Mayura's main actor dubbed voice


sarNie Hatchling
Hi, guys i just read the, there is an article talk about the owner of Mayura dubbed company.

According to the article stated that Mr. Chhan Chu was the owner of Mayura dubbed company and he is also dubbed voice of the main actor voice. In 1985, he started out as a Music Writer and song recorder. But later because he see that many khmer people who live in Long beach, CA began to miss their homeland, so he started to purchase thai drama and dubbed in khmer. But now he stated he started to worry that the demand of too many people watch, but the sell are less. Unlike before, the sell are up even though not many people watch. This is due to fact that there are some copy out there.

here is the link, for those want to know more


sarNie Adult
I didn't read the entire article but according to your summary, I can see why the sales are down. MAYURA is ripping Video Store owner off.

First of all, their audio setup/system isn't up to date. They use annoying background music, sometime doesn't even fits the environment. Kills the nature - something suppose to be scarry turn out to be neutral. When watching movies, I think sound effect plays a major role.

I know people voice changes as they age, but then again, their are systems that can change it, why not go for it? It doesn't sound like they put much effort in dubbing anymore. When the character suppose to be mean, the voice doesn't express it enough, compare to the dubbing back in a days. There were more emotion put to it and I could actually feel it anger/happiness etc.

Also, their prices are TOOO HIGH!! They sell their originals to the video store at $10 per episode (per DVD). Before each episode runs at 1.30min, then it cut back through the years and now some episode is less than 1hr (45min). Imagine a lakorn with just 12 episode, that is $120 buy in. Lakorn rent at $1 each episode, at most Video store, and some only .50 cent. If the lakorn is good, you get lucky just to break even, if it not, then tough luck. Now MAYURA takes forever to dub certain lakorns and that one that they pick sux

Basically, I think that they don't care must about their customers or viewers. They think that since many prefer their voice, they can do anything they want, but now comes Ntry, Blue DVD, Two Doves.. etc.... and I can see that MAYURA is sort coming back into the spotlight.... they need to make some changes and perhaps not be too pricey.

Do i sound mean? ahahhaha i'm not against them so don't get me wrong. I'm just voicing my opinion and I think that little changes (if they choose to make) can go along way.


sarNie Hatchling
Right now Mayura Company have their lakorn on sale just like other dubbed company. You guys no longer need to rent. I am not sure about their price, you can check at the video store.


sarNie Hatchling
Yes, does Mayura have a website where we can actually purchase the lakorns without having to rent them from a video store?


sarNie Adult
yah, they're constructing it right now... hmmm... i wonder would they let us buy it or rent...?? also i hope their price wont be all that expensive..... pls pls... lol


sarNie Egg
even though Mayura does pick sucky lakorns to dub and they're slow at it, I still prefer their voices, they sound so modern and good.


I hope their sales will go up after this. They do a good job for the acting. They should of done this earlier..


sarNie Oldmaid
oh my goodness yesssssssss da damn background music pisses me offfffffff. sometimes there are lines dat don't get dubbed. dats so unprofessional. it's like they don't proof edit. i'll be sittin dere w/ my mom and one of da characters is speakin thai in da original sound and then da character they talkin to is dubbed. my mom is like hah? but since i understand it i can translate for her. it sucks but i have no choice. our video rental place only carries mayura and it's perdy cheap too .75 a eps. i don't wanna buy none of dem online cause i aint gon watch it more than once.


sarNie Oldmaid
they should dub and leave out "their" bg music...use the original bg music alone...

i was watching JLR '08 and they still have that bg music from the 80's Whattttt!!??? it is really annoying.

i wanna call & complain...but afraid they might just hang up on me! been their loyal customer for over 20 yrs, will they do that?? LOL


sarNie Elites
someone need to write them a letter in khmer and tell them leave out the rainforest bg music...please i just want the voices -_- until then i refuse to watch mayura


sarNie Oldmaid
someone need to write them a letter in khmer and tell them leave out the rainforest bg music...please i just want the voices -_- until then i refuse to watch mayura
i don't know, if they leave their background music,it's like something missing,i miss this music a lot if i will not hear it again.
question:mayuravideostore is another mayura's website or just a website like ekomsantime&Cie?