[M&M] My Heart is YOU : Chapter 2 (Update 21/03/2013)


sarNie Egg
: My heart is you


: Mr.Little Glasses

Casting :

  • Mark Prin as Chonpirat (Chon)
  • Mint Chalida as Nasikarn (Namsai)
  • Alex Rendel as Charmpipat (Charm)
  • OST : Yark Hai Ruu Waa Rak Ter – Am Fine
  • OST : Waela Khong Rao – Panadda feat. Oak Smith
  • OST : Saaen Larn Na Tee – Bell Supol

"Namsai! Namsai!"

There is one little girl, who sitting on the bench under the big tree in the middle of park inside her school.

She reading the medical book, like she always did after class time and when she heard the voice that she used to knew,
she put down her favorite book and turn back, looking for someone who called her name.

"What is it, Parn? Why are you calling me so loud like this, it’s not a lady ways, you know it"

Namsai or Nasikarn, who is Parn best friend, is blaming on Parn, who have a naughty girl looks,

but as Namsai always knew Parn never listen for what Namsai warned or teaches about Parn's acts,
and definitely right now with Parn'sexcited attitude.

"I have a good news for you!"

"Okay, calm down and tell me what is it, the good news?"

"Your score is on the top list in Nurse School! You can go to Medical University as you always want!"

"What..are you kidding me?"

"No! Come with me! I will show you"

Parn stand quick and takes Namsai's hand,

lead Namsai to show her top score on school big score's board

"Here! Take a look!"

Namsai get closed to score board and look carefully at her name,

her finger slide along her full name and stop her finger at the score point.
"I...can’t, I can’t believe it.."
"YES! You're going to Nurse School!"
Namsai turns back to face Parn and hugging each other very tight with a happy face
because finally Namsai’s dream is came true.



10 years passed...




“yes, yes, see you there”
The man in the dark blue suit hang out his iPhone5 with a serious face,
he walk to his work table and started packing his documents
“Mr.Chonpirat, your car is waiting outside already”
Chon or Chonpirat look up to his assistant, who just calling his name,
he walk to her and handle his document bag to her as he always did,
then he walked out of his room and straight to the elevator follow by his assistant,
hurry to get in the car that waiting for him in a while.
“Go to the hospital immediately!”
"Yes sir, Mr.Chonpirat"

His personal driver answer his order and start to drive fast to get to the hospital as soon as he can










"Get me out of here!"

"Mr.Charmpipat, please come down"

"I told you already! To called my brother! He wouldn't let this stupid hospital treat me like a prison!"

"Mr.Charmpipat, You have to understand the system in this hospital,

I can't untie the rope around your two hands that stick with the bed and let you go,
you have to stay calm and wait till Mr.Chonpirat's got here"

Dr.Por or Dr.Sharlsak (Fisrt Ekkaphong) is a doctor, who takes Chrampipat's case to treat and assuage,

he try to calm Charmpipat down after he told that..His both legs are broken and will not be used again,
if he don't do the treatment as Dr.Por said.

"Charm!" Chonpirat open the door and called off his brother with his worried

"P'Chon! Help me!"

"Whats going on?!"

Chonpirat was shocked a bit when he saw his brother hands tie up around the bed edges,

he look to Dr.Por with a mad face and he needs the clear answer for what happen.

"What happen here?! Untie my brother right now!"

Chonpirat walks to his brother bed and stand aside, after he told directly to Dr.Sharlsak to untie his brother

"May you talk outside with me, Chon?"

"Can you untie the rope off?" Chonpirat asked back.

"Sure, untie the rope off Mr.Charm please"

Dr.Por told the nurse to untie Charmpipat and he went outside the room, waiting for Chonpirat

"Don't worry, stay calm, I'll be right back" Chonpirat said softly 

and slide his hand to Charm's hair gentle with the loves of brother to brother, 
he smile to Charm one more time and went out to go talk with Dr.Por


"What's going on? Why are you tie up my brother right that? You knew he is my brother?!"

"Calm down and listen to me, Chon, even though i'm your best friend but you have to listen to me.."

"Tell me"

Dr.Sharlsak explain everything that happen to Charmpipat's accident and about the cure,

treatment and personal service that he should get, Chonpirat was shocked after he heard everything that Dr.Por said.. 

"How.. How could this happen to him?.. Why? .."

“Take it easy… you can go talk to Charm first about his personal nurse
if you want to take him home and have a treat at your place,
I know some nurse who might interesting in this position, She’s a professional” said Dr.Sharlsak
“Who is she?” …



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C H A P T E R 2 | C O M I N G S O O N

: Mr.Little Glasses :

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i’m not a native English, and English is not my 1st language

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sarNie Egg
Chapter 2 : 
“Mr.Charmpipat, car accident, 2 broken legs, and head hit the glass’s window, brain system,
bad behavior and emotion problems… This is very hard case, why are you giving me this case, Dr.Sharlsak?”

Nasikarn look up and asked Dr.Por a question, after he handles her Charmpipat’s hospital profile.

“I want you to look at it, and want to know that can you take this case or not?”

“This case might be took more than 7 months, how could I know that the family’s member of the patient wouldn’t give up on me and
fired me? You know that our duty is to be at hospital… and this case it’s taken time for 5-7 months to heal and treat the patient…

so that’s mean…”

“Yes, I know…you have to quit, out of this hospital”

Dr.Por looks at Nasikarn with understanding.

“But he’s my best friend’s brother… can you think about it twice, Namsai?”

