Marry Kiss Or Kill Game


sarNie Oldmaid
Lol here we go!

Marry P Diddy (he was so hot and cool back then and loved his raps)

Kiss LL Cool J (love his lips what else? Lol)

Kill Jay Z (never been a huge fan)

Next up Queen B, Ri Ri, and Brandy.
Mary : Brandy
Reject (not kill) : Bey and RiRi (overrated)

Next one : Es, Bang Yong Guk, Mark


Marry Mark (assuming Mark P)
Kiss Thunwa
Kill Es (I’m not familiar with him :( )

Next up : Nadech JamesJi James Ma
Marry JMA (seems genuine and gentlemen like)
Kiss JJ (very kissable lips)
Kill Nadech (he’s overrated and not professional in my book)

Next up: Yaya, Kim, Bella


sarNie Oldmaid
Ouu I like this game! I want to join too lol

Marry Joey
Kiss Chandler
Kill Ross

Next 3: Alek T, Boy P., Ken P.


Ouu I like this game! I want to join too lol

Marry Joey
Kiss Chandler
Kill Ross

Next 3: Alek T, Boy P., Ken P.
Lol. Uh haha not too exciting of a list here sweetheart but here we go.

Marry Alek T (he’s different but cute)
Kiss Ken P ( although no offense he doesn’t look like a good kisser but I don’t want to marry him)
Kill Boy P (just not a fan)

Next up: Princess Kitana, Princess Mileena or Sonya Blade?
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Marry Monica
Kiss Rachel
Kill Phoebe (sorry Pheebs)

How about the boys now?
Chandler, Ross, Joey :)
I would marry Chandler over and over again haha :D
Will kiss Joey at DisneyLand lol
Kill Ross, he’s got a WIDE mouth and boring talking voice and he’s just not funny!! Argh!

Next 3: Kim K, Leona Lewis, Kylie Jenner lol



Next: (Friends characters) Phoebe, Rachel, Monica
Marry Monica (I love her!❤)
Kiss no one
KILL both Phoebe and Rachel lol sorry (didn’t like any of their characters although I put up with the show) lol

Next; Emma Stone, Taylor Hill and Kendall Jenner!!


sarNie Adult
Oh man this one’s tough..
Marry—gotta love Emma Stone!
Kiss—Kendall Jenner
Kill—sorry,, Taylor Hill :(

Next: Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Jack Black


sarNie Oldmaid
Marry: Jack Black
Kiss: Adam Sandler
Kill: Jim Carrey *this hurts to say! lol.

Next: Chompoo, Blake Lively, Fan BingBing

Marry Chompoo
Kiss Fan Bing Bing
Kill Blake Lively

Next: Gun Napat., Push, Adam Levine


Oh god, idk any of these lol :facepalm:

Marry none :(
Kiss push and gun
Kill Adam (sorry, bye...):yawn:

Next up: Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid
Marry none!
Kiss none!
Kill all three!

Next up: Prince Eric, Prince Adam (the beast) and Shang Li!