Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

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Smilez I don't support Mark but I am still willing to watch his lakorns. But I think he should be ban for at least a while. Sometimes I believe manager should be as strict as manager who manage kpop idols. Idols gets their phone taken away and their events gets cancel. Scary right, I wouldn't want to lose jobs, get my phone confiscated and have society criticize me and leave a dent in my reputation.


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and for who says mint should come back stronger i don't thing so she don't have anything to back for "he talk badly --> apologize" end of the story and i don't think the channel will permit such a thing everything ends today mark did what he should do and personnaly i don't like person who fake them self he know he's not that great person neither a good talker he was his self he always been like that and people loved him like that from the star so this doesn't change much for him 


Oh my Ann was not thinking straight when she posted that quote on IG. she took it down right away but she wasnt fast enough. At Spicy it says Sanook was able to capture it but I haven't checked it myself. I was hoping she would stay neutral since she has been in the industry but I guess it was kind of obvious who side she will be on. Nok Sinja has also shown support as well.

At this rate, Chalida has nothing to lose. She could possibly not receive much work so I say spill the beans.

If you want to know why Mark got so worked up over May's IG post of the thorny tree, pm me and I will brief you on it.


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Spill the beans too, Fun! Hahha! I'll PM you after this. lol Anyways, as for Ann..I figured. Nothing surprising here. I'm pretty disappointed in a few dares but oh what the heck. lol 


An apology means nothing if it wasn't sincere. You can see it all over his face. As expected...his interview was bad and to think he had more than enough time to rehearse. Lol.


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Man, those a** holes! If I were there to see him holding a press conference I would say all sorts of stuff and probably even yelled out, "Boo! Get of the chair dude!"
Lol, but I would get kicked out for that though. 555. But dang, Mark looked dead. Though his expression may not show how stressed he is, he is really stressed. He was way better off when he was with Chalida. Really. His interviews were way better with Chalida... mostly because Chalida did most of the talking. 555. But gosh, people were clapping (the reporters I think. Maybe they have to clap after each conference?). What the heck is wrong with them though?! This boy just gave you a malarkey and you even praised him?! K**l yo-self! 
Edit: He even smiled a couple of times! He said that he still need to apology to Mint and her mom but because he have no time and don't know their phone number! Wait, how did you send those LINE to her if you said you don't have any of her contacts?! He is just too silly. 


Imqueen that is one reason why the apology was not sincere lol like seriously dude you know her LINE ID how in the heck did you start the convo in the first place lol and that's not even it, his managers can easily get that info for him even if he had deleted Chalida's contact. Silly boy. He didn't rehearse well or his managers are poor script writers.


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I'm a firm believer in saying what you mean and meaning what you say (whatever it is). Therefore, I hope that Mark meant everything he's said regarding this situation regardless of how others choose to interpret his maturity or facial expressions. People are going to infer and insinuate things based on their own life experiences and traits, while demonstrating very little regard for the complexity of human beings.
People are different, standards are different. I'm sure he's "sorry" and he apologized to several sets of people but to whom and for what specifically, we will never really know.
Ultimately, from what I've read (after the press con) it seems like a "d*mned if you do, d*mned if you don't" situation. I was hoping he wouldn't but he did and I'm sure it was NOT his idea, cause no one knows yourself better, than you. Lol.
It's a sad situation but in time it will blow over. Relationships will either mend or remain severed but life is long for most of us (believe me) and there's no situation from which one can't  learn and grow. I hope everyone involved takes note, recognizes and admits their part, then chooses to move on peacefully.

cool :)

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 Does he think this is a joke or naaa? How can you be smiling though? Makes me even more mad than before lol. It's nice that he admit to it (well why not when Boy already revealed it 555) but seriously dang show some respect for the other side,you've already done enough to put you in a bad position.  I do hope that he meant what he said, if not then he can go ahead and deserve whatever's to come. He was always someone I supported and stuck with even with all the gossips that goes around but this time,he really lost my respect for him. I can never see him as someone friendly, cheerful nor respectful again. Doesn't mean I'll stop watching his lakorns but now I just picture a waaay different person. Good luck to Mint!  She has my full support right now :heart:  if they really do split apart from being friends, let's just say, he doesn't deserve someone like yoouu. Lol why am I so dramatic? 555 kay I'm done with my say.


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If I was Chalida I would come out exposing everything from start to end. At this point, she has nothing to lose. As for Mark's excuse of not having Mint's number, that is the weakest excuse ever. Anyone around his circle would know. Ask Margie, Boy if he's that clueless. And if they don't want to give it to him ask his manager and if that gets him nowhere hire a private investigator. 
He should have done all he could to talk to Mint and her mom first before the press conference. He should make that his priority instead of attempting to apologized in a way that came out so wrong. When one read the press conference you don't get the feeling as much as watching the video of how Mark as an actor failed big time. If I came into this and not knowing what's going on, and seeing Mark at his press con, I would've thought he was trying to sell something to the viewers. His smiles at one point is so bright it looked like he was endorsing a toothpaste company.


