Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

Discussion in 'Mark Prin' started by Sweet_JJ, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Phatman: I am sure Ann or Nok would not like it if Mark directed the comment at thier mother. If Mark turned the table and says to Ann, I want to spit on your mom. Now would she have liked that? I bet anything she would not so openly support that. Ann and Nok showing support means they are Ok with what he says and that to me is head scratching.

    Whether Mint or her mom is the culprit it doesn't matter because whatever have been said and done between them it was done privately. I am sure that this has happened before between them so it's not like something that happened over night. All parties involved probably held things in and finally found the time to explode but doing it in public and expressing that kind of language is completely wrong.

    To me, I think no woman or any man that loves their mother could ever look Mark straight in the eyes and say, I give you my support for what you say to Mint's mom. I honestly can't. Unless that person doesn't value their mother, now that's a different story.
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  2. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    If Anne's mom didn't do anything why would Mark say it? They probably heard Mark's story though. We weren't able to cause he chose not to share it. We're not saying its okay, but what's done is done.
  3. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Just be Cuz some1 never had scandals news does not mean they are "level" head..Ann and nok were in et before real social media....ppl are not reading the news in a neutral way and on defensive.

    Fact- he said those vulgar words to a friends mother.

    Fact- it is about a thorny three post about cheating "gin poo long tong"

    someone has a guilty conscience

    Mint mom post a thorny three..He took offense ....There are many evidence/post on sugar daily supporting this.

    Mark words were rude/disrespectful. ..He attack mint on line and put the friends on a awkward position.

    These are the FACTS , ppl are defending and justifying him for you can't change what happen but you ppl cont. Twist the meaning to their bias. Ann and nok is bias...all bs and et fav. Politic

    Wrong is wrong

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  4. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Ninja already said cause someone tagged him saying dog, therefore he thought her mother was talking about him. Mark doesn't even follow Mint's mom so its not like he suddenly saw that pic and just wanted to spit on her, also I'm sure this problem has been going on for long. Its just that that picture was the breaking point for Mark. Ann had a social media about the same time the newbies did, she's also still in the entertainment industry, yet no scandal. We only judge from what we read, not the whole truth is out, not only one is the victim. We didn't even get to hear from both sides. No matter how much everyone on here says they're not bias, everyone is. Wrong is wrong but you can choose to forgive or to not.
  5. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    when ann and nok started there wasn't much social recent in their older age
    Neither has Mint, she doesn't have scandal til this 1 ...Mark on the other hand has a SH*T LOAD of scandal about girls, drinking, bad behavior (Again their is news evidence of this)...But oh must be FAKE like the "LINE" many claimed....
    I read all the News/evidences/watch the VDO's
    AGAIN dara are not GOD/Saint ...
    Beating a DEAD HORSE...
  6. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    Fun, I was pretty upset that Anne posted up that quote on IG. As an elder and someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I didn't expect her to take sides like that. I understand that Mark is her p'ek, but when it comes to a situation like this, it's clear as black and white who's wrong and who should be sympathized. His vulgar behavior should not be supported. Anne's very bias and I don't blame her since she has worked with Mark professionally many times, but I would've liked it more if she kept her thoughts to herself and behave more like an elder who doesn't take to IG each time to express inconsiderate thoughts. I believe that all elders should set a good example for the younger generation and be neutral, not take sides and worsen the situation. And I'm a huge Anne fan! So this was very upsetting. She's like Wadee all over again. Lol.  
    When I said that I hope for Mint to come back stronger, I meant career wise. I don't think people realize how tarnished her image is right now despite her being the victim. Mark has a bigger fan base compared to Chalida, and he has connections to big producers. Mint's going to have a hard time getting work after this since she's not as popular and favorited like Mark for his looks. In my opinion, I believe Mark is only getting support because people are too blinded by their biases of how handsome he is. So everything he does is correct and easily forgiven in their eyes since Mark will always be a p'ek in their hearts. Think about it, a  majority of those defending him are women...including Anne and Nok Sinjai.  
    I honestly think his manager doesn't like Mint because she wasn't bringing in enough fame for Mark. That's why they were trying to make news (krasae) by letting Mint and Mark go on dates and such. If I recall right, compared to the other 4HHKK couples, MM was the least popular, and they grew less and less popular by the day. Even their lakorn together, Neua Mek, got cancelled. So I think the manager wasn't happy that Mint was his koo jin (fantasy couple). That's why they started promoting him with Kim more, and it's working better because MK is more IN than MM. They're getting events left and right + lakorns. Also, when Mint didn't cooperate to try to create krasae with Mark, that infuriated his manager even more because when Mark's not making money, his manager's not making money either.      
    Whether or not Mint's mom posted that image to provoke him, it's unclear. Mark just assumed himself so it was quite immature for him to go off like that due to an IG picture that wasn't even about him, persay. A fan tagged him, not Mint's mom. So he's childish for losing his temper over someone else's words. If it's not true, why be angered unless he feels guilty? Even if it is about him, he should be mature enough to contain his feelings and maintain his public figure and not lash out at a dear friend like that. Idk who released the picture, but I'm not going to say Chalida is wrong yet because she's been very quiet lately.She didn't want this to happen in the first place. It was Mark's irrational behavior over an IG picture.    
    Even if they had been in the industry for a long time, it's a given that you don't support that type of behavior from a young man like Mark. They're the elders, they should be molding him into a better person, not encourage his bad habits. I think that Anne and Nok Sinjai are biased because they have worked with Mark professionally. They've seen his professional side and adored him for his work ethics. That's why they're too blinded to believe that he's that type of person outside of the set. Sure, they must've heard his full side of the story. I'm sure there are more details, but that does not give him the right to go off like that on someone else's mother. The point is, no matter how much someone provokes, or how much someone has done you wrong, you don't curse out an elder who happens to be your friend's mom unless it deals with a life and death situation. Point blank. Also, there's always two or three sides to a story. Anne and Nok shouldn't jump to conclusions and believe his side only, but since he's their bias, they take his side.
    Smh, I'm glad he apologized, but I don't think it was sincere since he didn't bother to take time out to call Mint and her mother first. Mint's not busy. She only has one lakorn lined up for her right now. They didn't even started filming yet. So I believe he apologized because he had to. Nevertheless, it's a done deal. At least he apologized ya know? I never favored Mark as an actor or followed him as a person. I was going to watch ARO with an open heart and try to like him, but I don't think I'll be able to knowing that he made my Anne bias against poor Chalida. I'm not even a Chalida fan. Lol. But I feel bad for her for being wrong when she's not.    
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  7. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Hear, Hear ! well said!
    "There's 2 side to the story, and their's the truth"
    -.- hahah here I go beating that dead horse again...and again
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  8. m9saeteurn1

