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^.^ Ditto, and O/T but I love your fanfics! Your writing style is great <3 I haven't read fanfics for months and yours were the first ones I started off reading again ;p maybe I should comment your fanfic instead of here lmao... going... going.. gone


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so, i wasn't going to watch this one because judging by the trailer, the lead guy annoyed me. but i decided to go ahead and give it a shot a few nights ago, and i have to say, he's not as annoying as i thought he would be. even though i am biased towards the old versions, this one wasn't bad either. maybe it was because i just love this story so much. i don't know, but i'm enjoying this one too. almost finished. lol


I haven't watched any of the other versions before, but I watched this one. I really like it. My 9 year old niece watched the whole thing w/ me and she loves it too.


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I personally liked this version even though HSDS 1986 is my favourite series of all time. I'd say it's on par with the 2003 adaptation where both have decent wardrobes, fighting scenes and overall acting. The 2000 version was total BS IMO and the 1993 one was quite decent. The 1979 and 1984 versions are so rare to find but based of what I've seen, the fighting sequence is a little too slow for my personal liking. If you've never watched any of the Condor Trilogy series before, you might enjoy this one.

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oh wow, so this version isn't that bad then? lol I gave up on these series awhile ago cause they kept remkaing too much but if you guys say it's pretty good then i might give this one a try :D


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wintr said:
if u listen to the last sentence she was saying...with the eagles an all it tells you who she was...she is the decedent of YG/XLN...thats why she knows the martial arts of the skeleton white fist..i hope thats how it goes..
yes agreed with you....she is the decendent or grand..grand-daughter of YG/XLN. When wu ji asked for her name and she answered by mentioned about the cave/tomb and eagle hero couple...this tells you who she is.