Mae Khoon Tua Ha


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sarN said:
did i miss it ?
:lol: :lmao: kids i don't think theres a r scene only would be noi and johnny and they old can do whatever they want :p well kissing is ok cause both of them are marrried or at least has a fan* :) just have to say that Kwan was so pretty and cute in this lakorn :wub:


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Mos_Koblover said: thought it was Cee & Kwan....cos i saw a vdo_clip that was uploaded that cute kwan forum

is it the one they were in the rain i just watch the lakorn some parts i kind of skip lol but not alot :lol: its ok just watch it cause kwan and kartoon :wub:


sarNie Adult
lol.....havent watched this lakorn yet but yeh i saw some screen caps and kwan does seem offense!


sarNie Elites
this was my first lakorn with cee and kwan. and yeah kwan was annoying. i remember thinking that i was way more interested in johnny and noy's relationship more than cee and kwan.


sarNie Juvenile
Cee's character was great.
When he cried I cried.
When he laughed I laughed.
Luv his hair. The highlights in it.
Over all good lakorn.


sarNie Elites
i cant quite remember this lakorn. i hope someone reuploads it though...

anyways, cee is noi's son. he was raised in the countryside, abandoned by his actual parents. one day he is picked up by noi. cee is reluctant. noi does not reveal to everyone that cee is her son because she's in the entertainment buisness. she's still kinda young and having had a child would ruin her career. she gives cee a makeover and cee enters a prestigious school. cee and kwan meet. johnny is this rich buisnessman and is attracted to noi. however, johnny once was poor and living in the countryside too. kwan misses her old life when her father had more time for her.


sarNie Adult
yeah this lakorn was a bit of a drag& cee hair was kinda annoying but CEE&KWAN R SO CUTE!! I LOVED THE FACT THAT HE SANG THE OST TO THIS LAKORN. WHEN WILL THEY EVER PLAY A LAKORN TOGETHER AGAIN??


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Credit to CFC and I for uploading!