Mark Prin Suparat


sarNie Tombstone
vintage style like a magazine shoot always on point this handsome man

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sarNie Tombstone
today hashtag's hashtag 9thyearwithmarkprin since his first lakorn's first day airing

1 techit
2 Din
3 seur
4 krit
5 tam
6 SaengGla
7 kob
8 yeeo
9 pranon
10 Krittathorn/Prince Ariya
11 sathit
12 Jao Noi
13 gun

my top favorite character of mark is kob in TRRR with kim then yeeo from PR with bella then krit from 3nnt with kim then krit (the modern charcater) with patricia
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sarNie Tombstone
i know it's still early but i had to do it cause the news made me excited in the MHIL thread :lol: this will be the second time we will have it in mark lakorn