who have moles on their eyebrow or sumwhere like that is gonna have a good life? is it true..???

    my mom also told me that if u have moles on ur armpit u n ur hubby r gonna have a lot of arguments n if u have mole on ur personal private its bad for your life --> u gonna have sick babies???

    i dunno maybe the mole thing is getting outta control?????? i believe some but i dunoo... >__<
  6. Mistspyed

    Mistspyed sarNie Egg

    Hahaha I have a mole on my eyebrow and I dont see my life heading toward anything good. I hate my mole, might remove it. I have a mole in the palm of my hand too. My mom always says the same thing about those kinds of mole too plauj88.
  7. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    realllyy? i never heard such thing. lol, i juss know that if u have a mole below your belly button then ur gonna have alot of good luckk!
  8. p. Zoua

    p. Zoua sarNie Oldmaid

    Oh lol I don't know just what I heard. XD

    But I don't think these mole things are true, but maybe just depends on if you are a believer of it or not I guess. LOLXD
  9. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    ^ yah, oh n wat if u have a mole on ur nose? ..>___<..
  10. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    ahhh...darn it..i have 2 on top of my nose..which makes me heecckkkaaa uglyyy!
  11. plauj88

    plauj88 sarNie Egg

    OH WOOWW!! all of these superstitions are always fun to find out lol but i would never guess about these moles on certain parts of the body. always fascinating to learn new things lol & i totally forgot that i have a mole on top of my eyebrow too!! lol & i'm not seeing my life progress any faster or better lol in a way, i really do think that these are all myths & it just depends on your faith/luck in life. some may be true & some are just plain old myths..i just wanted to know more about all these mole myths..thanks for all of the great in-sight guys!! ;D
  12. AsianFemale

    AsianFemale Mrs. Kim Junsu

  13. myx

    myx sArNieZ

    interesting. thanks for sharing your stories. i have one under my eye and i recently got rid of it, i'll see if it's true or not (i'm not really a cry baby, but when it comes to lakorn/dramas, they come non-stop)
  14. LOL:)

    LOL:) sarNie Juvenile

    Hmm...I don't know about any of you but I have countless moles (or what Westerners call "beauty marks") and sometimes it seems like I magically grow a mole overnight. Yeesh, I was in the shower the other day and saw a mole on my arm that I never had before. Weirdd!
  15. myx

    myx sArNieZ

    same thing here. sometimes, they just pop out of no where like a pimple.
  16. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    ^ my sister always told me, everytime she counts her moles. she starts having new ones. its very wierd but it depends on the people.
  17. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    yeah your not suppose to count your moles because the more you count the more it creates.
  18. AsianLicious

    AsianLicious sarNie Egg

    Yeah I have one on top of my left hand wrist. Back in elementary school my white friends always asked me what it was and always tease me that its an infection and one of my arts teacher back in 1st grade thought it was paint lol and she tried scrubbing it off for me because we just got done painting and we were washing our hands and she was like hmm weird, its not coming off. But then she realized it was a mole lol. And Ya one of my uncle, I think.. well I call him law in hmong, dont know what I call him in english, anyways he said that its a sign of a good future that Ill be wealthy. In my opinion I dont know if this is true or not, i dont really have an explanation. But Im still young and still got time, I just turned 19 on the 7th. But ya I have one on top of my left wrist, anybody wanna see a picture of it? lol sort of looks like a rolly polly cause it is sort of that big too, I mean it.
  19. stephanie

    stephanie sarNie Adult

    my great gpa use to rubbed ppls stomach to make them feel better, have kids, ect... any ways, he said tht if u have a mole by ur stomach ur gonna be good with money or be rich. something good. lol.
  20. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    ^ wow that's sumthing cool.

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