Meet anyone famous?


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wow i met alot but that was only when i was a little girl ... dont remeber much but when i was five i remeber i went to Ta Grim's ; he's a comedic.. i was laughing dont remember what he says but it was funny i have toi go up and gave him a dollar out of my heart bag lol. it was fun.. and ohhh that lady i dont know her name but she signs khemr sarin... and wow she was at my house.. im in the 978 area .. and the funniest thign is that she used the bathroom and there wasnt any toilet paper there so embarassing. ahah well thats it share your moment here


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Let's see, I met Umpor Thavy, Meas Somaly, Neay Krum, Tha Lotho and Yeay Kouyeak, Khaiy Piseth (he was at my engagement party), So Sopkeak...these were the people that came to the US on concert. Then when I went to Cmabodia, I met Nop Bayarith and Thaep Ren Daro at Siem Reip visiting Angkor Wat. Then we met Neay Krum again at the club Sparks the night before we left Cambodia. I have pictures of me and Bayaraith and me and Daro, I'll post it once I can get my comp and scanner working.

Oh yeah, forgot to add that over the weekend, I met Lai Vannak and this karaoke girl...hmm.... I think her name is Ly Malina or something like that. ANyways, yeah they came and performed here in Richmond, VA.


I saw them in person...neay Chapchean(pervert)...neay Krum...neary Rothkunthear...David something he lives in Lowell...Thida...but I don't talk to them.


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I met Kath Sokhim? I dont know how to spell her name I was walking at this khmer beach party and she was there to perform and she was walking around ... there's this comedy dude Ah Krem? lol he was funny and there's these 2 other singers.. but they not popular they lvie in same city as me


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I only met Preap Savath hehe. Took a picture with him, but I don't know where my aunt put it. She never gave it to me. Geez.


I met Yod darachany(my mom customer), Tep Rindaro, Koy and Grim(at my aunt wedding,Cambodia), Sokim, Neary Rothkunthea (she lives around my house in Cambodia), Choam Bunyong and Choam Nimul(she went to the same school as me), Kum Ponadeth (went to the same school since elementary untl high school, actually my grandpa knows his grandpa very well and his mom used to be my teacher in elementary), and more but couldn't remember.


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hmm. .

choum nimol-went to her concert, didn't want to, but had to get some money from her or something. . dunno, lol, my mom told me to go to the concert cuz she was giving my mom money for something. . she owe us or something. . dunno. .

preap sovath-before he was famous tho. . he did sing, but he wasn't famous until he went to srok khmai

souk sreymom, her son, her ex-hubby-uh. . . she sings and acts for us sometimes. . .

so sopheak-went to her concert . . cuz my family gets in for free. .dunno why. .

khat sokhim-went to her concert. . cuz. . it was free. . lol, she was kewl and jokes around alot. . of course. . haha. . during that time i was like 12-13 years old, lol. . she kept kissing my friend because she thought that he was cute. . haha. . me and my sis just kept on laughing at him cuz he keeps wiping her kisses off. . lol

neay koy and neay krum-uh. . . went to their show. . it was free. .

hmm. . there was alot more. . but couldn't think of any right now. . i've met alot since i went to their concerts for free. . lol. . that'll be the only way i'll go to their concert. . haha. . for free. .


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u guys met teh coolest people lol. preap sovat nop payarith.,..=(.. i want to meet them i want to meet Youn Sopheap because my dad and him look alike ahha my dad was watching him on stage and he was like,... how can soemone in one world look alike.. ahah i start luahing.


That was her first husband..I heard they're divorced now cuz he couldn't keep his hands off other women. Anyways she's married to some producer now..not sure if he's white or not.


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hmm i have the chance to met Aumpol Thavit, she was very pretty !!!!!