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Poor Mint. I'm not sure what happened but if the sources are right, it looks like his manager's are picking on her- I'm curious, what on earth could she have done to make them dislike her? It's like they have an ongoing campaign against her or something? 
Mark's comments were awful. I think it's one thing to be angry (if you think someone is attacking you online) but to say out loud and in public that you will spit on an elder's face? There are better ways to complain about it. Saying that is just plain rude and ill mannered. It casts him and Kimberly in a bad light, IMHO.


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Why do you think Mark isn't sincere. He accepted all the blame. He didn't attempt to blame anybody else.

Let's face it. The whole thing started because:
1. Mint's mom post on her IG. Her purpose was to tease Mark's manager (she said it herself). But she didn't tag anybody.
2. Some dude Tagged Mark and call him หมา_ ("dog" slang to his name)
3. Mark lost control and use hash language toward Mint's mom in group Line.
4. Mint captured the line. Someone sent it to media.

Who is at fault? Everybody. Mark is wrong to lose control & use strong language. But Mint's mom should not post that picture to provoke him to begin with. She has 30K followers. It's almost public.

Everybody was at fault. Accept own fault & reconcile. Don't make same mistake again. Hope they get back on good term.
Now I just watched the interview, positive and negative things came out of it:

Mark accepted his fault and apologized

He was smiling so bright that I didn't buy his apology
His excuses were lame, so he could bash her on Line but suddenly he can't get her number to tell her sorry? Seems those YouTube videos weren't helping him
He didn't apologize or clear the matter, with Chalida and her mom. I have to say as a huge Mark fan my heart has been crushed (James Ma, don't disappoint me or else...), while my love for Mint grows even stronger.

And tsk tsk to Anne and Nok! How can they support Mark? Aren't they also women?! Everyone is supporting Mark while the real victim is Mint, it's always the girls who have to get blamed -_-

I hope Mint comes out and tells the whole truth, girl power Mint!


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Yeah I think the issue is really about Mint- if the news is right, then it means she was being harassed for no reason for a long time already. If that's true, then her mom was right to get angry- I mean, it's her daughter so she's protective, right? I don't know what is up with that manager but that person sounds unprofessional. If this hadn't become news and no one spoke up, then it's possible Mint would still be harassed up to now and it would not have ended. 


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It wasn't a cheerful smile. When I talk about my own stupidity, I smile too. It's a way to hide my embarrassing moment.

You expect him to Break down in tear? With all people bashing on him online. He must be very stressed. And he gets the points for not pointing finger. Few days has passed. He probably got over the anger and the depressing moments.


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Ninja007 said:
It wasn't a cheerful smile. When I talk about my own stupidity, I smile too. It's a way to hide my embarrassing moment.

You expect him to Burke down in tear? With all people bashing on him online. He must be very stressed. And he gets the points for not pointing finger. Few days has passed. He probably got over the anger and the depressing moment
welll said ninga thump up    now for who said he even smile it's the smile over embarrassment it's not a look or a smile of happiness he looked exhausted and veryy tired like he did a crime oh my god take a break he did a veryy wrong bad behavior he apologize " he said sorrrrrryyyy" from his mouth exactly like the bad word was from his mouth   he did'nt beg you to believe him or even to love him he did what he should do admit take the blame apologize whether people like his apologize or not it's their problem and please you talk about min like she's an angel with no fault who told her to leak the photo that's was awful and i don't blame him to not want to talk to her he had enough 


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Mark didn't even throw his manager under the bus.  He could have done that & save his own skin.  But he didn't.  He tried to save everybody and take all the bullet. 
There are tons of rumors that his manager steal, cheat & lie.  Maybe there is some truth to that.  But you can't blame a person if there is no prove.  Especially if that person has been with you for so long.  So far, It's just she said, he said.  If his manager is that wicked, hopefully Mark will caught them red-handed soon.   Or maybe they will regret what they had done (if they did), fix their mistake & don't do it again.
Mark's right. He cannot change the past.  He can only learn from his mistake,  I just hope his manager is not back-stabbing him.  That would be so painful.


Nok and Anne has been in the industry for a long time now and from my knowledge they never had any big scandals right? I'm sure they know something we don't that's why they're supporting Mark. I honestly don't support Mark or the vulgarity he used against Mint's mom, but maybe Mint and her mom are the real culprit...? I'm inclined to think Mark's just a hot headed ignorant kid. Like I said no one should curse at an elderly woman and make her cry, it's not gentlemen-like and karma is an itch. If he wanted to he could've said it to himself, not to the whole world. Haha.

If I was a fan of him I'd probably be able to accept his bad behavior and continue supporting him, but since I was never a fan to begin with it'll be hard for me to become one. Oh well, see you guys in ARO thread...well fans of Mark I mean. Hehe.

Gosh I really want to know what happened inside...curiosity kills!


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I don't blame Anne and Nok for supporting mark, they are some of the wisest. Mark shouldn't have talked like that but who knows maybe behind closed doors, they've treating him wrong. He said he endured it for too long, when you're mad the truth comes out. He could've exposed what Mint them did to him to the media but no. He took the all the blame, for Mint to expose Mark? Didn't she already, who else would've leaked it? Just cause no one came out to say they leaked doesn't mean the answer isn't clear enough. You live and you learn, that's whats life's all about.
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