Mai - Sukontawa Kerdnimit


sarNie Elites
OH my GOSH….Does anyone remember her???????? I couldn’t quiet recognize her at first, but when I read the name…its totally her….Well for those that might have trouble/or doesn’t have a clue on who she is, she is the girl that play “ Jay” with blond hair in the lakorn ‘SOM LON’ with Poo Praiya. She look sooo different from her character….But well as everyone already know FHM is men’s magazine…so I guess all the poses are seductive and very showy….But enjoy anyways…

(Credit to papa-th)
I would never thought she would do something like this..I never liked her anyways..But I remember her saying she would never do bathing suit shoots and that she was so shy to wear one in a lakorn..But then whats this...? Wierd stars...


sarNie Adult
I think she looks good. Nothing wrong with a bathing suit photoshoot. It took me a minute to recognize who she is. Thanks for sharing.


sarNie Adult
i think she look great, and she got the body, but i don't like the expression of her face but then again she pull it off nicely!
no way! she looked pretty in that lakorn with poo praiya, but i didn't think of her as sexy, but now...she's! :)


sarNie Coma
wow shes really going all out you didnt say her name..i would have never thought its can tell she got a boob job..i didnt think she was sexy either..but now after this shoot..she is sexy..looks like she got skinnier..from her cheek bones..

she looks weird in this shoot..must be the lips



sarNie Granny
omg .. i want her body and get to be alll sexy and seductive like dat if i were to pose like dat omg...only the blind man will buy the maginze ...


sarNie Egg
those are gorgeous pictures and i think they would of taken alot of time to do.

I think if any person is going to agree to do a mens mag cover like fhm..dont do it half assed ..i am not talking tottally nude but sexy otherwise why do it..right??

besides shes a nang rai she has nothing to protect rep wise..might do her career some good theres sooooo many sexy nang rais now its not funny.


sarNie Hatchling
who is she again and did she ever played a ne'ek in any lakorns she looks familar but it doesnt cross my mind some how whats her name and can someone should me a lakorn pic of her or something?? oh yeah by the way thats tooo scandlous for a thai star no offense but she looks skanky in a way not trying to be mean but she does!