“I can’t, sorry, I love to be in this hospital, I love my job, don’t take it away from me, please understand me,
but if you can convince them to let the patient stay at the hospital, I might think about it again, sorry Dr.”

Nasikarn handles the profile documents back to Dr.Sharlsak and walk passed through him…
Dr.Sharlsak know deeply, how hard for what Nasikarn did, to be a nurse as she dream of,
but he know for sure that she really want to take this case.






“WHAT? She said no to my brother’s case!” Chonpirat’s angrily

“Chon, I can’t make her take this case even I am doctor, who take this case responsibility”

“Why? You’re a doctor, aren’t you?!”

“Because it’s depending on her future, let’s think that, if your brother is better and don’t need any treatments anymore, 
she has to quit and find a new hospital for her nurse career”

“Who the hell she thinks she is?! I will gotalk to her”

Chonpirat started to walk to go find and talk to Nasikarn, but Dr.Por stopped him by grab his shoulder

“I think, you should discuss about this to your brother first, If Charm is a reasonable person,
he will accept to stay here and let Nasikarn treat him, I didn’t try to say that other nurses are not good,
but trust me, Nasikarn is the best nurse for your case, Chon”

Dr.Sharlsak finished his talked, he smile to cheer up his best friend, before he walk back to check other patients.
Leave Chonpirat stand outside of his brother’s patient room…Finally he open the door and decided to go talk to Charm.






“NO! I will not stay here! I want to go home!” Charm’s yelled.

“Why can’t you just listen to me?” Chonpirat said calmly.

“Why you want to leave me here! You don’t love me anymore, don’t you? Brother?”

Charmpipat always bring this question up to Chonpirat, to make Chon give everything that Charm wants, Chon knew.

“Charm, I’m your only brother, I love you and stop saying that I don’t love you”

Chon and Charm are only two sons of one whom in the “top rich businessman”,
who is their father, who died with an accident that two of them don’t like to talk about it.

“I’m sorry, P’Chon” Charm said softly.

“Listen to me, this nurse is recommended from my best friend, who taking care of your case right now,
and he said she is the best in this hospital, so please think about it now, but you know, I’m always on your side”

When two brothers are still discussing about this, someone just open the door and decide to make them the final choice.

“Hello, Mr.Charmpipat, My name is Nasikarn, from today I will be your private nurse, rather you want to stay in the hospital or go back to stay at your house”

Nasikarn introduce herself to Chonpirat, who stand beside the patient’s bed and Charmpipat,
who lay on the bed with his eyes open winded right now, Charmpipat stunned at the beauty of Nasikarn,
he feel something in Nasikarn that he doesn’t what is it… But one thing that he knew, Is he really want her to be his nurse.

“Ms.Nasikarn…May I talk to you outside, please?”

While Charmpipat still stunned, Chonpirat asked Nasikarn to go talked outside
because right now he really confuse about what Nasikarn’s doing…






“What are you doing?!” Chonpirat asked, acts so confused

“You must be Mr.Charmpipat’s brother, nice to meet you” Nasikarn smiled.

“Okay! Stopped right now! Are you playing with my head right now?”

“I don’t think so”

“But Por…I mean Dr.Por said that you reject this case just about two minutes ago?!”

“Yes, I did”

“B…but you just…just said in the room that…” Chonpirat is being moody

“Yes, I just did but don’t worry about Mr.Charm’s case. I accept to take care of him.
In a while, Dr.Sharlsak will come and talk to you, if you have any questions, you can ask him, excuse me please”


Chonpirat stopped Nasikarn before she turns back by grabbing her hand…
Nasikarn didn’t notice that Chonpirat will grab her hand, so she turn around and slip her foots


Chonpirat startled and let go of Nasikarn hand, suddenly his arms accidentally hold around her waist to save her from falling on the floor, 
Nasikarn face is very so closed to Chonpirat right now, their mouth almost touch, their nose can smell each other breathe, it’s sweet
but…both of them looking at each other for a minute, and Nasikarn started to push him off a little bit,
which makes him wake up from looking deeply into hers beauty, pretty, sweetie’s face

“Sorry…” Chonpirat’s smilingly.

“D...Do you have anything to say to me?” Nasikarn asked by avoid his’s eyes.

“I just want to thank you, for accept my brother case, I will talk to the hospital’s host to keep your records,
so when finished or success with my brother case…you don’t have to find a new hospital for your dream job” Chonpirat explained.

“Thank you but it is okay…Only thing that you have to do right now, is, to go tell your brother that he can choose to stay here or home,
Dr.Sharlsak will be right here in a moment, so would you please excuse me?”

“Okay, Thanks again, Ms.Nasikarn”

Nasikarn smile to him and turn back to go back to her own works. Leave Chonpirat think back to the moment that’s just happen…
her smell, her eyes and her lips…Chonpirat touch his nose slide down to his mouth and smile to himself…

“What am I thinking? Focus Chonpirat! She will be come my brother nurse!”

Chonpirat shake his head and walk back to the room, that Charmpipat still waiting…






“I hope…you don’t remember me, P’Chon” …said Nasikarn, hiding at the corner, looking at Chonpirat till he got into the room...
T O B E C O N T I N U E !


C H A P T E R 3 | C O M I N G S O O N

: Mr.Little Glasses :

*PS** sorry if i’m missing any words and make a mistake
i’m not a native English, and English is not my 1st language
please understand my grammar and
use your imagination to enjoyed my fictions ;’)