[Mello] Notification Series: Dtuen Nark..Ruk Sa Loie: Eye Kamolned/August Vachiravit/Best Nathasit


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Is anyone else watching this? Omg! I think I might fall for it. It reminds me of Taiwanese dramas. Hoping it doesn't disappoint me lol. I love love Taiwanese dramas so this got me excited cause it seemed so similar.

Teaser and MV: There are 1 episodes so far.




sarNie Oldmaid
I hadn't even heard of this, but the trailer is cute so I might check it out. Is Mello a new channel or like an online-only channel?


sarNie Oldmaid
Probably online only, but I think they are part of channel 3 because some of the channel 3 productions are posting clips of it to lol.
Oh okay, interesting...maybe Channel is trying to increase their online presence the way GMMTV has. In which case, they should sub these lakorns too lol


this is only available in Mello app. Are they trying to compete with Line TV? Anybody knows who subs this? I want to watch too.


sarNie Juvenile
Omg!!!!! It' August!!!! Became a stalker on him in the series!!! And his pairing is Eye, even better. :aaaaa:


sarNie Adult
Is Best the guy with the glasses? I'm midway into ep. 1. If the pattern fits, it's usually the guy who the main girl overlooks that gets the girl in the end usually.