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sarNie Juvenile
Mark won an award today and talked about Kim in his speech :) 6-12-19 (Congrats Mark :) ) He won for the drama Kom Faek
Translated by google translate.

cr. 巴拉巴拉小mk
2019-06-12 23 : 17

Tanslated Thai to Chinese by I言蹊I

Moderator: Please ask Mark to give a speech.

Mark: Thank you DaraDaily for giving me this award. In fact, as P'X said , this award is for everyone who works with us. This is because "Kom Faek" got it, also shared this award with Kimberley and the actors who acted together, Got Jirayu, and XXX. I am very fortunate to work with these powerful actors, thank you very much.

Moderator: What award can be shared by two. Too cute, congratulations to Mark, and congratulations to Kimberley too. Oh, don't envy, we have to tell ourselves not to envy.