Mario Maurer Naked Pic?


FF Writer!! Love it!
This is the pic they got it from just that the face is angle differently.....whoever did this kinda of stuff is a sick person!!



sarNie Oldmaid
I don't think Mario has that bulk of a body. But, if he were naked oh my. It's sick that someone would PS this.


Expired Sarnie
LOL I wanted to see a naked picture of Mario jk... the person must have nothing to do. I give him or her credit for trying to fool people. I knew it wasn't him.


You're Average Person :)
its obviously its a fake lol..look how white his face is compared to his body plus i dont think mario has that built of a body


sarNie OldFart
Pwhahahaahah this is actually hilarious. Some sick minded person who is obsessed with him prob did it. Smh ! Looks too and soo photoshop ! Just look at the neck haahah ><"


sarNie Hatchling
It looks Photoshop first sight LOL. His head was too small for the body.