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Summary of Mark's interview yesterday after Trab Fah Mee Tawan Grand Launch in CentralWorld. Reporters asked him about MK's Halloween theme this year, their Chiang Rai trip and their 7th anniversary but I will only post the questions about the anniversary gift. Interview © Asked about the 7th anniversary, you gave Nong Kim a ring, right? "Yes (smile)" What is the ring? “The ring is just a surprised gift because I didn't give a valuable gift in a long while so I thought she would like it. " Which finger should you intend to put it on? "I intended to put it on that finger (Mark meant left ring finger) (blushy smile)" Secretly went to measure the size if it's right? "It has to be changed (laughs). The size is not quite right but that's fine now." Is it considered a reservation first? "It has been reserved for a long time already (smile)" When surprising her like that, how not to look like a proposal? "I just hand it to the house in Bangkok, prepared a bouquet of daisies " It's like asking for marriage? "Not yet" Was there a script? "No, at that time, I can't say a lot of things. I said happy 7th anniversary and congratulations" When asking for marriage, does it really have to be bigger than the one given? "You have to be commensurate. (meaning it has to be suitable in size and proportion)" Have you seen it yet? (meaning if they already choose a wedding ring) "Uhm. How do you answer? Let's go see it." You know the size now and what to buy for the next phase? "I know it now and it's not wrong, of course" This round is a plan to see what is the ring finger size? (meaning if Mark just used this opportunity to know Kim's ring size) "Well, I need to look at it first so I gave this band.(ring)" How did she reacted to the ring? "She likes it very much. I'm glad that she likes it. Tears almost flowed as I saw her spread out (her hand) and liked it. " How many carats? “No, it's a brand that she likes. There are also diamonds. " . .


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More pictures from 10-30-2020 :).

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More pictures and a video from 10-30-2020 :).

kimmy_kimberley Milk bath therapy ⛰

mark_prin ชอบที่นี่มากๆครับ ชิวมาก อากาศดีมาก ไม่อยากกลับเลย @anantara_goldentriangle
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kimmy_kimberley Some people will just always find a way to dislike you, Cos maybe your spirit irritates their demons. Cheers @vvonsugunnasil

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New pictures from 10-31-2020 :).

kimmy_kimberley So what if I'm crazy? The best people are..- Kimberley Quinn

mark_prin They said I changed a lot.
I said a lot changed me. Happy Halloween

kimmy_kimberley When he's just insane as you are #jokerharley photo by @venis_venice

mark_prin He saw darkness in her beauty,
She saw beauty in his darkness.


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More pictures from 10-31-2020 :).

jibbierubie : Kimberley Quinn x Joker ✨
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