[Mainland] Three Lives Three World, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom / Eternal Love

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    Mainland Drama version starring Yang Mi as Bai Qian/ Su Su, Mark Chao as Yehua & Moyuan (he plays 2 characters), Dilraba Dilmurat as Fengjiu :icon12:, Vengo Gao as Donghua, & Zhang Bin Bin as Demon Lord :love:.

    Will come back to edit this first post.

    Btw, is anyone watching this drama? I LOVE the novel, despite its plagiarism issue. :crybaby2: Anyways, I'm not that fond of the cast because I don't see any ethereal beauties in here *coughcough.* I love that Dilraba is playing Fengjiu though, I agree with that choice XD. I'm also currently into Zhang Bin Bin lately and was surprised that he is the demon lord~~~ he's also a plus :angel10:. As for Mark, sigh.. he is definitely no Yehua or Moyuan material in my eyes... :facepalm: I'll judge him more as the character when I actually watch it more in depth. I'm currently waiting for the subs. In case y'all have never read the novel... Yehua and Moyuan are NOT the same person! They're suppose to look similar or identical-ish but.. they're NOT the same person. I just had to make that clear... since they're making Mark play both characters and viewers may become confused thinking that he's playing two different characters that are from different lives. No, that is not the case. If y'all have questions regarding the novel.. ask away~~ since I've reread it many times~~~

    Also, I'm kind of surprised that they started the drama off with the flashback-ish arc of Bai Qian becoming Moyuan's student/disciple and her romance with the young demon lord, instead of how the original story started with her as Su Su and jumping down the ZhuXian terrence. I think they're doing a buildup of the story first.. maybe in chronological order.
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  2. sanda

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    I saw the first 10 episode and it's great. :)
  3. Mz_Em

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    Too anxious to wait for Eng Subs, I am non Chinese and watching raw Ep 28 now. Yeppers love the characters, all of them and very New to this genre. My fave for 2017, I heard of the scandal w plagiarism but cannot help but love this fantasy drama, I too hope they add Fenjiu and DD plot/love story with this drama, a 2 in 1 as I know it will be hard to cast them altogether again. NOVEL SPOILERS Moyun and Yehua are twins. They are the original descendants of first Gods I believe but only Moyun was birthed but kept/protect Yehua's soul with him. This is all based on the current Eng translated novel I am reading for 10 miles of Peach Blossoms

    I will be reviewing more soon. Did I state that it's almost perfection when it comes to novel adaptations?
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  4. jeanie1

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    Ok my buddy lied to me! I only checked this out cause she said they combined the Peach Blossom book and the Pillow Book to this. I scanned through the first 15 episodes and saw the main characters from Pillow Book like for 5 minutes total and then she was like that's what the news said but she's up to current episodes and they only show up for a second here and there. Must've been false. Do you guys know if they'll get their own sequel? I was trying to search for something but nothing comes up? I guess it would be hard to combine them cause from what I remember in the books, Pillow doesn't start till after the couple in Peach gets remarried for their happy ending right?

    Anyhow I hated the Peach story. Did not like Yehua at all and I don't care what the reveal at the ending was, it wasn't justified for me so can't watch this. Not the biggest fan of Yang Mi either.

    But I loved the couple in Pillow Book. Dijun is my absolute favorite Chinese hero ever. He's so funny.

    I'm a new fan of Dilraba so instead I'm going through her series list to find something to watch. Lo and behold she's in this "Gossip Girl" like series with the guy that plays Dijun in here. It's called V-Love. Yang Mi is also in it. But they're not paired up I don't think. I just started it and I think Dilraba is playing a character that's supposed to be similar to Blair.
  5. Mz_Em

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    There's a total of 58 eps, pillow book looks like their love story becomes more detailed starts around Ep 28, in the novel Aranya's dreamscapes. I believe both stories are happening at the same timelines but I guess which couple is your favourite you will end up following more...
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  6. Mz_Em

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    Reunion yay!!! My fave part in the book. Mark is killing it with his portrayal of Yehua character. I am def team Yehua. Love the affectionate side of male lead, action does speak louder than words. He loves her to the moon and back!!! And little A-Li soooo cute!!

    @Koy123 highly recommend this!!
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  7. Mz_Em

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    Anyone still watching this?! I am camping out at Soompi!!! Lol
  8. Mz_Em

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    Binge watching and now.....my goodness this is a great adaptation, better than the novel!!! Here's to a quick reunion of the OTP
  9. ana978

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    I finished it the other day. I love Mark Chao. He did great as Yehua and Moyuan. As for Yang Mi, she's alright. Her acting is still not great.
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  10. Ms.Zoe

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    This clip is so funny!

    Cr to Magic Sushi S
  11. sarN

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    i seen it HAHAHAHA . i love the english lady . it was a good drama . i really enjoy it. here another funny one

  12. little22

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    this didn't get a lot of pages. this is so good chinese serie. you don't get a good chinese drama anymore now compare to the 80s
  13. mainira

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    I finally have time to finish this drama and I just absolutely love this drama. Fell in love with both brother. Both are just so charming and dreaming, smart, caring, honorable. They sure know how to tease a woman's heart with both character...lol....just love it to the moon and back. The OST was sooooo good. Got it stuck in head ......
  14. fun

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    I really enjoyed the book, the film and the drama!

    My only problem with the drama was me not being a Yang Mi's fan. I dont think she is ugly... nor is she a great actress. I just find her odd looking and all she does is open her eyes really wide LOL
  15. HNA0

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    May anyone be so kind to share a spoiler of the ending?
  16. sarN

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    Its a happy end . He die but came back to life after 2 years .
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