Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

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I dont know but to them all, whoever under the same management as Mark Prin Suparat, start packing if none of yall doesnt want to walk the same path as Mr. Suparat!
Question is...who is their manager? Who is Mark's manager? Who is Min't manager? Who is Kim's manager? More importantly, where is Ae Supachai amidst this mess? I know Ae won't let his kids go through hell and back...


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^ mark is no longer under ae's agency. He left him since last year or two years ago. Therefore, there is no need for him to come out. Mark have two managers, i dont know their name but i think one is ploy. Their ig are ployyyyy and pear_24. I'm unsure if mark other manager name is pear or not. Lol. As for Kimmy, she also have two managers, they are khun sasa and khun noom. I'm not sure for Mint, though, because i don't really follow her work.


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Mark is no longer Ae's kid. I dont think Ae wants to deal with this. I may not like Ae, but he has manage Aum (she's also has receieved an amount of negative presand Nadech through their career well. Maybe if Mark stuck around, he wouldnt be in this pool of tug of war with Chalida.

I only brought up Kim because someone mentioned her sister and I got curious why she would join and that lead me to Kim's IG to finding out she unfollowed Chalida. It really sucks to find out that there could possibly be others involved. Speculation will arise if no one is trying to clarify since it is already out in the open.

m Coincidently I don't think both Mark and Kim IGs were hacked to unfollow Mint. But Im not eliminating the possibility that someone wants to harm Kim by deliberating doing so. Who knows it could be Mark's manager to use Kim as a scapegoat just like how he or she used Chalida in the past to break away from Mint and Vill.


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I think one person ask why is mints mom interfering. I think as a parent when you see your child struggle you want to help them. Since the line was leaked her mom came out to explain it. Not only that i think one of her message is that she's not mad at mark because she knows or thinks he is innocent in all this. She wants him to know to the truth and continue to be friends with mint. I dont know if anyone understood what mints mom is trying to do but what she's doing is endearing and simply warms my heart that a mother is so giving. She's trying to explain to the lom gang the misunderstanding between mint and mark so they will understand and no longer be mad mint. She's communicating to the group what couldnt be communicated or heard. Idk if i make sense to anyone. I know i repeated myself several times sorry. All i know is mints mom and mints wants to resolve it and make things right

cool :)

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I'm torned about this news. I lost hope in M&M a loong time ago but this really just tied the knot of chances of reuniting. My love for Mark just progressively gets weaker each time this kind of news comes up. Mint's mom seems like she may be telling the truth. I like how she isn't really bashing on Mark but his manager. BUT MARK omg. He's old enough to know not to use such harsh words,especially when directing it to an elder... not cool at all. He couldv'e been hacked...but, I don't know, doesn't sound too convincing, especially when this had already happened ,where one of his LINE messages were leaked. I'm really hoping this isn't real. Either way,I really want an explanation from him about this whole situation. I hope them both the best of luck and come to some type of conclusion, friends or not friends, let us all wait and see. It'll be sad to see their friendship fall though. The 4hua jai gang will forever be something that can't be forgotten deep inside of me :cry: Mint susu! My wish for dear M&M reuniting went from 1% to 0% hahaha . Wooow what a huge difference - not really.  
Well, now...if the managers would behave more like adults, there wouldn't be this problem. I feel really bad for Mint Chalida...I really do. The feud between her own mother and Mark, who knows who else could be involved that depresses the young woman even more. 4 Hua Jai is among my all-time favorite series, and it's heartbreaking to see all of them fall apart due to bad management.
Mark shouldn't even be blamed for anything, in my opinion...because if this dispute really stemmed from the elders and managers, it is up to them to clarify things, not drag it for so long like this. Mint's Mom lost it after many years....Mark lost it after many years...poor Mint has to put up with this bs. The poor girl is probably in tears right now to lose many friends and...even fame. If Mark was smarter though, he'd confront the elders about it to settle things. But then, it takes adults to listen and make adult decisions. Mark's managers should step up their game if they want to be successful in the entertainment industry. These celebrities are being regarded as kids not only because of their age but also their personalities. Kids can't raise kids because there's lots of growing up to do. Mark has a lot of growing up to do because his managers have a lot of growing up to do.
Kim, on the other hand, appears to be Mark's best friend. There is nothing wrong with sticking with best friends thick and thin, but to be classified as a good best friend, you must be able to help your friend solve problems. As much as I love Kim, I think she should help Mark solve this problem. Sure, people thinks she should stay out of it, but since she already unfollowed Mint Chalida on IG, then might as well take it to the next level and make something good out of it. Might as well grow up and mature so that their fans will realize how great of a celebrity they are. Unfollowing a friend on IG is childish...better have good reasons and support to back up those actions.
Nevertheless, I still love Mark, Kim, and well as the 4 Hua Jai gang. They've proven their potential to live in the entertainment industry (ie. Mint Chalida). It is up to the managers to grow up and mature.


