Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!


sarNie Hatchling
This album really isn't that great. Don't buy it, well go buy it if you want to give her money but its not really good.


sarNie Adult
well some of the new songs weren't that's not just painful....its also about meeting handsome guy and...etc....but total average on her album which i doubt....its meduim.....its good by somewhat.....but if you kept listening to it then sometimes u might get tire of listening .....that is so true....
aniwase i think her best ones were....."zoo nraug tob tob" and "ntsib tau lig"......yeah.....byes.....and plus, i support her because i just feel nice.......


sarNie Hatchling
Well i'm not saying that she's a bad singer its just that this album and its songs are sort of like remakes of previous songs. The Zoo nrau tob tob is so similar to the some other songs that she sang before, for example that one song about the guy being green and white and how they are both so handsome (i actually like that song because she sings in green which is different and actually sounds nice) blah blah blah....actually i haven't really listened to it over and over again (this recent album) its more like i listen to it and its just like her other songs but not as great.


sarNie Juvenile
nevertheless, i still support mai xiong's music. c'mon, that's mai xiong's style. a star has to have a style one way or another, right? if she keeps changing her style of music and singing, she will lose a lot of her fans due to the fact that not everyone will like her new style, etc. think about it...what she's trying to do is satisfy her fans---both young and old people--all at the same time.


sarNie Adult
i dont really like this album. :( her songs are getting boring.
I agree.. maybe because her style doesn't change at all and the music is still the same instrumentals as like, her first album.. lol.. but I think the lyrics are still very good.. I think the worst song I've heard form her is that one "Sexy" song.. it's so dull and the music doesn't even match her singing.. she could've put some sexiness into her singing or something... also the MV to that song was horrible too.. well, in my opinion.. hehe


I still like some of her songs...not all.. but some.. Is there anyway you could upload her new album or mv soon?