    m9saeteurn1 sarNie Adult

    Idk I get the bad feeling has been there for too long. You can only hold so much in.,honestly I can see myself doing such thing, not right, but I know I'm capable of it. Call me evil or what not. Lol When you dislike someone with a passion anything can be said.
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  9. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    @Mahalo very well said. As a of fan of Mark, I will continue to support him. Yes I was mad at Mark, and assumption that because he is very handsome we forgive him is wrong. Its like when you start to follow one's work, you become attach to them. I think everyone who has a bias knows what i'm talking about.
    What was the IG pic that Ann posted?
  10. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    AnnTfan: You missed the point in what I've said. You asked, since Ann's mom didn't do it why would Mark say it? Well, we are all aware that it was Mint's mom. So that much is clear. My point is, whether it's Ann's mom or a stranger's mom no woman....I mean no woman in their right mind wants to hear someone say they want to spit in your face. People got to put the celebrities aside and think it from a human being perspective. It is very degrading to the lowest form. He made it sound like Mint's mom is a worthless being. You almost have to feel that way to want to spit on anyone.

    Don't tell me Ann would overlook a comment like that. She would defend her mother just as anyone would. I would be screaming bloody murder if someone says that to my mom. And I am sure the ladies at Asian fuse would do the same. Defend her mother and outrage at the individual that says something like that. He/she doesn't have to say it to my mom but even to me I would be pissed.
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  11. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Mark is a human too, he can't just let anyone be able to step over him. We can only endure for so long, that when we break we say things without thinking.
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  12. 711Purplicious

