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    Well, that can be a factor. I remembered a while back about 7 of us went to this high end hotel where there's a club there. We were standing around talking then out of nowhere this older guy came up to us. He wasn't old old..But about in his middle 40s. He was like, it's Asian invasion night lol. His pickup line was so lame. The thing is, he had this pearly white teeth but for some reason his breath smell. I could not stand to be close to him. I could deal with a lot of stuff but bad breath is so so hard to overlook.
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    :fighting3::fighting3::facepalm::facepalm: was he drunk ? Yuck
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    No, he wasn't drunk. I feel bad for him though cause he was standing there and no one wants to talk to him. One of my friend was white and the only single one out of the group but he wasn't interested in her he was trying to hit on us lol. They have a bit of white men trying to pick up Asian was interesting to see.

    Another time, these two older white men, talking about in their late 50s. We were waiting for our drinks. And all of a sudden they asked us if we saw a limousne outside. We were like, nope. Cause we didn't care lol. They were all smiling...and said, that's right because it's our limousine. We literally rolled our eyes lol. When they tried to asked us where we are from we walked away. A lot of these older white men at that club anyway kind of zoomed in on Asian girls. I think it's a phenomenon for white men/Asian women relationship though.
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    Yup older white men have interest in asian woman. I heard from many white men it's b/c they like the family bond in the asian family. Most tend to be house wives material and stays faithful.

    My cousin's boss is in his late 50s. Wants to marry a lao woman b/c he sees that my cousin's wife is good to him etc. My cousin told my sister and my sister said ask him if the man marries her she'll cook, clean but no sex. lol, He died laughing and said I dunno about that part. He's not an ugly man and a very good man too. Hopefully, he will meet him a good person to marry.

    Oh, I saw videos of Sirium and her husband on youtube. Wow, he looks a lot older than her but she seems happy with him though.
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    Okay ! Through what you have told me it seems a lot of old caucasian are really into Asian girls. No wonder a lot Luk Kreung actors/actresses dads look like their grand dads since they get them late agewise
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    Thats how my family thinks as well. They believe me getting married to someone older is better because they already have their life set up. A lot of asian cultures think that way
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