Mixie105 Creations :)))


sarNie Adult
OMGGGGGGGGGG. Aff, Janie, Min, Poo, Pinky, Susie.
All of your banners & wallpapers are looking GOOD.
Your coloring is perfect, i love it. Beautiful fonts you're using.
You're so GOOOOD (; You cut & erase them perfectly, AWESOME JOB (;
Loving all of them .


sarNie Egg
So, it's been a while since I've made an artwork. So I decided to do these two artworks of Toey and Chompoo. :)



- Marina ♥
dang, you hecka good Mindy.
I love the Toey one. It's so blue & there's something interesting at every corner to see ;]
Yesss, that Chompoo one, looove <3