Married to Him

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To start off, I haven't been on here since a few years ago. Glad to know this website is still up and running aha. Well I recently watched Phet Tud Phet and I missed Kwan and Weir pairing so much. Sad that it was an action lakorn instead of a drama one but what can I do?

Married to Him.
Main Characters: Kwan Usamanee & Weir Sakollawat.
More characters will get introduced as time goes on.

Chapter One.

Oh, to let you guys know one thing before starting to read. This isn't your regular story. So you now have been warned. Enjoy. :))

Eighteen, the age of becoming a legal adult. While other people were graduating high school and getting jobs, turning eighteen was the day my life ended for me. It all started on the morning of my birthday. My father had called me into his room. I found that weird since he never called me for anything. So when his right hand man had came to told me that my father had wanted to see me, I was happy. Maybe he wanted to finally acknowledge my existence or wish me a happy birthday for the first time since my mother's passing.

I was about six when my mother died. She was taken by a rival mafia and killed to teach my father a lesson, one that he would never forget. Cause of that, he had a daughter as a successor. A year after that, he made me take violin lessons. He changed after that, never speaking to me unless he had too. He would step in and listen to me play but that was all. I haven't gotten a compliment or even a slight expression to let me know that he liked it or was even proud of me.

I ran excitedly to my father's office, stopping in front of the huge white double doors. I knocked precisely three times before hearing my father's voice telling me to come on in. I walked inside excitedly to see my father's eyes not on me but down at the papers on his desk, as usual. To be honest, my heart sank a bit but I wasn't going to let it deter my mood. After a few minutes he finally placed his pen down beginning to talk. He looked at me, but it wasn't a happy expression which began to worry me.

"As you know, relations with the northern mafia has been all but non existent. With the expansion on the Russian in our territory, we must band together to form a much stronger union. The head mafia's son has been single for a while and now is getting older. It's time for him to get married." My father trailed off getting up from his seat.

I take a big gulp down and feel my stomach begin to clench hearing those words. I knew where this was going.

"And since you have been the only child I have been able to legitimately conceive at this point, it is only fitting that you be the first bride for Weir Sakollawat."

After hearing that my heart literally dropped. I stood there in shock as my father began to speak again. At this point, I can't hear a thing. Everything is mumbled, it's like I'm in my own world. I clenched onto the seat, my long nails digging into the cushions. I wasn't a fool. Weir was widely feared, widely misunderstood and if it wasn't smiled upon in our society, I would call him clinically insane.

Weir was raised differently than any other child I had ever known. He already had become a "man" at the ripe age of ten. The normal age for our boys to become a "man" was 16-18. Weir was what any man wanted their son to be like. He was malicious and cruel. Emotions were the last thing on his mind. I had heard many stories about him but none that didn't scare me.

When Weir was seventeen he had killed a man with his bare hands and I don't mean he strangled the guy. Weir had beat the man to a literal pulp, smashing his head in.

I finally snap out our my little day dream and started to pay attention to my father. He was rambling on how this is a great opportunity for our family and for the clan, but I didn't care nor did I want to listen.
I felt my body become numb now, I couldn't believe what was happening. My father haven't been a loving man, especially ever since my mother's death. I barely had seen him in the last eighteen years but this was a whole different story. He was marrying me off to someone who wasn't even human. Next thing I noticed was that the room was silent and my father was now staring at me. He was waiting for an answer. I wanted to express my disappointment to this situation but I knew better than that. The last time, it didn't end so well for me.

"Oh, when are we to be wed father?"

"In a couple of months."

I nod softly knowing there was nothing I could do to stop this. I don't dare to cry, I won't cry.

"This will be good for us, Kwan. All of us."

I could almost laugh at his blatant disregard for my feelings. This marriage between the north and south would be beneficial to him and his partners. It absolutely had nothing to do with me. I stood up from the seat, wanting to leave.

"If that is all, may I please be excused?"

I quickly exited the room, walking back down to my room that was just a few doors down. I shut the door, flopping down onto my bed as I let my tears flow freely down my cheek, soaking my pillowcase as it did plenty of times before. My life was over as I knew it.

"It may not be as bad as you think it is. Who knows, you might grow to love him Kwan. I mean isn't it the perfect setup? You always said you wanted to get away from your father and this house?"

My cousin Nok was smiling at me and was trying to reassure me about my marriage that was coming up soon enough. She didn't understand, she was one of the lucky ones. Her husband loved her and he treated her like a queen. I had came to her house to seek comfort from her, but what I had received was completely far from it. I haven't even told her about who it was that I was going to marry.

"You don't understand Nok. I'm going to be marrying Weir." My voice caught on his name. I wasn't used to knowing that I was going to be married to a monster. As I predicted, Nok's whole demeanor changed. She grew pale and tensed as she gulped a bit. She wasn't a fool neither, she knew as well as anyone else what I was getting into.

Weir was cruel unconditionally.
Gender didn't matter to him. I remember clearly, when I was eleven I had attended a gathering with my father. Weir was also there and he didn't hesitate to snap the unfortunate girl's wrist for touching him. Everyone stared in shock, including me as Weir walked out the room not caring if what he did was horrible and uncalled for.

"Well at least you have a couple months so you can prepare for the whole thing." Nok spoke rubbing my back to bring me away from my inner thoughts. She attempted at a smile but I could see right through the whole thing. We both knew what my life would be like from the moment I say "I do."

And... that's chapter one. I hope you guys have taken an interest in it. I'll update soon.
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@Falada // Well, basically Kwan is forced is marry Weir on orders of her father. Weir is known as the worst of the worst. It's an arranged marriage. But this is story is hella dark, it's not your typical arranged marriage story.


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@Falada // Well, basically Kwan is forced is marry Weir on orders of her father. Weir is known as the worst of the worst. It's an arranged marriage. But this is story is hella dark, it's not your typical arranged marriage story.
lol is it rated R, then? Or is it still PG-13?


Hmm..... sounds pretty interesting but I just don't want to see a typical "arranged" marriage kind of lakorns. We'll see. And yes I do like Weir and Kwan's pairing! I think they are cute! :)