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Discussion in 'FanSub' started by kaynsky, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. kaynsky

    kaynsky sarNie Egg


    Need help with timings please... if anyone is interested in helping please PM me

    I want to start a website to stream all the subtitled lakorns.. im not sure between streaming and downloading.

    I have plenty of time to translate, which i think is the most time consuming.. so I can get that done pretty quick.. I have a loooot of lakorns, mainly all new ones tho.. and I want to subtitle them all! (theres about 50 - 60 titles)

    I know that alot of lakorns have been subtitled already, and there are already websites that have links to download the subtitled lakorns... but the ones that I have seen are not very good quality.. Plus.. i just want to build my very own one! :)

    Also, the translations arent perfect... and that really bugs me when the meaning gets lots in translation...

    So if anyone wants to join then you are welcome to! Don't need no experience and all I am looking for is Timers.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    ^_^ i can help with timing ^_^

    lol... if that's all you need.. cause i'm no translator hehe..

    i can also help with grammar check if you want..
  3. g3mini00

    g3mini00 sarNie Juvenile

    i can do the timing job too. so if you need any help. contact me without hesitation, please.
  4. kaynsky

    kaynsky sarNie Egg

    Hi Kellyyy

    Have just sent you a PM :)
  5. transcend89

    transcend89 sarNie Adult

    if you're still looking for timers at the end of May i'll help lol but for now i'm busy with school so i don't want to make any commitments...plus I was looking for a summer project so it might be fun
  6. kaynsky

    kaynsky sarNie Egg

    Thank you!

    Just sent you a PM =)
  7. transcend89

    transcend89 sarNie Adult

    like aikoden said i'm no translator too lol so yeah i'll contact you when may ends and hopefully get started

    p.s. send u a PM too

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