Lmao. A lot of naysays so far. Mark has just liked the "line" message. Apparently, there are 7 people in the chat aka argument but the person claiming to be Mark only got his line released.

So far, I don't buy into the imposter claiming to be Mark. I couldn't justify why Mark would even bother to scold Mint's mom. People are saying Mark should come forward but I'm also thinking if that imposter is not him, why should he bother. But if he doesn't come out to say something then people will asume the imposter is him.

A lot of fans are supporting and being neutral. They say time itself will reveal what is what and who is who.

About Kimmy, she's a wonderful girl. Best supportive nang'ek to her p'chai. She can choose to voice her opinion or not and it still would't revolve Mark or Mint. Some say Mark's sister unfollowed Mint so that's another story. Lol I don't have time to go through who follows or unfollows who lol but any sharing of that sort is applicable and good to know. Good luck to all parties. Whatever happens true or not will not change my love and perception on Mark. Once a Mark fan, always a Mark fan. Su su!✌✌


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It all sums up to, "he said, she said" stuff right now. I won't believe anything til' the individuals themselves clear it up. But then again, these gossip news happens all the time. I just want to see the sorry person who unraveled everything, come out. Any moment now...


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I am going to change my user right now!! My broken heart just have repaired on kris exo but now Mteam it is broken again.

Why would mint be jelly of mark? That thing is wrote is it because they are in some sort of relationship and when he gets popular with another Koo jin and tries to break her apart. I kinda agree on what her moms said the manager uses mint as a stair to make mark popular.


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so did mint and her mother leak the line? looks like mint's account. some people are saying the leak message only contains mark's texts but mint's texts got deleted by herself before publishing this because the person leaking has intention to make mark look bad. they say she is a coward because she chops her own words out but leave mark's line.


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I was speculating the same thing. why is it only showing mark's messages?


I'm probably going to stay up too haha I want to see what Mint's response were. Well Mark basically dared her to cap it right!? He got what he asked for and should've already be prepare to expect what was coming up eventually leaked and surfaced social media


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I'm probably going to stay up too haha I want to see what Mint's response were. Well Mark basically dared her to cap it right!? He got what he asked for and should've already be prepare to expect what was coming up eventually leaked and surfaced social media
At this point i don't even care who leaked this because those choice of words are not very nice. NO ONE should be saying those words to anyone, especially towards someon else's mother. I might stay up to see what the other party involve has to say but then again I don't know if its worth giving up my sleep. haha. I will probably have to catch up in the morning. OR text me updates! LOL.


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I'm not saying this to start any fan wars or anything, but according to the news from sugar-daily, I think it was actually Mark's manager who apparently thinks MINT is the one "riding off the fame" of Mark--not the other way around. Again, I'm not saying this because I agree with that statement or think it's true at all. I'm just saying it to clarify. :) Unless I read it wrong, then someone can correct me. Lol.
But can anyone translate all of those messages in the picture? I'm not Thai and can't read Thai.
Adora, you can go read the LINE translations on she translated all of the chat i think..


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@nangfah11, i also thought that it was mint's side who leaked it out or someone who have acces to mint's phone because if i'm correct the wallpaper in the back is Mint. Who else will put someone else photo on their wall unless they're a fan or such.

Anyway, what is important now is an interview from Mark and Mint. Maybe Mark's manager too.


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This is very harsh, I'm sorry but I think it is Mark who wrote it.. And Kimmy just thumbs up? What is this /.\
This news is just making me sad..


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In the original photo of the convo, there was a white background. The convo with Mint's photo in the back was posted by an MK fan on IG supporting Mark. That version is rumored to be photoshopped since photoshopping and technology has become so advanced in today's age.
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