Mae Ai Sa Eun


Theme only...will add more from the karaoke soon.. Credit BlueMoon

Please credit me if posted elsewhere...I don't mind but do credit :)



oh, Angel Noon is SO PRETTY! She was GREAT and EXCELLENT in this lakorn. Love her the most. She's the BEST! Thanks for Bluemoon for sharing! :)


sarNie Egg
I just watch this lakorn, noon is pretty.. :wub: , and i like the theme song too.., does anyone have the theme song ??

Edit : Errr.... why she wanna kill herself anyway ?? :huh:


sarNie Egg
sounds interesting.....i kno its a little late but can someone give me a full synopsis of this lakorn. thanks in advance!! :D


sarNie Adult
OMG!!!! this is the saddest lakorn!!! i was crying at the end when she killed was sad how Vee ask to dismiss their engagement and then at the end when she killed herself he putted the ring back on her finger and then she died!! that was sooo sad!!! GOOD lakorn also!!


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
i just got done watching this lakorn...i like it...but for some reason noon kindof got on my nerve.....and how she never told vee about their baby together.....i donno....i just mad at her for varies reason...but overall the lakorn was pretty good and very sad...i cry each time she cired to her dad and of course at the end was very sad....and noon is very pretty in this lakorn...

by the way ..does anyone have the theme song and ending song for this lakorn...the guy and gurl song....if ya do can ya upolad it for me...i really want to listen to it.....