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Just in time for lunch ☺ Finally, MarKim Chim Hai (Let MarKim taste it) episode 5 is here Our food lover couple always makes us hungry whenever they review food. This is also their way to help small business food shops to get free marketing.

Markim Chim Hai episode 5 ♥ | MK Food review IGTV series (
Here are the shops they reviewed for this episode:
@krbb.butcher - meat
Facebook: Kanom Baan Foon - Thai dessert
@mommy.crispy - Krathon Loi Kaew
@mukkao6kao - dried squid
@gluayponggluayping - Baked Banana
Mr. Meng Crab Noodles with Giant Prawns
(You can order via food delivery in all channels)
@meawsy - Shrimp Garlic Chili Paste
@ken_kaiyangthan - Grilled Chicken

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sarNie Coma

[Mark's interview yesterday after he went to Gucci 100 pop-up store]

"Mark" loves "Kimberley" for 8 years and is very happy.
Saying he wants to get married for Mark Prin, dating his sweetheart Kimberley and celebrate the 8th anniversary of love by the sea, which means that
“Love for 8 years, very happy. I'm secretly thinking about the moment to propose to the anniversary trip but need a little more time. He confirm that they are not the couple who planted a house at Khao Yai that is worth 60 million. He said he has a house that was actually built but not there.
In addition, Mark also has charitable activities, including food distribution, as well as food reviews to vendors who lack income and prepare to perform a Kathin unity on October 30-31 with the fans.

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