Kah Sey kim, Ney krem, Ney 22, Thebren daro, Priep Sovath (he's handsome in real lol), Hem Sivon, Meng keow pich chenda, Mane souy and the guy who named 106... hehe


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yes bluemoon. . her first hubby is in pkay prek, and they had a son together named dali, but we call him dan, he's about 9 years old. . and like soteeda said, her ex-hubby was having affairs, so they divorced and dan stays with the dad and a step mom, and sok sreymoum is now married to a producer, who's white, and he makes music videos for american singers. . . . seen them together before at my oum's funeral. .


untinnu said:
yes bluemoon. . her first hubby is in pkay prek, and they had a son together named dali, but we call him dan, he's about 9 years old. . and like soteeda said, her ex-hubby was having affairs, so they divorced and dan stays with the dad and a step mom, and sok sreymoum is now married to a producer, who's white, and he makes music videos for american singers. . . . seen them together before at my oum's funeral. .
thanks Untinnu..but isn't that dude her second hubby...the khmer one...I thought she had a husband already in Cambodia...but they got divorce?


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i meet prolly about 6 or 7 stars in my life time ... but there one time when i was in cambodia .. well , when i got out the plane and set foot on cambodia for the very first time lol ..just 5min before dat Preap Savth have recenly came back from his tour from somewhere i forgot anywho he was welcome wiht flower and stuff .. and I MISS IT !! OMG .... i really want to meet the dude ! But i did have a chance to see him at his concert in from of the Kingdom at ch Apsara ... man the girls was screaming their head off .. i thought it only happen in america?? but none the less i witness it hehe i was only 10 feet away from him on stage ! He not very good looking for sure but the dude can dance !


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yeah bluemoon. . the guy in pkay prek is her second hubby, her first was in srok khmai, but not very many knows about this tho. . so they don't really talk bout her real first hubby. . . .

dang. . preap sovath is so famous. . if i knew this, i could've take pics of him when he came over during the time he wasn't famous yet. . wow. . who knew. .

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let's see...who have i met...

sok srey mom
youk vovanak
and this singer lady...(these three people toured together in mama sang with them)
choum nimol
choum bonyong
choum chovin
noy vanneth
kat sokim (twice)
ouk borey (remember her?)
that comedian lady that's always with that koy man..i think her name is sreymom
this other comedian...his name is kaplowk (it's a purple flower)
sou sopheak
um...another comedian..i forgot his name...he passed away a couple years...( i can't believe i forgot his name and he's my godfather's father in law)
khing soreya
crap..can't think of his name right now...but he toured with khing soreya in california too
...i think i've met more...i can't think of any rite now tho


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I 've met :
So Sopheak(singer) ,
Dagn Monica (actress) ,
Chea Somnang (karaoke star),
Meah Sarann ( singer),
Meah Sambo (his brother),
Pomm Poy (comedian and singer)
Keo Pisey (karaoke star)
Hamm Sotheaneth (Karaoe star and actor)
Srung Srey Poch (singer)
Chinn Sereya (Singer)
Lay Vannak (khmer surin singer)
Souk Sophear (actor)
Suoun Chantha (singer)
Chang Chanleakhena ahd her husband Yuthara Channy
Siem Sreynoch
Yohn Sopheab (I LOVE himmmm !!)
Loun Leakhena
Ly Marina
Diep Sreyroath
Chann Chakrya
Neag Krong
Samoth Sithon

I would like to see Chuoun Sovannchay,Meah Soksophear,Aek Siday,Nop & Preap Sovath

P.S: I live in France



sarNie Adult
That sure is alot of Khmer celebs you've met WOW lolzz..

But then again, you are located in France, and the Cambodian population there is not much compared to the US. Moreover, they are sort of clumped up and not as much scattered as Cambodian here in the United States.

So when there's like a Party going on in France and such, alot of people gather up. Here in the states... there's too many parties here and there and plus some stars like goes round and round to perform. If you miss this one...there's always the next. And after awhile it gets old lolzzz...cuz they end up staying in the State and perform soo often that it's not exciting anymore eheheheh


lol...Choun Sovannchay is that her name...she came for a visit in Ma.... not performing....very petite and she's okay looking oh yeah she's married to a French/Cambodian dude...I'm the proof cuz my mom spoke to both of