Miss Hmong International - Mee Her


sarNie Egg
dude.. why are you degrading Hmong people??? ok, so Hmong people have adopted the idea of beauty pageants from the American people, so what??? i think it's a pretty good thing to do since it's worldwidely known that beauty pageants are being practice throughout the world... i don't know why you would be hating girls who enter pageants for when really, all they want to do is maybe make a little difference in the community... so i'll admit, some girls do take the money and leave, some girls they get married rite after they get crowned, some really are stupid lazy and dumb and don't deserve the crown, some girls do cheat, and some, they really do want to make a difference in the community... all these girls come in different shapes and sizes and i'm glad that they're in it... it gives the new year a little excitement besides dance competition.. if you haven't already notice, new years are nothing and it sucks without a pageant..

and dude, i'm sorry that all the contestants that you've ever seen or witness them do is NOTHING but crap in the toilet... maybe you're not from California... just to let you know, lately i've seen Cali girls do a lot... although to you the definition of "a lot" is really nothing at all, i can tell you that it's so much more than anyone of us hmong people can do... But you know, all those winners can only do so much... if you even come up with an idea about doing something, it's quite easy, but believe me, it's easier said than done...

so yeah, you go ahead and post your opinion, but here's mine, i think pageants are one of the greatest creations... women gets to go out there and be good role models... tho some are too blind to see that... but watever.. those are just unopenminded people who really does nothing but pick on the winners anyway... for me, i encourage girls to enter pageants... at least you get to see their sophiticated side and at least they put on a pretty face for the new years... it so much better than the chicks that i get to see and witness at the new years, doing nothing but smoke, yell, talk smack, and chase boys around... you getting the picture?

my butt, there's barely any good role model especially from the hmong community. all those girls who stand up there are a bunch of fakes that just want to look good and the money.


sarNie Egg
The hmong pageant is FAKE - but then again so are all the other pageant including american pageant.
It is all about who you know to win the Title.

All the girls are FAKE no doubt about it. They all have fake talents, fake voice, fake empathy etc..

they travel to thailand/laos putting on a fake smile & showing fake empathy to the poor hmongs back there.

simply because it is their title to do so. they are putting on a show only. We all know that. Just like a movie
it is all a show. You win, you have to commit to what the title states. No exception.

this girl I don't know her-but her name is annoying, Mog Mim (sounded like rape)
she does indeed have waaay too much makeup-she look so much better w/out the dark fondation and lips. I've seen
her myspace pics and the ones w/out loads of make up she is actually better looking.

She should just be herself rather then trying to attract the old ppls. If she want to attract the younger generation
being yourself not putting on a 10 layers of makeup will do..

she already went to thailand and back seen her pics on myspace.


sarNie Hatchling
Hmong Rally 10-15-10 Nkauj Mog Mim Speech. Here's her speech.
she seems like she would please OG's just by the way
she speaks but she does put on hell lotta makeup on.