Mia Kang Tanorn


sarNie Egg
I saw this lakorn about 10-11 years ago. it was played on an Indonesian's channel under the title of pesona cinta.
the main characters of this lakorn are Raca and Bia, but i don't know who the actors are.

this is the storyline:
Raca is the daughter of agricultural businessman who married with another woman. Raca was mistreated by her stepmom, which caused her runaway from home.
She met with Bia while she was running away. Bia was running away from the marriage arrangement set by his parents.
Bia proposed a marriage of convenience to raca. Bia ordered Raca to pretend that she was pregnant, and married her, so he can finally free from the marriage arrangement.
At first Bia didn't give raca much care, but eventually he gets jealous when Raca is getting close to his brother.

Help me please to find the title or the actors. it's killing me...
thanks a lot.


sarNie Hatchling
I believe the thai title is "Mia kang tanorn" Wife from the streets. P'ek's name is Lorn. Don't know the N'ek's name.


sarNie Egg
I believe the thai title is "Mia kang tanorn" Wife from the streets. P'ek's name is Lorn. Don't know the N'ek's name.
Hi there, any idea how to find the lakorn you mentioned above? I am looking at the database and cant find it. I dont know the actor or the actress name so i cant figure it out any further, need help. Thanks.


sarNie Oldmaid
The title is Mia Kang Tanorn "เมียข้างถนน" as Noi mention above.

The actress's name is Kwanreudee Glomklom (ขวัญฤดี กลมกล่อม)
The actor's name is Ron Banjongsaang (รอน บรรจงสร้าง)

You can buy the lakorn from here:



sarNie Egg
hi im from indonesia and i wanna ask where i can buy old lakorn if im not mistaken the thai title is Gamathep Tao Plao produced by Medias of Medias Company around 1995..its about a twin, the main actor married with one of the twin but his mother or his aunt didnt like this girl so she ask her maid to rape and kidnap her..theguy remarried n got lots of wifes cause his mom or his aunt want him to hv an heir..in the other side, the other twin is back from abroad n want to find her missing sister so she's planning to b his next wife so tht she can investigate and because of she looks like his first wife he love da most they both married. all i can remem is only til this part..idk the rest..:( pls help me