Mark Prin and Mint Natwara clarify rumors

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Even if they claim they are just friends, i think there is more to it.


sarNie Juvenile
Anyone who have been feelings experienced will know , they're just friends,or Buddy. no one dating like that. Too many illogical

If the news always put the name of a person and another person together, no real concern for people, is prone to misunderstanding


sarNie Egg
Wow they should explain those instagram Pics
They look more then friends, more than just dating, more like relationship


LOL--SRSLY?! Judging from Mark's reaction, he doesn't even feel like he's attracted to Mint N. Lol The reporters are obsessed and crazy, they're so pushy and pressured on Mark and Mint! it's like they DESPERATELY want Mark to date Mint, but Mark himself makes it clear he sees no future yet. LOL


sarNie Adult
i feel the ET business is a smoke screen, w/3 side to the story and we as viewer will depict it to our likes/dislikes...example wier/pancake....i personally don't think they are dating...maybe in the beggining but no more...


Mrs. Kim Junsu
i hope not........hes such a cutie. Baby face dont go together with man look alike face........sorry fans. hahaha :thumbsup:


I don't think they are dating.

I've seen some of Mark's homeboys. Even the ones who already have girlfriends can take chummy pics with other females and make somewhat flirty comments often without being misunderstood or misjudged. I think it's because Mark's a dara so many people get confused as most are casual observers and only know what's given to them by the media or from baseless rumors.

The media loves to over-publicize speculations as facts. LOL. They see boy and girl being friendly. That's enough to make a story regardless of how much truth there is to it. Then, rumors spread like wildfire~~~