    711Purplicious sarNie Egg

    This is really sad... as you all mentioned I too as Chalida is the victim and she is going to place own after this incident. If anyone said that to anyone in my family I would react in a negative way. 
    Also, I don't think Chalida leaked the chat, bcause I work for a media agency and as the PR person I have to go through some online convo of my staffs. It's sad but it neccessary. So, I think it was someone else (like may be Mark's manager) who leaked the convo to creaste a scandal. 
    Why does the everyone feel sorry for Mark, during his apology he seemed pleased with himself and the person I feel bad for is Chalida and her family. I am really disgusted with the media society as well as the fans. 
    I am huge MTEAM supporter but now I really happy that they didnt get many opportunities to work together.
    Plus, Kim ... I like her a lot but if it's true that she decided to let go of her friendship for a guy, then as a human being she is nothing (I learned through my own life experiences that when friends leave you for a guy then they were never your friends).
    Mint's mom... I am actually proud of her for protecting her daugther and actually taking a stand in a unique way. 
    I really hope Mint Chalida dosn't lose her self confidence and also her future lakorn in CH3. She is innocent and also if CH3 decided to make let go of Chalida or even reduce her work in the industry then I will be pissed.
    I truly hope Mint C becomes stronger after this incident and uses this experience to motivate her in her career as well as reality. Also, she always has her fans, supporters, family and friends such as Maggie, Boy, Alex, Great and many more for support.
    I wish her all the best and for Mark, since you are famous you never tend to get in trouble for your actions... just remember you can't always be saved... cause karma is really and always remember hurting others for your success would never give you happiness but just create more misery.
    I wish all the best to all the supporters of Mint, Mint's Mom, Mark, Kim, Maggie, Boy, Yaya, Nadesh, Ann, Nok and everyone at CH3.
    I hope justice is found and the victim rises from this misery as a stronger individual and for the bully... I hope karma gets you soon.
    *** SoRRY I am just a BIT UPSET WITH this whole scanDAL ***
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  13. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    I understand that offensive things can be said when we're angry. It's okay because we're all human you know? It also depends on what the reason is to make one boil over. For Mark, I, too, believe he has been holding it in for awhile and the picture on IG made him explode. If that's his reason for acting like this, then shame on him because it's not a good enough reason to react that way. That's why relationships now and days don't last because people break up over what was posted on FB or Instagram. Now if Mint's mom cursed at his mother, I wouldn't be on his case for reacting like that. Lol. But this was apparently about an IG picture. He kind of confirmed it because he posted the picture on the LINE. However, what matters most is that we apologize and realize our mistakes. Whether he sincerely realizes his mistake, idk, but at least he apologized so I'm okay with him at the moment.    
    I think the quote said something about two face people. I didn't get a chance to read it before she deleted it, but someone else read it and mentioned about it.
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  14. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    You added a bit more to your comment so I wanted to reply. I'm ok with fans defending their daras with good reasons, but I'm not okay with those who blindly defend their daras without realistically looking at the situation from a human perspective. You're not one of those fans AnnTfan, but some fans just assume everything their favorites do is correct because they're their favorites. You get what I mean? I'm not a fan of Mark or Mint, but I'm here because I have moral values. Those values have been publicly violated by Mark when he decided to disrespect another person's mother. I'm here to give Mint my support. Even as an Anne fan, I didn't let my bias defend her poor choice to take sides.  
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  15. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    ohoooo take it easy you put so much emotion it very simple in your eyes mark is unforgivable you don't like him you don't respect him he's kid min is the victim she's innocent she didn't do anything well i don't see any problem in that in  the other hand their's people who love him and ready to forgive him for the simple fact they like him and accept him as he's it's like you have a child and he did wrong and bad thing but you forgive him and hope he will do better  that's it
    life go on no mater what 
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  16. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    Remember guys, everything said here is based on our opinions. Nothing should be taken to the heart. What I like about Asianfuse is that we are able to have friendly discussions and debate about controversial topics without getting too hot-headed. I applaud you ladies and gents for respecting one another's opinions even if you may or may not agree with them :)
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  17. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Mahalo thumb up!!! Esp. Not being m and m fan... and a fan of ann...u said everything I want to say and feel...everything you said is reasonable w/o bias...props
  18. Sweet_JJ

    Sweet_JJ ^_^

    Agree with dear Mahalo, despite our disagreements, we all listened to each other's opinion and gave our own in a respectful manner :)
    I'm just so heartbroken for Mint though, I hope she gets through this...
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  19. Ninja007

    Ninja007 sarNie Adult

    I like it here because it's a positive environment.  It's okay to disagree & state your opinion.  But do it in a civilize way.  Some discussion thread is just too rude, too defensive and too unreasonable. 
    Mark made a mistake.  But he's not an awful person.  Right now, he's taking a lot of beating.  Maybe Nok & Ann are just being kind.  Giving him some much needed support.  Maybe they know something we don't.
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  20. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Actually he is not...He has more support than chalida and her mom does
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