Look mai Lark see


sarNie Adult
i dunno the storyline but cee's plays as a drug dealer some what like that and has probelms with his mom and amy and his relationship doesn't go well, thats all i know got it from the old sarnworld forum ^_^


sarNie Juvenile
sounds like an interesting storyline....

wow never thought that Cee would get to act w/ any actresses besides Mo, Kwan those like teenage girls!!

Glad he's acting w/ Amy..she's more experience now we'll see if he can match up to a veteran :)

Can't wait for this...NOOOOOOOOOO Jieb is Nang rai...awwe she's too cute!


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ditto, nueng....jiebs too innocent to be nang rai she was once nang rai in Knum Ying with bee sawich and oh but i havene seen it yet i saw her pic and she looks so innocent but lets see if she can prove being a nang rai :D lol! luv jieb so much, most of my fav stars like big,benz,mieng,cee,jieb are in this lakorn....so excited i cant wait till sept lol!


sarNie Juvenile
wow every lakorn now a days w/ one dutchie there's always like 4 more haha!! :)

yeh let's wait and see how Jieb does in this lakorn


This lakorn looks interesting...i think imam try it! I wonder when it's gonna air! anyone got any klues on what this lakorn is gonna be about..man cee is hot!


OMGosh... another lakorn with a big cast! can't wait to see it! i hope benz gets with big! they will look cute together! does anyone know who will pair up with whom yet? for sure cee and amy, right? :rolleyes: not really a big fan of amy... i would prefer cee with miang!


sarNie Elites
wow! this is some crazy casting! i gotta see this! all my peeps are in here!

btw, cee is HOT! i love it when he plays the "bad-ass" roles! so attractive!


sarNie Juvenile
i think Big get's w/ Mieng in this lakorn...not sure!

All i know is of course Cee is gonna get w/ P'amy :)


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Summary Credit to THAIDRAMAFAN

Dara Video ลูกไม้หลากสีluukmailaksii
(summary dara video)
Bikบิ๊ก ภุชิสสะ,Si ศิวัฒน์,Emi กลิ่นปะทุม,Benz ปุญญาพร,Miang อติมา,Khlom นพพล,Jiap ชมพูนุช
Chanokchom(Si)'s mother has never loved him.Because,Chanokchom's mother and father didn't love each other.Parents of Chanokchom's mather wanted her to marry with Chongachon's father.But they devorced soon.Chanokchom's mother married again and has a son Chayangguun(Bik).Chanokchom has looked after Chayangguun.But Chayangguun envied Chanokchom.He has wanted to win everything from Chanokchom.
Sutaphan(Emi) moved to next house of Chanokchom.She has a younger sisiter Suranpa.Their father is a soldier,their mother is a teacher of kinderegarden.Their parents are very strict.Suranpa cann't endure.Sutaphan and Chanokchom are getting to become friendly.They feel good each other.But,Chayangguun likes Sutaphan,too.And Suranpa likes Chanokchom.
Chayangguun likes gambling.He is deeply in debt.He tied to rape Sutaphan,but Chanokchom came to help Sutaphan.Suranpa came to ridicule Chayangguun.Chayangguun got angry and raped Suranpa.Suranpa got pregnant.When Suranpa's parents know that Suranpa get pregnant,Parents drove out Suranpa from the house.
Sutaphan has friends.Chanigan and Tiradon.Tiradon is a son of a serant of Chanigan's house.Chanigan is a daughter of good family.She is selfish .His father Tanwat gave everything she wants.
Chanigan's father married again with Kantiga.Kantiga has a daughter Gritiya. But Kantiga said that Gritiya is a niece. Chanigan tried to knock Kantiga down and run away by car. But,she knocked Tiradon's mother by mistake.Tiradon got angry and raped Chanigan. Chanigan got pregnant. When Kantiga knows that Chaningan pregnant with Tiradon,she ordered Gritiya to marry with Tiradon.In the wedding party,Chaningan tried to shoot Gritya but failed and missshooted Tiradon.Tiradon died. Chanokchom become a drug addict.Sutaphan helped him to quit drug. Chayangguun killed himself.