Mark Prin Suparat



Mark has gotten buff and slightly chubby? It’s manly in my eyes! It’s healthy. He’s almost 30 so I don’t expect him to still be a stick little boy! ;):thumbup:


He’s looking fine! Lol :p but definitely cannot wait for his hair to fully grow back.

But I love pOff’s sweetness with him hehehe :D I hope pOff picks a new good script for him soon 555 but I have a feeling Mark’s not as into his production or something..but as long as pOff offers him a script, he’ll never refuse!! :thumbup:

I mean I rarely see pOff being this sweet to any other actors lol :risas3:

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Cr abluz pluz ig :)


Yay!! Congrats to Mark for wining Most Talk about actor form KC!!! Woo hoo! :cheer::cheer::cheer:

Yea, this is the only picture available for now lol more to come later. ! :D


I’m feeling a little proud right now cuz Handosme scored some award! Lol. I know, shouldn’t be so proud but couldn’t help it. Just sharing some handsome pictures!:celebrate16::clap::aaaaa::cheer:
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