Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

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Of course we can't deny something happened between them, but to what extend? I see some people dragging Nadech and Yaya into this mess, when they actually chose to not be dragged, if they chose to not say anything to the media isn't that better? Why should they take sides tbh? Both Mark and Mint are their friends, must they really chose? lol
We know nothing. Whether they tried to stop them from fighting or not. Whether Mint did say something to anger Mark or not. Just like you said so many scenarios, best to do now is to stay neutral 
^^I agree with you, of course they don't have to choose sides, and they shouldn't choose sides to be honest. I was fine with them until they denied they didn't know there was something going on between Mark and Mint. That's what pissed me off. Regardless, I still find Nadech and Yaya nice individuals but they didn't have to lie that there was a fight between Mark and MInt's side. 


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so in the end of this episode am really tired of this drama honnestly i will stop flow it :yawn:  :yawn:​   mark made a big wrong behave and people used it to attack him so he has to endure with all this mess :shrug:  it will be a hard time for him for sure but nothing left so manyyy actor and actress had a wayyyyy big scandal than him but they are fine now  and now i will back to flow his drama with kim ab ruk online it's more interesting because i don't mix their life with their acting to be honest i like mk chemistry they are perfect 


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For those who want to see Yadech's POV of this whole thing. Like what somebody mentioned up there, Yadech don't want to be involved with this because this only between Mark and Mint. But they will give their support.
Roselovesice already sums this video earlier. You can see her post if you scroll the screen back up to the first post on this page.
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To be honest, I would follow Nadech and Yaya's approach and stay out of this too, if I was in their shoes.  It does not involve me personally, but two of my close friends.  It is their problem, so they should work it out amongst themselves.  If my friends were fighting, I'd rather stay neutral than lose either as a friend.  However, I would offer advice if needed, and support.  I would advise that before anyone jumps to conclusions, the story should be heard from all sides.  Sometimes, its hard to think straight when you're upset and you may say things you don't mean or you may have others putting words in your mouth or spitting nonsense into your ears, but you yourself have to determine whats true and whats not.  If it turns out that Mark did say what he said to Mint and her mom, then shame on him for jumping the gun without hearing from her first.
I'm not taking any sides in this, going the Yadech route, and staying on common ground.  However, I find that Boy and Margie are great friends to want to try to mediate the situation and try to save the friendship.  Kudos to them!
I never expected Boy would be the one to mediate things. He redeemed himself to me after that magazine incident were he talked about each of the gang's problems. I'm just hoping this won't break up the gang. 


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No one is right.

I'm sure Mark will come out to said something, he's probably busy filming his lakorns. He was filming ARO yesterday. Lets see if he will come out tomorrow. The channel is probably telling to not come out yet.


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Since this already come out to public, I'll only state the fact.
Mint's previous manager was Gunaree.  Then, Mint change manger to Ae Supachai.  Shortly after that, Mark left Ae Supachai's management.  Mark went with new manger Ploy & Prae.  Those 2 used to work for Ae Supachai.  When they left, they took other artist under Ae's management with them, including Mo Momonchanok, Bella, Preem, Mint Nuthawara and etc.
Mark & Mint un-followed each other on IG since late last year.  (From my guess, they were exchanging blow in secret.  And ch3 stepped in to stop them.  Thus, there was no news about it) . 
Kim is not involved with this.  However, she probably got caught in the cross-fired. 


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I still have hope for all of this to be resolved. I think there could be alot of hugging, crying. Both Mint and mark are probably having a have hard time. The whole message of her mom was to tell mark its between his manager and her. Mint is still his friend and cares for him. Its just she (Mint) was hurt by the things he said. Mint probably feels even worse now that her close friend, pchai is getting blows from this news. Not only that the whole lom gang is being dragged into it. I love all of them and I really hope Mark apologizes for his actions. It may not feel the same or be same at first but if these people cared about each other they will try to pull together and not push apart.


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janajelly1 said:
Boy said in an interview, he, Margie, and Mint are they only ones left in their line group. Apparently Boy told Mark to calm down and Margie said to Mark to talk in a civilized manner. Apparently Yadech left because they didn't want to get involved. I can tell you, none of the people at spicyforum are pleased Yadech is not defending Mint or trying to solve the fight... 
So far:
Boy/Margie - Mint's side
Yadech-Staying out of this
KIm- Mark's side
Mark & Mint are fighting.
NY - Doesn't get involved.
Boy Margie - Try to calm them down. 
Nobody is taking side. 
Screen cap with Kim, Barry & Mark came from a different time.  Kim & Barry are not involved.  The lines just get leak together.  So some people asume that they are taking side. 
It's sad to see the gangs fall apart.  Hope the best come out of this. 
Thanks Ninja for clarifying and correcting me, this is what happens when I don't look over what I write...  XD
Let's hope they still stick together. 


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I'm glad Yadech stayed out of this. They handled that interview like adults. It's best to not say much in front of the paparazzi because their words can always be twisted. I'm sure they know how it started and from where it started from, and possibly WHO started it. But they're staying neutral and only supporting both parties. It really is as they say, it's between 2 people. Mark & Mint. Whether it involves their managers, and mother's or not is aside from the fact that M&M are public figures. They are the only ones who can clear up the scandal and gossips.


I feel like they all need their own spaces. I wouldn't be surprised if the Gang Lom split up. Sometimes, life doesn't end like we all expected. If spliting up can help them to grow up and mature, it's actually a good thing.


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I feel Yadech. Funny thing is it had happened to me before but via FB group message. I left the conversation when it got too ugly but I left a message for the two opposing party to chill or talk elsewhere where it is between the two of them.
I believe most are furious at Yadech not because they didn't seem to stop the two feuding parties but instead lied about not knowing about the conflict. That really takes away their credential in futures interviews/scandals. People will question their answer although it should be obvious that we should take celebrities answers with a grain of salt. I am pretty darn sure majority of the celebrities had an idea of what's going on. They have been in the industry for quite some time and there are secrets within their circle that us viewers will never know unless it gets exposed either by mere stupidity or others.
Margie and Boy did it publicly... well technically not but it was exposed that they tried to calm the two parties down. After following all of the Lom gangs all these years, I am sure Yadech have told both parties to chill their pants off the screens of LINE and supporting both parties to reconcile privately.


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There's a lot of "fishy" things going on... again stem from 2010....reading from here and spicy forum.... there's lots of details left out...point of the matter is (mint mom said) "how would you like it if that was being said to "your" mother."

From what I gathered , mark was on a Rampage b____ching mint out and she reply w/few words....stemming from a pix/quote that a "fan" tagged -.- .....Some mentioned that they gang up on her...regardless that language is uncalled for. Yes they are all human and it shows how childish he is..The frontal cortex of the brain doesn't fully developed til the mid- 20s but still. ...I not sure it ever develop for guys...

"How would any of us like it if someone said all those things to our mother? "

"People have a right to be angry, but don't give you a right to lash out and be an a-hole"

What's up w/all these expose "line"....hope they all learn from this "life" lesson and grow are to extreme. ...wrong is WRONG regardless of person/status....
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